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How to triple your beauty salon profits


You are already aware that running a salon can be both very challenging and incredibly rewarding, and you are probably constantly thinking about how to improve the profitability of your salon.

You are not alone in this. Beauty studios are constantly looking for peculiar ways to improve their profitability. Hair salon profit, along with the clients' satisfaction, keeps you opening the doors every day and provides you with the cash flow to grow your business.

When customers want to feel comfortable with a new hairdresser or beautician, they look for five things: safety, trust, value for money, atmosphere and customer care.

Good communication with customers and staff is essential for the salon's success. We are talking about the ability to solve problems and build good relationships with clients. In addition, employees who are both qualified and fit your business model are essential for the hair salon success.

Put the customer experience at the centre. Ensure you have a first-class presence on social media. Make your salon aesthetically beautiful. Set up an online appointment booking feature.

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How to increase your salon's income

First, analyse where you are in your salon business to choose the proper decisions. When starting, it is crucial to create a business plan to assess your salon's profitability. On the other hand, if you have owned a beauty salon for some time, you may only need a few tips from our list.

Follow these steps to help your business grow and thrive:

Convenient appointment booking

The easiest thing to do is make booking appointments faster and more convenient. EasyWeek salon appointment scheduling software can help with this: you will get the booking widget and social media & Google maps integrations to help your customers book the services wherever they want. In addition, salon software saves you and your staff time and allows focusing on essential business tasks instead of routine.

Start your beauty salon promotion

Ensure you have your salon website and social media business accounts. Use free website creation tools like a website builder or salon software to get a simple landing. However, a website alone is not enough. It must appear in the search engines – website presence results from a promotion that includes strategies and methods in the internet field.

Referral programs

Good loyalty programs are a win-win situation. For example, when your clients recommend friends to visit your salon, they and their friends receive a discount, a free product, a free consultation or another service - and you gain new clients! In this way, you can simultaneously attract customers and increase existing clients' loyalty.

Gift cards and vouchers

Start by providing your guests with discount cards and gift coupons that they can use to try your salon's services.

Many people nowadays opt for gift cards as a token of their love in case they can't decide on a gift. That's why this kind of service has become increasingly popular. So use this knowledge to offer your gift cards and vouchers to your customers.

Raise your prices to keep up with inflation

Prices generally increase by 3% yearly, which is passed on to customers no matter what type of business the owner has. The same goes for restaurants and beauty salons. You will not turn your customers away just because prices increase by a small percentage yearly. Talk about it openly, and your customers will be comfortable with it. Tell them that the cost of introducing better or new services in the salon is partly the reason for the increase, as is the price passed on to you by your suppliers. Whatever you do, be honest, and clients will understand.

Win back inactive salon clients

Send a postcard or message saying "We want you back" to inactive customers. These people have visited you and spent money on your services at least once, so give them a reason to revisit your salon.

Review financial reports every month

This takes less than 30 minutes a month and will allow you to identify and fix minor problems before they become major crises. You will also be able to make sensible business decisions: knowing where your money goes each month will help you focus on your spending amounts. In addition, many salon software, for instance, EasyWeek, offer the finance & analytics feature to explore your business results.

Ask for recommendations

Include a note at the bottom of your emails and newsletters and on the back of your business cards saying, "We grow through referrals from satisfied customers. Please tell your friends and colleagues if we have delivered excellent products and services. If we have done something wrong, do not hesitate to message us, and we will put it right. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction ."

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Features of EasyWeek Appointment Booking Software

EasyWeek is a trusted global beauty salon software provider. Since 2018, EasyWeek has served more than a thousand clients and offered affordable solutions.

The benefits a salon receives after connecting to EasyWeek include:

  • 24/7 online appointments.

  • Free website & widgets creation.

  • Business and financial analysis.

  • Staff motivation through convenient appointment scheduling and easy-to-understand booking.

  • A package of marketing helpers such as QR codes, emails, SMS, push notifications, etc.

We update the software daily. Our goal is to achieve the rush of satisfied customers. With EasyWeek, you can conveniently make appointments online via a widget, website and booking link. After all, the easier it is for your customers to book services, the higher your salon's revenue. Find out more about the benefits of EasyWeek. We'll do everything we can to make you more efficient.

Try EasyWeek in your salon business

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A successful salon, spa or hairdressing business requires a unique blend of business skills and creativity. You must always be ready to go out of your way to attract clients. It would help if you also had a good overview of the business's numbers, starting with financial planning. With EasyWeek software, you not only keep track of your finances but also attract new customers thanks to the user-friendly interface and 24/7 booking option.

Try it out and see for yourself. And our support team is available to answer any questions you may have!

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