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The male target group of a beauty salon

The male target group of a beauty salon

The men's grooming market is snowballing, with many new products and brands targeting male consumers, but how to attract more male customers to your salon? Read more.


Although society has made significant strides in the movement for equality over the past decade, there is still a stigma attached to men regarding beauty and wellness treatments. For example, hair salons and barbershops are popular with most men, while cosmetology salons and spas are the opposite. It is time to break the stereotype that salons and spas are exclusively reserved for women. In our article, we want to show you how to engage your clientele and appeal to both men and women.

Three essential steps to attract and retain new guests: encourage reviews and referrals, develop a social media strategy and offer online appointments.

The wall colours are a mood enhancer. Warm colours, such as red and yellow, create a cosy atmosphere, visually reducing space. On the other hand, cool colours like blue and grey add a sense of spaciousness and freshness. The room's layout and the presence of natural light also influence the colour perception of the space.

Most men dislike red shades in interiors, although they are considered symbols of passion and energy. Instead, men find variations of black and white the most attractive.

Beauty therapy for men

How to market the salon to male customers

Start with the basics and rethink your strategy by taking a closer look at who the target audience is that you are promoting. For example, it's easy to overlook that various aspects of the beauty and wellness industry are feminised or geared more towards women. So think about marketing your services gender-neutrally: remove invisible barriers holding potential clients back. Think about this when marketing new offerings and your daily practice.

Similarly, you should review your service offering to ensure that terms such as 'manicure for women' and 'manicure for men' are replaced with wording that reflects the nature of the service rather than gender. Certain services that are aimed more at men (and also at women) are acceptable. Make sure your salon doesn't create such a divide with every service and description.

An excellent way to get your offer across to a male audience is to explain the benefits. Yes, many men may only come because they want to groom and relax. However, many of these men, who may still be on the fence, want to know what they will get out of it. Fewer hangnails, cracked or chapped feet, and long-term health benefits might be the deciding factor to try your salon.

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10 good tips for beauty businesses to attract male customers

  1. Segment your customer base by gender and prepare a personalised email newsletter reflecting the different interests of the customer groups. Most men are unfamiliar with SPA terminology, so explain the treatment options in plain language.

  2. For men, just as for women, there are particular reasons to go to a spa. Ask your male clients questions and listen to their answers. This will help you learn what is important to them, and you can better market your spa to meet their needs.

  3. Offer a range of services specifically tailored to men's grooming needs: haircuts, beard trims, and skincare treatments, as well as traditional salon services like manicures and pedicures.

  4. Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Many men may be hesitant to visit a beauty salon because they feel it is not a place for them. Make sure your salon is welcoming and comfortable for all customers, regardless of gender.

  5. Market your salon to male customers. Use social media and other marketing channels to reach out to male customers and showcase your services and products specifically geared towards men.

  6. Collaborate with local barbershops or other businesses that cater to male customers. Consider partnering with local companies that serve male customers to cross-promote your services and bring in new business.

  7. Host special events or promotions. Hosting special events or promotions specifically for male customers can be a great way to attract new business and show that your salon is welcoming to all.

  8. Train your staff to be inclusive and welcoming to male customers. Make sure your team is welcoming and accommodating. Encourage them to be knowledgeable about the services and products you offer for men.

  9. Consider offering gender-neutral services: many men may be more comfortable seeking grooming services in a gender-neutral setting. Consider offering services not explicitly marketed towards men or women, such as facials or massages, to attract a broader range of customers.

  10. Set up an online appointments for your services. The client will choose the required service and can prepare questions in advance, thus saving themselves from embarrassment. The online appointment function increases the number of online customers by 30%. And a connected booking function via Google adds another 10% to this figure.

The way to attract customers to your salon

How to create a male-friendly atmosphere in your salon

The most significant factor a person considers when booking a service is the atmosphere you create in a beauty salon. Analyse your salon environment. Think about creating a more gender-neutral space in your salon: if you want male clients, forget the pink, girly interior shades. A stylish, modern, gender-neutral design is just what you need. Men who feel comfortable in the salon are likelier to recommend it to others.

Regarding decor, it's also essential to consider your "virtual" set. Make your social feed all-inclusive with content preferable for men. After all, most men search Google first before booking a treatment. Promote your services on salon website and social media. Make everything as clear and transparent as possible so your customers know what to expect when they come to your salon.

Make a list of all the services you offer men. These might include facials, eyelash touch-ups, eyebrow corrections, face and neck shaves, pedicures and manicures, and massages. If the service is suitable for clients regardless of gender, mark it in the description. You can use pictograms.

Make room for informative content on social media: gently explain that going to a beauty salon is not a way to be brutal or make men more feminine. On the contrary, it's a way to make them more attractive to women. Publicise why you should give men facials, pedicures and other treatments. Take the stigma off the subject.

Get personal recommendations

Initially, it can be challenging to attract a male clientele. However, the best way to accelerate this is through referrals. If you approach your clients who have brothers, friends, spouses, etc., you can offer them a small discount. Why not provide both of them with a small referral discount for a treatment? Those who come to your salon for the first time as a couple will be far less discouraged than if they had a single treatment. Starting with a positive experience like a discount bodes well for subsequent treatments and encourages a return visit.

Offer grooming products for men

Recommend and advise them on products that best suit their needs. Most people don't mind spending money on products that help them look and feel better. Display the products near the waiting area so customers can browse.

Manicures for men in a beauty salon


As you can see, it's not that difficult to attract men to a beauty salon: you should follow all the tips on advertising, services and setting up your salon. An online booking software EasyWeek can help you with all organisational tasks, so you can focus on what's important – your customers. Try EasyWeek now and see for yourself!

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