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Christmas mail to customers


Every year Christmas comes earlier than expected. You are just enjoying the sun by the lake with a cool ice cream in your hand, and suddenly the first snow falls, and you realise with horror that Christmas is coming soon. Most people find it unpleasant to wander through crowded shops with millions of other people two days before Christmas.

Create an email newsletter for your customers, letting them know about promotions and offers. We share ideas for Christmas newsletters with you.

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The first rule is to respect your customers and always be polite. Read more about communicating with customers.

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Mailings to customers

Bring emotion into your Christmas newsletter

Christmas is associated with strong emotions for most people. It is a celebration of love, family, peace and contemplation.

Take advantage of this. Christmas is not the busiest time of the year for nothing. Numerous customers spare no expense and effort to make their loved ones happy. The text and design of your Christmas newsletter should appeal to your subscribers emotionally and get them in the mood for Christmas.

Reward your subscribers with free resources

During the Christmas season, brands always offer something unique: a certain items sale, a special voucher code or even a site-wide sale.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to outdo their generosity. For example, give your customers a gift they can enjoy:

  • a book or other content related to your niche;

  • a downloadable activity or game: colouring book, origami instructions, etc.;

  • corporate gifts;

  • voucher codes for your services.

Nothing excites a company's customers more than receiving free coupons for discounts. You can, fortunately, use coupons and discounts for any business or industry.

All you have to do is add a discount code to your newsletter and have it sent out. However, it is best to send the coupons before Christmas and a little earlier in Advent. By then, most people have already finished their shopping spree.

Give your customers some gift ideas

It can be challenging to segment your email list during the Christmas period effectively. This is because subscribers also think about buying something for their friends and family – not just themselves.

Before you try to fit a square peg into a round hole, you can make space in your Christmas newsletter to tell subscribers about the "perfect gift" for that person (friend, child, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.).

In all the holiday hustle and bustle, your gift tips are a welcome help to your customers.


Get more personal in newsletters

Don't worry. You're not supposed to offend your customers or reveal your most secret dreams. However, there might be a nice Christmas anecdote you could tell your subscribers. The Christmas newsletter is an opportunity to show your brand's fun and playful side.

Below are some tips on how to make your email subject lines and copy fun:

  • Use puns, jokes and wordplay.

  • Use the subject line to tell a joke and put the punchline in the body of the email.

  • Close the email with a witty and clever CTA that perfectly sums up the concept of the email – don't spend time writing a funny text only to end with a dull "buy/book now".

  • Or you could tell a funny Christmas story that grabs the customer's attention. Storytelling is an important marketing tool that is especially relevant during Christmas.

A personal email subject line is also significant. Christmas email subject lines are most likely critical of any Christmas newsletter. It is the most crucial selling point of email. If the subject line is not appealing, many people will not open it.

However, designing good subject lines takes a lot of work. They need to be witty but also to the point. In addition, good subject lines should convey the correct information. So try to achieve it without writing too many words.

Thank your customers

Even if they don't directly deliver something of value, some businesses often send a thank you during the holidays. There are a few benefits to this.

For one, your valued customers still receive communication and content, making them feel a little more like family members. At least you remain in their minds.

Plus, it doesn't cost you anything except some time. You can even use Christmas email templates to speed up the process if you want to avoid getting creative.

Find the right timing

While it's sometimes hard to find a suitable occasion for your marketing campaigns during the year, it's jinxed at the end of the year. At this time, you're more likely to decide what to leave out.

The fourth Friday in November – better known as Black Friday - marks the start of the busiest pre-Christmas period, followed by the Advent weekends, St Nicholas and then Christmas Eve and the Christmas holidays. A few days later, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are on the agenda.

So think about some events and start planning early enough. When planning your (pre-) Christmas campaigns, it is essential to get the timing right. Almost forty per cent of Europeans are already thinking about Christmas gifts in November. However, only nine per cent of customers decide on the right gift between 15 December and Christmas Eve.

Reflect on the past year and discuss the future

At the end of the year, Christmas (and New Year's Eve) is a good time for businesses to look back, review the past year and talk about the successes of their loyal customers. What better way to do this than with a Christmas newsletter, which is often the last message companies send to their customers before the new year begins. However, Christmas newsletters can also be a great way to showcase the successes you have achieved in the past year.

Reviewing the past year is a natural segue into discussing your plans for the following year. It's a good strategy because it makes your customers feel part of your business and creates a sense of exclusivity.

Making an appointment


Whether you're talking about your campaign, making an emotional connection or reflecting the joyous spirit of the season, your Christmas newsletter takes quite a bit of time and effort. And for that, you need smart tools to make the whole process easier. That's where EasyWeek business software comes in.

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