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How to prepare a newsletter for customers on holiday eve

A busy season for your business

November and December are hot times for any business. Look at this season's fests: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year. Of course, everyone wants to do everything before New Year: congratulate relatives, buy presents, pay for memberships till the price increases, etc.

Businesses should be ready for this hectic season. However, remember that your competitors never sleep. Clients can always choose another service or product. That is why you better be first to offer. Theme mailing will help to increase awareness and conversion.

How to get the most from email marketing? How to avoid becoming a spam source and getting unsubscribed. We show you how to create a New Year's newsletter using the EasyWeek business software as an example.

That feature enables your clients to make an online appointment at any time.

Yes, you can! There are several options for creating a website for free. One of them is to connect EasyWeek CRM. You get tools to automate all processes, and the gift will be a website for the company.

Client base segmentation

Differentiation is an important step to dealing with clients better. It is crucial for effective communication and promotion.

Your clients are very different. They differ by gender, work, hobbies, etc. Some of them like to talk, others – on the contrary. Some customers prefer individual lessons, while others – prefer group meetings. Depending on your business, you know better what your client segments are.

Why is it important?

If you create a personal offer for each customer segment, the conversion rate will increase, and so will the revenue.

Client segmentation aims to reach more relevant audiences interested in the product.

CRM helps in customer segmentation. EasyWeek, for example, offers attributes, tags, segments, source analytics and more. You can create a client profile and add relevant tags, for example, #likesdiscounts, #caresaboutbeard #buyscosmetics.

Tags in the customer profile

You can also optimise the online appointment widget with specific attributes. For instance:

  • date of birth

  • phone number

  • email

This change will automatically allow instant customer profile filling.

Form builder in EasyWeek software

Thanks to these attributes, you can build various interaction scenarios.

We need to know only the segment you aim to advertise to prepare to mail. For example, you can upload client data for those customers who didn't purchase recently. These consumers can get an email with a pleasant offer or a small present to create trust. You can create a festive offer for loyal audiences or add an attractive bonus, such as a discounted manicure for women and a SPA relaxation for men.

Exporting segment data

Personal offer increases your chance of being noticed. Selling everything to everyone is wrong and ineffective. Client segments help with improved performance and optimised profit.

Email automation software

So, you've got data from EasyWeek. What's next? Selecting an email automation software to reach your targeted audiences is high time. We advise choosing services that allow various notification and mailing types: SMS, email and Push.

Here are several handy solutions:

  • MailChimp

  • UniSender

  • Sendinblue

  • SendPulse

Promotional mailing for a customer

How many emails should I send?

It depends on your aim and customer segment. Cold audiences require more effort and bring less conversion. That is why we advise interacting more with loyal audiences.

To create emails before the Christmas season, you can use the following algorithm:

1. Email discount

It is the best motivation to make an appointment. Offer can be seasonal and change depending on the segment. Loyal customers will bond more, while leads will likely purchase for the first time. Another benefit is that loyal audiences can always share about your discount and bring more clients.

2. Notifications

Reminders help to get better sales. Many clients forget about the discount, remind them, and the client will be yours.

3. Abandoned cart

It happens that a customer almost completes a purchase, but something interrupts. It can be whatever, but the most important is to remind them about the unfinished purchase. It will likely bring a sale.

It is essential to be polite and never spam. Too many letters may lead to unsubscribing.

We wish you a Merry Christmasy marketing. If you still need to choose handy automation software, try the EasyWeek CRM for free.

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