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Twitter for business


Twitter is among the most acceptable digital business instruments. It does not require a lot of effort and shows impressive results. People wake up, dress up, drink coffee, and open their favorite social media daily. Twitter has more than 396 million users globally. This vast number of people can wake up with news about your product.

Today, we will discuss Twitter for business and how to use it well in 2022. This article will be helpful for both beginners and skillful entrepreneurs. First will be able to learn a lot, and second – to refresh their knowledge. The world changes too fast. Are you ready to change together with it?

Yes, Twitter is still among the TOP social networks people use daily. In July 2022, it had about 238 million users per day.

Twitter is an easy and cost-effective solution for small businesses: the platform does not require a lot of investment to start promotion. So you can begin with free-to-use tools such as hashtags.

Twitter ad s a handy tool for organic growth. Usually, a small business will be okay with a $100 budget for Twitter ads, and you can set up the advertisement manually.

Twitter for business in 2022

While one company wonders whether Twitter is still handy for business, others – use this social network for client attraction. Indeed, Twitter has many powerful tools to use for brand promotion. It starts with free-to-use tags and goes up to paid ads that you can set up via an ads account.

Let us show you what an ads account is and how to get one. To create one, you need a business account. Its creation is similar to personal account creation. Once you have a Twitter account, go to Then, follow the required steps till you get all set up.

Step-by-step instructions on Twitter ads account creation:

  1. Log into your Twitter account.

  2. Proceed to

  3. Select your country, currency, and time zone.

    NB! You cannot edit this data later.

  4. Continue with the campaign setup.

  5. Add your billing credentials to complete the setup.

You may also want to secure your Twitter ads account. It is the right step to take. Here are a few ways to secure your ads account on Twitter:

  • Add the email address of your business.

  • Use a unique password.

  • Set up login verification.

  • Always check whether the website you enter your data on is legit. It has to end with

  • Authorize via trustworthy apps and ensure you don't disclose your data.

Tools to use on Twitter

Twitter offers basic tools to use daily: hashtags, comments, quality content, etc. You can use all of these elements both for personal and business purposes. There are no general rules for using, for example, tags. Each business requires thorough research and the same for content.

Take your time. Look out for the topic of your audience's interests, and it will work out.

TOP-5 Twitter tools for business:

  • Twitter analytics dashboard. Each Twitter account can track its performance via handy twitter cards.

  • TruFan. This service will collect handy data about your followers to use later for marketing purposes.

  • Daily140. The software will notify you about all the recent events in your Twitter profile. Also, it can track your competitor's performance.

  • Twitonomy. See, analyze and track your performance. You will be able to track those who unfollow your profile.

  • Hootsuite. Export and share up-to-date business analytics.

Those are the basic but handy solutions. Feel free to dig deeper in case you need some exceptional options. Initially, we would advise using Twitter tools, including Twitter cards and tags. Later, you will be able to choose among the numerous third-party instruments.

Twitter hacks and tips

Once you feel okay with your business Twitter account, proceed to handy promotion tips and tricks. We have collected the main of them to secure your journey.

Smart Twitter hacks to use for your business:

  • Add pictures if you want to share a message longer than 280 characters.

  • Create a swing of tweets to convey longer messages. Just click on the "+" at the end of your tweet to add another note.

  • Fill your tweets with keywords. This small hack will help you to reach more people and get more attention.

  • You can also pin the tweets you find helpful. They will be shown at the top of your account.

  • Study when your audience is active, then use this time to post.

These simple hacks will optimize your Twitter life. Try using at least 1 of them to see the first results.


Twitter is a popular social network you may benefit from right now. So it is high time to spice up your business with clever Twitter marketing. Also, do not forget to connect your company to online appointment software. It will optimize sales and give you all analytics about all customer sources, whether on Instagram, Twitter, or any other.

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