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Beauty salon marketing strategy


The beauty industry is a promising niche for starting your own company. The 21st-century customer is already used to visiting a variety of beauty studios. It is a very regular practice. The main task of a salon owner is to use the consumer's habits to the business's advantage.

Demand creates supply: if a customer wants a manicure, he can, of course, find many nail salons to help him with a click. It's like any other service – there are many competitors in the beauty industry.

Opening a salon is only half the battle. The main work starts after the launch: you must maintain and develop the establishment. Today we will talk about effective methods to increase the average bill in a beauty salon. Believe it is not difficult at all. Just a few tricks and success will not be long in coming.

Implementing any idea takes effort, time, and money. But if you act consistently, it is easy to get by. For example, opening a beauty salon, you need to make the business official and obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Then hire a team and prepare for the opening. For more information on opening a beauty salon, see our blog.

Yes, of course! The annual profit of a beauty salon is between 3000 and 6000 $. But, of course, you can earn much more than that.

You need at least $5,000. The higher the class of the beauty salon, the more investment you need to make.

How to increase beauty salon profits through marketing

Marketing is the art of selling a service so that customers ask for more. Two types of marketing can be distinguished: traditional and online.

When developing a beauty salon, it is more effective to use both types. While traditional marketing is responsible for print advertising, television and radio commercials and real-life product presentation, online or internet marketing does the same in virtual space. In the 21st century, internet marketing is far more effective than traditional options because it can reach more potential customers.

Traditional marketing for beauty salon advertising

  • Advertising in printed magazines and newspapers.

  • Leaflets and flyers are distributed directly in the salon or through partners.

  • Placement of advertising banners and billboards

  • Presentation of the beauty salon on the eve of the opening in the form of an introductory party

  • These basic options will be enough for you to attract customers initially. But, then, it is worth supplementing the effect with online marketing means.

How to promote a beauty salon with online marketing

Online advertising is one of the most effective today. It is affordable, effective, and requires little effort. The main ways to advertise online for a hair salon include:

A significant advantage of online marketing is its broad reach. This type of promotion does not tie to location. You can air advertising anywhere. But like all advertising, online advertising requires an investment, which fortunately pays off quickly.

Increasing the sale of cosmetics

The following method to increase a beauty salon's profit is selling services, cosmetics, and equipment. Again, this is very profitable, provided you know what to do.

The EasyWeek salon software has an inventory module that makes it easy to keep track of consumables and cosmetics sales.

5 selling rules in a beauty salon

  1. Beautiful shelves. The aesthetics of the place where the products are located are as important as the cosmetics themselves. Choose attractive display windows and frames that match the style of the interior.

  2. Bright product display is the place where merchandising comes into play. If you display your products correctly, your sales figures will skyrocket in no time. Allow your visitors to touch and feel everything they are interested in and increase the likelihood of purchasing.

  3. Know your customer. To sell something, you need to know who will buy it. Essentially, you need to convince your customer to pay for the product you are exhibiting, find the correct arguments, and develop a unique selling proposition. There must be good reasons to persuade the customer to buy the product. It is better to think through the arguments and divide the customers into groups – each group will have its approach.

  4. Teach your team how to sell. Many beauty salon employees still use aggressive sales techniques. That's not how it works. Instead, the psychology of the modern customer must be at the forefront.

  5. Motivate the team. Methods of staff motivation can vary, but the most effective is financial. For example, in beauty salons, a percentage of the sale of beauty products is often used as an incentive.

Increasing the average bill through price increases

Quality costs money. Customers are well aware of this. Don't overcharge, but don't dump prices either, because that would quickly bankrupt the business;

The algorithm for price increases in a beauty salon:

  • Research your customers and analyze the volume of the customer base.

  • Compare your salon's prices with those of the nearest competitors.

  • You can raise your prices if you have a large customer base and competitive prices.

  • If the base is still tiny, it is better to wait to increase. The risk is not justified if you have a small number of customers.

Price increasing can be difficult, but sometimes it is necessary as rental prices change and the cost of consumables increases.

The 10 best tips to increase turnover in beauty salons

If you put the above tips into practice, you can easily double the average beauty salon bill. But we want to make the most of it, so we've put together ten more tips to increase your profits.

  1. Offer packages or, in other words, cross-sell when one service is combined with a second service at a discount. As a result, the customer feels good, and the salon profits.

  2. Give gifts. Offer presents. It is more effective to take the usual average value and double it.

  3. Expensive upfront. When talking about treatments, emphasize the more expensive service.

  4. Hold competitions and prize draws. Adults also like to play games. Give them this opportunity, and they will be happy! Once a month, you can host a raffle to win a beauty kit or service of your choice. You can do the raffle on beauty salon Instagram or TikTok.

  5. Set up a photo zone in the waiting area. A small but friendly photo zone motivates customers to share their experiences with the beauty salon on social media.

  6. Motivate customers to write reviews. Write accurately, not just share photos on social media. Statistically, customers trust reviews, especially if there are many of them and real people write them. Offer a discount on your next visit or even a small gift for writing a hairdresser review. Client feedback must be honest.

  7. Work with referrals. Why not offer a discount if your clients bring friends? Clients who become aware of the salon through verbal recommendations are often loyal.

  8. Add urgency. One of the golden rules of good advertising is to set deadlines, so the client doesn't miss an appointment for a service or a referral to a friend.

  9. Stop aggressive marketing. We've already mentioned urgency, but it mustn't become too pushy. It is good practice to give the customer time to think. Then, the person should decide for themselves.

  10. Say "yes" to the loyalty program! Develop your system of discounts and special offers for regular customers – it will be a great way to thank your guests for their trust. Statistically, well-designed promotions help the beauty salon double its profits.

And one more rule: make an online appointment for services at your beauty salon. EasyWeek software will help you with this.


It is always up to the salon management to choose the best advertising option. However, when formulating your marketing strategy, consider the local market, the clients, and the beauty salon itself. The simple tips we've put together in this article will help you avoid getting lost in the chaos of your salon routine.

EasyWeek appointment software optimizes your beauty salon by automating all processes. Give your clients more time, and we will work for your business.

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