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Salon marketing – Days of Beauty

What is a Salon Beauty Day

Days of Beauty (as well as Hours or Weeks of Beauty) are an excellent opportunity to please your regular customers and attract new ones. Events like that are held in almost every beauty salon to increase the recognition of the place and can help expand the customer base. With the right approach, Beauty Days can be very beneficial for you. The main task of the organizer is to create a sense of celebration for the guests.

You can organize beauty days with any frequency: once a month, once a week, two times a month, etc. There are no restrictions. The organization of such celebrations is especially relevant during periods of customer activity decay or during a reduced demand for services.

First, calculate outlay in advance. The larger the event, the more money you need to invest. So, arranging a beauty day, you need to be prepared for the fact that the event may not pay off.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. It all depends on how carefully you prepare the salon for the event. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 clients return after marketing events if you provide high-quality services.

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Days of Beauty benefits

Marketing events such as beauty days help salons maintain a stable income during reduced demand for services. Therefore, it is worth organizing them both for new companies and successful businesses. For the first ones, this is an opportunity to become recognizable, to show their services to potential customers. Also, this is the way to maintain interest and attract new visitors to already famous companies.

Other advantages of a Beauty Day:

  • An increase in brand recognition.

  • Attracting new customers, expanding the customer base.

  • Maintaining the interest of regular customers.

  • Sale of services with reduced demand.

  • An acquaintance of clients with new services.

  • Sale of individual goods and beauty boxes.

  • The ability to bring the business out of the period of stagnation.

  • An increase in income.

The systematic organizing of beauty days can help to increase your income and to attract new clients. The event will benefit both customers and business owners. We are sure, it is imperative to organize Days of Beauty in times of crisis.

In addition to attracting new clients and expanding your customer base, a Beauty Day can be a perfect opportunity to showcase your products. For example, if you need to promote a particular brand, you can arrange discounts for its purchase, arranging a "test drive." Thus, you will increase interest in the product by artificially creating the conditions in which it will become popular.

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A Beauty Party in the salon

Beauty Days Promotion

Days of Beauty can take place in various formats. The salon chooses an option based on financial capabilities and tasks. First, decide on finances before you start planning. Then, starting with how much you can spend, you should develop a plan.

A Salon Day of Beauty has a few promotion options:

A party with guest presenters

A big holiday will work to attract new customers. For its implementation, you can hire presenters to entertain guests and advertise the salon's services. Various contests and competitions with prizes can also be held. Be sure to set discounts for procedures on this day. You can create complex offers.

The advantage of a significant event is that you can reach many potential customers and interest them. But there are also risks. Such a large-scale holiday may not pay off in a moment. However, the salon's name will definitely become recognizable. It is necessary to prepare for such an event in advance.

Discounts on beauty boxes and sets of services

You can group salon services into a single offer when preparing for a beauty day, for example, styling + evening makeup, manicure + massage session. Offers may vary. So, within the framework of one set, the client can receive a discount of up to 50% on both services. Setting the discount amount without prejudice to the salon's revenue is better.

Bring a friend and get a bonus

This method will help to expand the client base. For the friend brought, the visitor will receive a discount on one of the procedures. When organizing an event, weigh all the pros and cons. You should not sell expensive services at a discount of 50% or more if it brings you a loss. Instead, you can advertise procedures at a more affordable price. For example, "Come with your friend and get ten minutes in the solarium for free," and "Invite a friend and get a 10% discount on the salon products."

Brand Demonstration

Another reason to launch a Beauty Day is to advertise products. To do this, focus all your work on a specific brand. Or you can create a big celebration and talk about the brand's history and advantages, offering discounts or free samples to visitors.

Open Day

Take a tour of the salon, and talk about the most popular procedures. Let guests try the products for free, for instance, a promotional set of cosmetics for daytime makeup. After that, offer a discount on the cosmetics that makeup masters use.

Marketing events in a beauty salon


A Beauty Day can be closed for VIP clients or open for everyone. The theme of the marketing day depends on the salon's specialization and range of services. It is advisable to conduct a blitz survey or ask guests to fill out a questionnaire and leave their data. You can include competitions or master classes in the list of entertainment for guests, for example, facial skin care based on your products.

Beauty days are a marketing technique that eases business promotion. With the help of such events, the salon's income will increase, and its popularity and recognition will grow even during periods of crisis. In addition, the event will assist you in increasing service demand and attracting new customers.

Organizing Beauty Days once a season is a cool idea: the optimal period for preparing a quality event.

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