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Valentine's day advertising ideas for beauty


It's generally a good idea to incorporate seasonal events into your marketing. After all, people looking for a gift for their loved ones are usually more open to Valentine's Day content.

This principle shows the importance of seasonal marketing in general. Valentine's Day is also particularly appropriate for marketing activities, as this event is associated with emotions, love, friendship, attention, and gratitude. Your business can only benefit from all of these positive associations.

On February 14, the world celebrates Valentine's Day. The tradition of celebrating romantic love on this Day dates back to the 14th century. As the "saint of tenderness," Valentine is still the patron saint of lovers and the namesake of today's Valentine's Day.

In the UK, nearly half the population spends money on Valentine's Day gifts – about £1.3 billion annually on cards, flowers, chocolates, and other presents.

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to increase sales and attract new customers like any holiday. In this article, you will get more ideas for Valentine's Day promotion in your business.

Valentine's Day ad

Expand the target audience

Involve as many customers as possible in the holiday theme by increasing the audience. After all, Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love anymore. On February 14, we show our feelings to the people we care about, even if they are you.

Three groups of customers are ready to take advantage of your beauty salon's services on February 14.

  1. Girls and women who are actively preparing for a date a few days before X-day and just before the romantic encounter.

  2. Women and men of different ages are looking for gifts for their loved ones: partners, friends, and relatives.

  3. Customers who, for various reasons, do not feel the anticipation of the holidays. So that these guests do not feel like strangers, developing a series of discount offers for "themselves" would be helpful.

In your advertising campaign, try to reach all three groups and find a suitable offer for each customer.

Decorating a hair salon before February 14

Your beauty salon decoration

Create a festive atmosphere in your beauty salon for Valentine's Day. Here are some tips for creating an atmospheric but not too colorful festive décor for February 14 in your beauty salon:

Less aggressive colors

Red is traditionally the color of love and passion and the main symbol of February 14. Not every interior features red, and the room can look ridiculous even if you overdo it a little.

You can also express soft emotions in other colors; a rich, dusty pink, for example, is relevant and appropriate for the theme. Combine this neutral shade with the predominant colors in your interior to create stylish decorations.

Eco trend

Reduce the number of artificial materials in your holiday decorations. Decorations made of plastic, foil, and a lot of balloons are no longer relevant. The main decoration can be either made of paper or bought as a ready-made product. Wood, glass, and small stones can create the right atmosphere. The decoration will look modern, stylish, and not too flashy with a suitable color scheme.


Of course, nail masters do not work by candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere. But there may be a corner on the reception table where you can somewhat mute the artificial light by accentuating the additional lighting in warm tones. In addition, supplement workstations with a few candles – a wonderful accessory that will create coziness on holidays and in everyday life.

Thematic sales areas

Create a small corner that is always in front of the customers. It can consist of a single table or a part of the reception. Decorate it nicely and put there, for example, the following products:

  • sets of decorative and care cosmetics,

  • accessories on the theme of the holiday,

  • gift certificates.

It is desirable to write a description of each product: composition, intended use, and for whom it is suitable as a gift. In this way, the customer does not have to feel uncomfortable asking the staff about everything, and it is more likely that he will be interested in the products offered.

The decoration of such an area plays a significant role in its profitability: use a lot of festive embellishments, all kinds of stands to place the products conveniently, and, of course, think about the design of festive packaging.

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Massage for Two for Valentine's Day

Theme event

This salon event is best held a day or two before February 14 because, right on holiday, customers may have their plans. Depending on the specifics of your business, you can organize a private party for loyal customers or an event for all visitors with active promotion on social networks.

Plan the event, choose a guaranteed gift option for each attendee, and choose the services you will promote. A lot depends on this:

  • the budget you can allocate for the event,

  • the number of clients,

  • the type of services that the salon offers.

Advertising on the social media

The focus should be on passive advertising: this includes, for example, posts and stories on social media. Active advertising, as always, should be used with caution. Use customer phone numbers and social media accounts in the database carefully. Only do a topical newsletter: that's enough to catch the attention of interested customers and not be intrusive.

Focus on promoting holiday offers on social media: 2-3 posts, Instagram reels, and regular stories.

A great addition to the marketing campaign would be a giveaway with standard terms for tagging friends in the comments. For example, a prize could be a voucher for a relaxation treatment for two.

Love letters to customers

Do you love your customers? Then send them a love letter for Valentine's Day! Various studies on customer loyalty have shown that customers usually leave companies for emotional reasons. They don't feel valued, or they don't get enough attention.

You are showing true customer loyalty when you tell your customers that you love them. So if you send your customers a love letter, you will make more sales in the long run than with a targeted sales campaign. In this case, a letter or Valentine's card is better than a digital message.

Photo area in a beauty salon for Valentine's Day

Offers for couples in love

Here are some ideas you can introduce as special offers for February 14 in your salon.

  1. "Love Your Skin": offer facials, massages, and other skin care programs at a discount.

  2. "Love is in the Hair" promotion: discount on hair styling or coloring services for couples.

  3. "Valentine's Day Gift Card Sale": the special offer on gift cards for married couples or lovers.

  4. "Valentine's Day Makeover Offer": a discounted package for couples that includes hair styling, makeup, and a photo shoot.

  5. "Valentine's Day Spa Package": a special spa package that includes massages, facials, and other spa treatments.

  6. "Special offer for manicure and pedicure for Valentine's Day": discounts for couples.

  7. "Social media gift for Valentine's Day": sweepstakes on social media for a spa package or gift certificate for a happy couple who shares their love story with you, mentioning your salon.

A love fest in your beauty salon

Special packages and combos for non-couple clients

One of the best salon deals for Valentine's Day is to sell service packages and combos – a smart way to showcase your diverse range of services. As a result, clients are more likely to try multiple services they wouldn't have otherwise.

For single women

Offer self-care packages! Or create combos of services that women can attend with their friends (e.g., group manicures and pedicures, steam rooms, etc.).

For single men

Quick self-care packages before Valentine's Day that include a shave, haircut, styling, etc. Or offer all-inclusive packages with a spray tan, shellac nails, and makeup, for example.

Gift sets

Let's move on to the next promotional idea for Valentine's Day: gift sets. This is the best way to increase sales of your products, especially if you have a lot of male customers, as they tend to shop for gifts at the last minute.

Make handmade gift sets to sell at the front desk starting the week of Valentine's Day. Ask your staff to advertise and increase sales.

If you have a lot of male customers, you can put together pretty "for them" baskets with body oils, lotions, lipsticks, etc. Men don't usually like to shop, and they will be very grateful if they can buy a gift after their weekly shave.

For families, you can organize a display of lip gloss, hair accessories, or other items that make great Valentine's Day gifts for parents who want to give to their daughters and teenagers.

Put together a "For Him" gift basket. This will sell very well because giving men gifts is usually very hard.

Put together individual baskets. Add champagne and promotional items from your partners, e.g., chocolates, perfume, lipstick, nail polish, etc. Negotiate with suppliers/distributors to provide free samples for your gift bags.

Manicure for Valentine's Day

Collaboration with business colleagues

Your customers will probably appreciate a small gift to mark the occasion: a small bouquet, heart-shaped chocolate, or a voucher for a coffee for two. Plan cooperation with friendly companies: This type of cooperation is beneficial not only before February 14 but also on other holidays and ordinary days.

Contact your local florist and decide what "product + service" promotion you should offer together in their store. For example, you could ensure that every customer who spends a certain minimum amount in the florist's store receives a coupon for 5 euros for visiting your salon. You can also use it as a promotional gift. For example, customers can win a voucher for a certain amount in your salon for every purchase they make in the flower store.

Valentine's Day advertising ideas


Remember, with any budget and at any level of business development, don't discount the festive theme. Implementing a Valentine's Day marketing program will positively impact profits during the holidays and increase customer loyalty and bring new clients to your beauty salon. The above ideas will help create a good campaign and achieve the desired results.

It would be best to consider that a profitable business cannot be run without proper structuring, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and monitoring your staff.

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