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Creating a website with online booking for your hair salon


Today, we do a lot via social networks, but nevertheless, people still wonder whether this customer contact channel alone is sufficient for companies. No matter how you look at it, a business can't do without its website.

On the one hand, maintaining a website is quite expensive, but on the other hand, it can significantly increase the number of clients. How to deal with it, this article will tell you.

To open a salon, you first need to consider the following: draw up a detailed business plan and think in advance how to develop your salon: advertising, setting up an online appointment system, and creating loyalty programs. You can find out more about the individual steps in our blog.

You can find valuable tips on choosing a name in our article "Salon names: best ideas".

Booking online means that your clients have access to a digital appointment calendar where they can check prices and select a specific service and master. The client then clicks on a suitable time, at which point the system automatically sends a confirmation and notifies the hairdresser.

Hair salon startup

Why does your beauty business need a website

According to a recent study, 82% of users search for goods or services online, primarily via a search engine. For this reason, visibility for customers is one of the most crucial advertising goals of the hairdressing salon. Moreover, a good website ranking on search engines plays a decisive role.

To be easily found on search engines, it is not enough to have a profile on social media – you need a modern website. Here are the most important reasons to create it:

  • You have a competitive advantage.

    When searching online, customers compare many salons and are more likely to choose one with a website. In addition, a website inspires more confidence because, among other things, it shows that you take your business seriously.

  • You meet expectations.

    When competition is high, customers have very high expectations. The more convenient and pleasant the interaction with your salon is, the better. A website is an essential prerequisite for creating an attractive salon profile.

  • You have more freedom.

    In social media, despite all the advantages, it is sometimes tricky to implement precisely the ideas that will make you stand out from other salons. Every social network has a single format: you can write posts on Facebook, post short stories on Instagram and long videos on YouTube. But on a website, you can do all that simultaneously, not to mention the other possible formats and the greater freedom in website creation in terms of its design.

Free website builders

Free hair salon website from EasyWeek

So we found out how many advantages having your business website brings. However, such a tool is not cheap. Developing a website is a lengthy, complicated and expensive process. Your task is to find a professional who is willing to design the website and listen to your wishes, do everything right, and maintain your website in the future. In addition, there are at least the costs for the webspace with all the necessary features.

Another option is to create a website yourself using website builders such as Tilda or WordPress. You can make it for free, but it requires specific skills, experience, and time, which entrepreneurs usually lack.

However, there is another option you can use to create your web presence: a free website from EasyWeek salon software. All you need to do is create an account and install the software, and you get a ready-made website with information about your hair salon, integrations with other services and an online appointment widget.

Hair salon website with SEO

Our website is a SEO landing page where the most critical information for the customer is clearly arranged:

  • Salon description and logo;

  • Location and opening hours;

  • Social media;

  • Photos;

  • Customer reviews;

  • Services and prices;

  • Booking widget.

Clients don't have to search extra for information about prices, hairdressers or your salon facilities. However, if this is important to the client, they can easily find your profile on their favourite network as the website offers integrations with all popular services.

Most importantly, the website comes with an appointment widget from the start, so the chance of a client signing up is significantly increased.

Online booking is very convenient for clients: they don't have to call the salon and wait for reception staff to make an appointment. It is also easy to reschedule and cancel appointments, which is a great relief for busy clients with tight schedules.


If you are hard to find on the internet, you don't exist for customers. A website sets you apart from your competitors and makes you visible, so it is essential.

With EasyWeek hair salon software, you don't just get a website but an online booking widget and integration with various services, even if you choose the free rate plan. We also have paid PRO-plans with a flexible pricing model where you have additional access to statistics, analytics and finance. Test EasyWeek full functionality for 14 days free of charge!

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