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Eco-friendly beauty salon


Eco-friendliness and sustainability have become buzzwords in the salon industry in recent years. But it is more than just a trend. It is a necessity and a great responsibility. Beauty has its price, and today it is costly for the environment. Hairdressing and beauty salons have a significant impact on the health of our planet. Therefore, beauty business owners must be role models of environmental friendliness.

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The reason to be eco-friendly

3 reasons to make your salon greener

Why should beauty salons go green? The answer is simple: there is no reason not to! As a result, green beauty studios are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Not only will they contribute to a cleaner environment, but they will also save money and attract new customers.

Here are some reasons why an eco-friendly beauty salon is a good investment for the future:

1. Customers

Opening an eco-friendly salon is an opportunity to attract new customers. Many salon guests prefer to buy products where some eco-initiative has been carried out, such as in recyclable packaging or with ingredients from sustainable sources.

Introducing these products to your business and then marketing and competently presenting them to customers is a great way to increase sales! If your competitors still need to green their salons, this is your real opportunity to win.

2. Profit

One of the biggest misconceptions is that going ecological way costs money. You can save money with these eco-friendly habits. After all, if you turn off the lights and unplug the unused hair dryer, you'll spend less money. That means your utility bills will go down over time.

3. Planet

Climate change is an expanding problem for our world. Beauty salons are the generators of various wastes, so their owners must adopt more sustainable business practices. Hair and beauty studios, in particular, have come under a lot of criticism for the number of materials they use in salon processes (hair foils, plastic, etc.). The good news is that you can solve this problem!

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Trends for business to be green

8 Tips to become an eco-friendly beauty company

Due to increasing environmental issues, it is our social responsibility to pay attention to preserving the beauty of the world we live in. Becoming an eco-friendly beauty salon is the first step.

  1. Sell and use only recyclable products

    Did you know that more than 16 billion kilograms of plastic enter our oceans every year? As the world's population grows, this number is expected to increase. As a result, plastic in our oceans is a concern because of its harmful effects on wildlife, vital ecosystems, and our health. To become an eco-friendly salon, focus on recycling and only use grooming products in glass packaging when possible.

  2. Offer animal-free products

    More than 100 million animals die each year as a result of animal testing. Disturbing the balance of nature in the name of beauty is not only immoral and risky, but also expensive.A good way is to collaborate with partners and distributors who sell products without animal testing.

    When you support the development of alternative green products, you can be sure that no animals have been harmed in the creation of your salon's success, so you are one step closer to becoming an eco-friendly salon.

  3. Use eco-friendly decoration

    What is it? These are artefacts or decorative objects that are recyclable, sustainably produced and no animals were harmed in their manufacture.

  4. Introduce energy-saving practices

    While no eco-friendly salon equipment is on the market, small energy-saving tips can help your salon save electricity and water. For example, using eco-friendly bamboo brushes is one way to reduce the purchase price of materials.

    Some salons have started to reduce their water consumption by mandating water-saving measures and setting up water recycling systems. Reusing rinse water is one of the most common and effective ways of protecting the environment in today's salons.

  5. Wash salon towels thoroughly

    When washing salon towels, be sure to follow these energy-saving tips. Try to buy an energy-saving washer or dryer to save electricity and water. If you can't afford it, use a gentle and efficient detergent instead. Many detergents on the market require less water on application to remove stains. Some customers are sensitive to towels that have been over-bleached and washed, so choose a natural detergent.

  6. Use refillable products

    Eco-friendly salons are beginning to understand the value of plastic-saving technologies by offering refillable bottles for salon cosmetics such as shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

  7. Organise fun, eco-friendly adventures with your colleagues and customers

    Take the opportunity to organise a fun event for salon owners and staff. You can even invite your customers to participate in an eco-friendly project once or twice a year. For example, go to a park or beach and pick up litter! Host a vegan bake-off and donate some or all of the profits to your favourite environmental charity.

    Do not forget to take photos! Post them on your salon's website or social media and let your current and future guests know about your life values. People will appreciate your good deed and pay attention to you! There are countless ways to make a difference in your beauty salon for the better.

  8. Set up an online appointment software

    Booking software is a perfect way to reduce your administrative costs. Your customers can make an appointment on any device using the internet.

Beauty salon buiness


Green beauty shops are always a good idea for your startup, and the benefits of an environmentally conscious lifestyle far outweigh the work involved. Not only will you be contributing to a healthier natural environment, but you'll also save money and attract new customers.

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