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Instagram Collab feature for salon promotion


The world has gone online. More and more people spend hours scrolling Instagram newsfeed, sharing photos and videos, and simply chatting with friends. The business that uses social media for advertising its services wins.

First of all, social media helps cover more people than any other channel. The second factor is that clients don't see Collab posts as pure ads. It is essential as many users hate ads. Don't worry, and it doesn't mean that you shouldn't advertise your beauty business. It just signals that the promo has to change.

According to scientists, people, who claim that they do not trust ads, are the most dependable on them. So use this hack for your benefit.

Instagram has started to test the Collab feature less than a year ago. At the beginning of 2022, the trendy Instagram option is still unavailable for many users. It is so because the platform presents the innovation kind of randomly. Keep your account open: Instagram Collabs do not work for private accounts. And the last thing to check is whether you have the latest Instagram version.

Yes, they are. Any open Instagram account can use the feature. Collabs are unavailable only for private accounts.

You can add only public accounts that allow Instagram users to tag them. Then, the profile you've tagged has to confirm the collaboration. After it's done, the post will be shared on the accounts of its creator and collaborator. Remember that you can add up to 20 collaborators.

SMM for a beauty salon

The beauty market is very dependent on social media and digital marketing. A thousand various beauty salons appear every year. Some of them have become popular. Others close fast after the opening. However, the secret of success is relatively simple.

Professional beauty services and smart SMM strategy = prosperous beauty business.

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest are among the TOP platforms to advertise. Instagram is the king of visual beauty content. The service deals with tons of short videos, various photos, etc. It is also pretty popular among different audiences.

If TikTok is primarily suitable for young users who rely on their parents. Facebook is a family social network to connect with relatives and friends. Instagram and Pinterest work well for all audiences, offering them exciting online experiences.

Considering Instagram's popularity, we advise any beauty salon to get an account and update it once or twice per week. Then, post when you feel like saying something, and it'll be alright.

TOP-5 Instagram trends to use right now

  • Reels. Short vertical videos will help stand out from the crowd by creative format and rare usage. Reels are still new for many users, so use them when you can. Reed the article about Reels to master the latest Instagram update.

  • Highlights over posts. Statistics claim that highlights work much better than posting. It means that you can focus on creating entertaining highlights to engage your followers. Posts are still popular. Just the amount of information makes users skip many of them. Make sure you rely on highlights and posts when dealing with social media promotion.

  • IGTV. If Reels are short videos that last up to 1 minute. IGTV allows uploading the video contents of 1-hour duration. It is the analogue of YouTube inside of Instagram.

  • Live. This video format helps to communicate with your audience in real-time. Even if you feel uncomfortable speaking on camera, try to share some makeup tutorials, etc. You can also react to beauty content. It depends on what your audience and you prefer.

  • Collab feature. This feature allows creating one post and sharing it to 2 and more profiles. It's pretty convenient and very innovative. Let's see how to collaborate on Instagram and what are the benefits.

Instagram Collab feature for beauty business

Instagram Collab is a relatively new feature that appeared in October 2021. However, it is already available in the USA and UK, so why not try?

What is Instagram Collab?

It is the format of content sharing when the creator posts content together with 2-20 collaborators.

How to create a post in collaboration with another user?

First of all, you have to open Instagram and choose the content you want to share.

Insta Collab feature

Then, you can edit it, as usual.

Instagram Collaboration

After, proceed to invite the people you collaborate with. Here, you can tag 20 users max. It means you can add 10 tagged + 10 collaborators or 20 of each.

Instagram Collabs

Look for the collaborators and add them to the post via this field.

The users you've tagged have to confirm the collaboration.

Instagram Collab

Then the post will appear on your profile and account of the collaborator.

As you see, there is nothing complicated. The rules stay the same: write honest texts + engage your followers = success.

Where can I use Instagram Collab?

You can use the collaboration feature in a post:

Instagram Collab Post

Or you can add it to a Reel:

Instagram Collab feature

Benefits of Instagram Collab feature

Instagram Collabs is a still new feature. Let's see what the advantages of their usage are.

5 Reasons to use Instagram Collabs for your business:

  1. It is fast. Choose the content, tag the account you collaborate with, and voilà. Collaborating on social media was never that fast.

  2. It is easy. Collabs allow creating content together without any additional apps.

  3. It increases coverage. The one post you create will appear on your page and the influencer's profile. You will gain more followers and even more views.

  4. It is trustworthy. Collaborating with influencers and brands via the Collab feature makes the process clearer.

  5. It provides 100% control over the content you share. When working with influencers, you can never be sure whether they'll understand your task as you see it. Creating a post by yourself and adding the blogger guarantees complete control.


Social media is a powerful tool you cannot miss in 2022. However, when dealing with digital marketing, there are many details to pay attention to. Start with choosing a reliable platform, then create quality content and share frequently. Instagram Collabs is the ultimate way to increase coverage and engagement. Especially when collaborating with influencers. Spend some time mastering this 2022 trend. It is worth it.

After attracting the audience, make sure these people will buy the service. The best way is to connect the salon software. EasyWeek Salon software is a perfect solution for small and midsize businesses that require 24/7 online appointments and innovative client management. So try EasyWeek to grow together. Good luck in mastering the new promising Instagram feature, and stay tuned!

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