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5 Tips on how to maximize medical clinic sales on Mother's Day

Mother's Day – colossal marketing event in healthcare

Marketing is all around, and Mother's Day isn't an exception. Many businesses use this fest as a huge promo option for their companies. Mother's Day marketing works well for beauty salons, educational courses and healthcare firms.

Just take a look at the current situation. It is almost May, and your potential clients are already looking for pleasant presents for their moms. Clients are ready to give their beloved mother a festive and helpful gift. But, of course, if your business created an excellent offer for Mother's Day. Did you?

In case you are still in the process, use this article as a handy tool to create a loyalty program for the event. It will boost your sales and revenue. Let's start!

It is an international holiday that celebrates motherhood. Usually, people present their moms with plenty of gifts, attention, etc.

In Europe and America, the fest will take place on the 8th of May.

Nowadays, moms appreciate practical gifts. A visit to the doctors or a health check-up will be a present excellent idea. Popular presents are cosmetics, beauty treatments, household equipment, etc. We advise presenting your mom with something unique and pleasant, especially for her. For example, a piece of new kitchen equipment is fantastic and fun, but only if your mom enjoys cooking. Another way, it may look like a present to make her busier with cooking.

Mother's Day for a medical clinic

The medical business is a nice niche to promote for Mother's Day. Usually, mothers enjoy practical presents, which they may use in the future. Medical service is just the case!

Medical clinics can use the fest to increase their revenue and clients' loyalty. In addition, it is an excellent chance to sell more, making your patients thankful for that. Keep reading this article if you are still thinking about some lovely ideas for the upcoming Mother's Day. In addition, we have collected a set of handy marketing ideas for Mother's Day 2022 at your medical clinic.

TOP-5 Mother's Day marketing ideas for a medical centre

Mother's Day marketing may bring your medical business to a new level of client trust. Just offer your loyal audiences the best of the best. Sounds complicated? Not at all!

Those who visit your medical centre will look for some presents for their moms. All you have to do is present your offer before your competitors will. That's the most challenging moment. After preparing a few Mother's Day medical offers, promote them on social media and offline. For instance, print leaflets and order colourful signage.

Mother's Day marketing ideas you may use for your clinic in 2022

  1. Offer medical services for mom and her kids. It may be a good idea to visit your clinic together. For example, a general health check-up or some of the most popular in your centre treatments for two will work great.

  2. Provide guests with a pleasant discount. It shouldn't be too big: 10-15% won't damage your income, but it'll satisfy customers.

  3. Present visitors with small gifts. Nothing can work better than a tiny present for such a special event. Prepare some in advance and surprise your guests!

  4. Order beautiful and tasty cookies and other treats, especially for Mother's Day. Please your patients with a festive coffee together with a themed cookie. It is too cute to dislike.

  5. Offer a discount for sharing reviews, whether it's positive or negative. This hack can work well even after Mother's Day.

Interesting fact: According to statistics, clients choose medical centres with many reviews over those with no or just a few. Even though the bigger-reviewed centre maybe 4.6 stars, the clinic with fewer reviews can be a 5-star one.

After you've created the loyalty program of your dreams, present it! The best option is to do it via Meta services. For example, use Instagram and Facebook to promote Mother's Day offers. Add an online appointment feature to get appointments immediately, and here you are!

Online appointments for a medical clinic

Online appointments are beneficial for any business. Medical centres and clinics require them the most. Any ideas why? Right, because your clients choose comfort over price. If you do not offer online appointments, and your competitors do, patients will choose them over you even if the service itself may cost more.

Why does a medical clinic need online appointments?

  • It saves money. CRM with an online appointment feature costs less than fixing and paying for all the troubles caused by manual notes.

  • It saves effort. Time and effort are also necessary. Both you and your clients have to feel comfortable making appointments. Online booking offers the best comfort for the average price.

  • It increases revenue. Naturally, you will get more clients if you offer increased comfort and have no overlaps. And, in our case, more clients mean more revenue.


Mother's Day isn't just a family fest anymore. Marketing made this holiday one of the handiest tools to scale. Use the chance to grow your medical clinic effortlessly. EasyWeek online appointments system will help your medical business to minimize expenses while optimizing its performance. We offer both free and paid tariff plans. Would you like to try the service for free? Then click here and optimize your healthcare business easy.

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