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TOP-5 free appointment schedulers for Google Calendar

Manual booking is a thing of the past

Don't bother your customers with manual booking. It's not convenient and wastes their time. Clients will barely feel okay with the constant calls to make an appointment. Please stop this tedious process!

It's better to choose modern appointment scheduling tools to be a proactive company.

What's the solution? Right, Google Calendar + handy appointment scheduler. Do you know how to choose the best one?

In case you are in doubt, keep reading this article. We have compared 5 popular online appointment scheduling tools so that you can choose the best one wisely.

Let's get started.

It is an online calendar for basic scheduling and convenient appointments. Moreover, it works as a part of the Google ecosystem, so the solution perfectly matches all other Google products.

No, it doesn't. Once you log into your Google account, you may start using the Google Calendar. Just fill in your working hours, and your clients will be able to book your services in a snap.

Yes, you do. The service requires some tools to make appointments even more convenient. The online scheduler is the key. You can choose one of the accessible solutions and then upgrade it to look more professional.

Making an appointment

Benefits of appointment schedulers for your business

Online appointment scheduling software is a handy tool to boost sales effortlessly. The solution does not require any special equipment, knowledge or skills. Now, let's see the other advantages of using the scheduler for your business.

Advantages of appointment scheduler software for your business:

  • Instant booking. That's why we need this software. Fast online booking doubles your chances of being noticed and chosen among active competitors.

  • Professional look. Your Google Calendar scheduling may already look professional, but a dash of customized and creative design will always help to differ.

  • SEO optimization benefits. SEO-friendly widgets will help your business to rank higher than others. It is an affordable tool for SEO and SEM optimization.

Remember! Customers are ready to pay more for comfort. So offer your clients convenient online booking and scale effortlessly.

EasyWeek appointment scheduler software

TOP-5 free appointment schedulers for Google Calendar

The modern market can offer you a lot. Online schedulers are popular, so they are created rapidly. Many developers create simple and complex solutions both for small and big businesses.

We have analyzed the modern choice for you. Look at the five most popular solutions to choose the best one for your company.

NB! All the software listed in this material is worth trying as it has already gone through many tests and cases. The main idea is to select the solution that suits your business best.

TOP-5 free appointment schedulers for Google Calendar

  • EasyWeek;

  • Fresha;

  • Calendly;

  • Koalendar;

  • Schedule Once.

User experience, features, and pricing helped us to rank the services. All the software offers free trials and some even free plans. So, let's compare!

EasyWeek scheduler for Google Calendar

Free appointment scheduler for Google Calendar

Ready-to-use online appointment booking tool. Business management system with online calendar, booking widget and a free landing page with SEO.

EasyWeek is a German service that offers online scheduling and CRM perks. The company started in 2018 in Düsseldorf. Since then, it has become worldwide famous, serving clients in the US, Western and Eastern Europe.

EasyWeek provides handy online appointments via a customizable and easy-to-use widget. EasyWeek votes for accessible solutions that don't require additional setup, skills, and hidden payments. EasyWeek cloud-based appointment software means clients don't have to worry about anything, as the system takes care of any upgrades.

The next EasyWeek perk is a free website – a landing page for your business that works perfectly fine on laptops, PCs, and smartphones. Mobile optimization starts with UI/UX design and finishes with the app you can download to manage your business from the smartphone.

Free website for your business

EasyWeek appointment scheduler has integrations with the most popular Apps and systems, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Google Calendar, etc.

EasyWeek integrations marketplace.

EasyWeek offers a free tariff plan for small businesses: companies with 1 user and 1 location can use the online appointment service 100% for free.

EasyWeek Free Trial


Fresha program for Google Calendar

Fresha is a program from the UK for beauty & wellness businesses. It serves companies with convenient online booking, a simple website and instant notifications about new appointments of your company.

This CRM is a good solution for those looking for a simple, effective system to use daily. The other benefit is that Fresha has created its own ecosystem. So its users can reach every essential function fast and conveniently.

The main disadvantage is that the software has a pretty limited free version.


Calendly program for Google Calendar

Calendly is a US service for online appointments. The platform has a free version. However, it is barely possible to use the free plan professionally as free features are limited.

You can set the service up and adjust it relatively quickly. But it is still a complex solution that requires some knowledge about its peculiarities and related details.

Calendly has a free plan using which you get a link to the widget with an online calendar. Calendly works pretty fine with Google Calendar as well. In addition, it has integrations with plenty of online services, making it comfortable for daily usage and instant notifications.


Koalendar system

Koalendar is another affordable online appointment scheduler. This scheduling app is less prevalent but still worthy. Koalendar offers its users a set of handy tools for booking & client management.

It has fewer functions than the previous solutions, but it is still a worthy online scheduler for business. You should set it up, fill in your company data, and the service is ready to use. With the free account, you get access to 1:1 appointments only.

The software is frequently updated and pretty convenient to use. However, it is still a tiny helper for business. But, together with Google Calendar, they can work effectively.

Schedule Once

Schedule Once for online appointments

Schedule Once is a company based in California. It offers simple booking. You also get access to several free integrations. However, you have to pay to get more handy features.

This online appointment scheduling software will be fine for beginners. However, the best alternative for this service is EasyWeek.

The girl makes a salon appointment

EasyWeek & competitors

Let's see why the EasyWeek software takes the first place. The main benefit of EasyWeek is its functionality. The system offers almost every feature you could ever wish for. The second pleasant moment is that it won't cost you much. In many cases, you can use the software for free. For example, if you have 1 location and 1 user, feel free to use EasyWeek features without paying. Just sign up and follow the step-by-step instructions to succeed.

If you are a big company with branches, your business can obtain EasyWeek professional tariff plans. They include more users and more locations. For instance, you can connect up to 50 users or ask for more.

EasyWeek scheduling system offers:

  • Online appointments;

  • Widget, website and a booking link;

  • Business analytics;

  • Financial module;

  • Staff motivation via bonuses for better performance;

  • Handy reminders & instant notifications;

  • An instant-search client base;

  • Marketing tools;

  • Small webshop to sell related to the service products.

EasyWeek has launched a free tariff, while its competitors have increased pricing. The service understands its users and the current situation. With the EasyWeek software, you can ensure that you won't overpay for useless features and brands.

EasyWeek smart scheduling program


Google Calendar is a popular online calendar from the Google ecosystem. It is pretty efficient when used wisely. One of the wise ways is to use Google Calendar and an appointment scheduler. This way, you will cover all your clients' requests effortlessly.

Today, we have compared 5 online schedulers that stand out from the competition. All of them are handy to use. However, our choice is the EasyWeek free google calendar booking system. The solution has shown itself as a reliable one by serving more than 10 thousand companies worldwide. So make sure to check its performance via a free trial. It is much easier than you can imagine – just enter your data and start!

Now, EasyWeek also offers affordable tariffs for professionals. So check on them if you plan to use the software for a big business. Try EasyWeek for free!

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Get instant access to all of EasyWeek's features. Increase conversion rate, decrease no-shows and improve customer experience.

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