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Thanksgiving marketing


Marketing is all around. Each season has its marketing event. Today, we will see how to market this autumn. We have already written some handy tips about Halloween marketing 2022. Make sure to check them out here. And what's after Halloween?

Christmas is one of the most famous marketing holidays. But wait. What about Thanksgiving Day? It may sound like a cozy family holiday for many. However, in reality, plenty of clients start to shop for Thanksgiving Day in advance. It means that business that doesn't offer any Thanksgiving offers will lose over the one that does so. Have you already planned your marketing campaign for this Thanksgiving Day? Not yet? No worries, we will help you.

Keep reading this material to see how to market Thanksgiving Day 2022 in the best possible way. It'll be super fun!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America and the US. It is traditionally celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada. And, on the fourth Thursday of November in America.

Canada will celebrate this Thanksgiving on the 10th of October. Talking about America, the US will celebrate the event on Thursday, 24th of November. Europe usually does not celebrate Thanksgiving. However, it has become a popular marketing event for many businesses. Therefore, they typically celebrate the American version of this holiday.

Sure, it is! Almost any kind of marketing will work very well. Talking about Thanksgiving marketing, it will definitely work out for small and midsize businesses. Sure, if you know how to market it well. More prominent companies can also try Thanksgiving marketing. However, they often don't invest in such minor events. It usually depends on the business itself. If your budget allows a fine Thanksgiving marketing campaign, and you think it is worth trying, do it!

Thanksgiving as a significant retail event

It starts with Halloween and then leads clients to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Indeed, November is an extensive marketing helper for any business because it has a lot of small and big holidays to market. This article will tell you about Thanksgiving and its marketing hacks. Are you ready to boost your company's sales this autumn? Then, let us show you how to do it best!

First and foremost, do you know what's Thanksgiving is? It is the basis of any marketing. Some people think that marketing is primarily direct sales, but no. Modern marketing has to be very well-thought-out to work well. So the holiday's history vividly influences the marketing campaign's success simply because it will let you create a better drive and more balanced offer.

Thanksgiving: origins

Thanksgiving Day has a long history and even longer tradition. In far 1620-s, the holiday was associated with harvest collection and pilgrims. Its origins show that people were first thankful to God for their life. Later they added a harvest celebration to this fest.

1620-es date the first written notes about Thanksgiving. Some experts claim that Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621 as a religious event.

Modern Thanksgiving

Modern Thanksgiving Day looks like a cozy family holiday. We do not celebrate harvest anymore. But we still give thanks for everything we have in our life. The situation in the world shows us that giving thanks is essential. 2022 became a year in which Europe felt war. People left their houses and had to save their lives. So, saying thanks and celebrating what you have right now is essential. And now everyone understands that.

Thanksgiving has dramatically evolved during the latest years. First, it went through the phase when it was only American – Canadian feast for the moment when almost each European and not only the country celebrated it.

Top-22 Thanksgiving marketing ideas to use in 2022

Now, when you know what Thanksgiving is, let us show you how to market it well. We have collected 22 handy ideas that any business can use right now. Of course, it is still summer, but it is already high time to prepare your company for this autumn!

22 Thanksgiving marketing ideas to use in 2022:

  1. Volunteer. Thanksgiving is all about kindness. Choose a project and do something good for it! Volunteering will boost your social image and your clientele. Do not forget to tell customers about the project later. For example, post a few photos.

  2. Customize your logo. Social media is an excellent tool to attract more guests. Just update your logo! Add some nice Thanksgiving decor. You can do it via Canva or any other free photo editor.

  3. Create a Thanksgiving dinner event. This small party can attract more people and positively boost your social image.

  4. Market your product for Thanksgiving. Almost any product and service can be marketed for this holiday. Show people how they can use the stuff you sell this Thanksgiving, and it will work!

  5. Cook with your audience. If your business is related to foods, show your audiences how to cook a tasty Thanksgiving dinner. So easy and so lovely.

  6. Use the Thanksgiving hashtag. It is a simple way to gather your clients' reviews on social media. Use hashtags related to Thanksgiving to boost your social presence.

  7. Create bundles. Unite services & products into sets. This way, you will sell more without any effort.

  8. Market your blog. Themed articles with Thanksgiving tips will make your blog more interesting for readers and clients.

  9. Add thank you letters to each purchase. This cute gesture will make your audience feel better, a positive step for your brand image.

  10. Offer small presents. A small gift is better than even a considerable discount. Add some nice Thanksgiving present to each purchase to attract more people.

  11. Organize workshops. You can create some fabulous craft parties for your loyal audiences. It is not very difficult but very effective.

  12. Share your story. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to say thanks to your audience. Do it online and attract more attention to your company.

  13. Offer November deals. Thanksgiving is suitable for discounts. You can offer discounts for services & products and reach more people.

  14. Create a giveaway. Giving thanks and themed products is a nice thing to do. A giveaway is a handy tool to increase your social media coverage.

  15. Tag your clients. We all love attention. Feature your customers on social media and make them happy in a snap.

  16. Donate. If you are big enough to support the weak, donate. It is both a kind gesture and a suitable marketing hack.

  17. Collaborate. You can unite with other businesses and attract more clients via special offers.

  18. Participate in local events. Presenting your goods and services to more people is a fine idea.

  19. Use the right keywords. SEO optimization will boost your sales in a snap simply because more people will find you.

  20. Work with influencers. Why not work with some bloggers to market the fest even more?

  21. Use Facebook ads. Facebook is a handy tool to enlarge your coverage. Use it for improved sales.

  22. Send Thanksgiving emails & notifications. It is an effective way to inform your audience about your company updates. Same as a cute way to thank clients.

CRM for Thanksgiving marketing

Software is one of the most effective ways of business optimization. Customer Relationship Management software will help you to:

  • be accessible 24/7;

  • reach clients via SMS, email, or push notifications;

  • set up online appointments bookings;

  • create loyalty programs;

  • optimize business with precise analytics.

EasyWeek software is a handy tool to improve your company right now. Use our free tariff plan or choose among the professional tariffs.

Happy Thanksgiving and other 364 days for your business!

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