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Mother's Day in beauty salon marketing


Mother's Day isn't just a lovely family holiday anymore. Nowadays, Mother's Day is one of the most significant marketing events all around the world. Sure, every kid loves their mother. No matter what. That's a great chance to increase your clients' loyalty and the beauty salon's revenue. Just offer some lovely affordable bundles for your clients to treat their moms well. It works as most customers will search for a present for their mom. So why not offer them a festive bundle of the most popular beauty services you provide? It is beneficial both for your clients and the salon.

Today, we will answer all the typical marketing questions related to Mother's Day. Then, it is high time to update your beauty salon's marketing campaign. So let's do that together!

The fest will be on the 8th of May in the US.

The choice depends on your mom's preferences and your budget. We would recommend looking at some creative presents, for example, a family day at the zoo or a treatment bundle in a beauty salon. See what your mom enjoys the most, then try to offer her the gift that includes this stuff.

In some way, it is. The fest is pretty popular, so clients spend a lot on presents. So if you manage a beauty salon, offer salon services as a handy gift idea to please your customers and increase revenue. Also, do not forget about the online appointments system – it is conducive to attracting clients.

Mother's Day and beauty salon marketing

Mother's Day is a powerful marketing tool to grow your beauty salon's sales. Just use it well. You won't need to invest a lot in festive marketing in most cases. Instead, create pleasant offers to catch your audience. Then, social media will work for you.

Yes, we are talking about digital marketing. It is the first thing to use when talking about modern sales. Clients google, scroll and choose everything via the Internet. Just use it for your benefit!

Offer festive bundles for Mother's Day 2022, but do not be pushy.

Being pushy means forcing your clients to get the bundle. We do not want that. Instead, create an offer, promote it well, and wait for the results. We guarantee it will work out. Sure, if you make the right offer. No worries, we have collected some working ideas for you. Just keep reading this festive marketing material for more details.

Top 7 marketing ideas for Mother's Day 2022

We are getting closer to the most exciting part – the festive Mother's Day ideas to boost your marketing inspiration. The EasyWeek team has collected some incredible options for beauty salons to use this year.

Top 7 marketing hacks for Mother's Day 2022

  1. Create bundles. Yes, it is that easy! Just unite several services into a big festive package. It will help to sell more for less. Okay, let us explain how it works. A client casually went for a haircut. Meanwhile, he is still looking for some festive presents for his mom. But, then, he sees your offer, and voilà! That's exactly what he needs. Plus, almost without any effort. Who wouldn't love that, right?

    A bundle is a smart option for any beauty salon. It looks desirable to clients. A beauty salon sells more than usual, and everyone is happy. Just try it, and see yourself!

  2. Remind clients about your beauty salon. Mother's Day is a great chance to remind clients about your business with some special offers. If you have a client base, send a quick email to notify your guests about the upcoming fest with a special offer.

    You can add a discount to the festive letter. It always works nicely. Do not go too big, 5-10% discount will be alright. The gesture counts.

  3. Promote on social media. The best you can do is to promote the fest before. It's just April, so you have some time to present the upcoming event online.

    If you have an Instagram or TikTok account, do it there. Then, your followers will be updated and ready to get some lovely presents for their mom at your beauty salon.

  4. Impress with some luxury trifles. You know how nice it may feel to get a gift with a pack of tasty chocolate or a tiny cosmetic bottle in the beauty salon you visit regularly. Clients will love that!

    Prepare some small presents for your visitors, especially for Mother's Day. Make every mom feel unique at your salon. It is your guarantee of a return visit.

  5. Offer services for mom and her kid. It is a great idea to relax altogether, bringing some extra profit to your salon. Sure, the last point won't bother any customer. But it is so pleasant.

    There are a lot of services to experience together. Choose the one you like and pack them nicely. For example, promote the offer well on your social media account or/and email your audiences to notify them about the extra possibilities they get. Stay creative and open to growing together with your happy guests.

  6. Catch attention with a themed photo zone. It may be pretty pleasant to take a few photos with your mom, especially when you are in a nicely decorated photo zone with well-made hair and makeup. Sounds good, right?

    The other benefit is that it does not cost much. You can use some handy materials or order affordable decorations online. They are available starting from AliExpress and finishing with Amazon. Select the option you like the most and impress. We know you like it!

  7. Provide additional presents for those who bring their moms to your salon. Offer a small service for those who got their moms to your salon on Mother's Day. It can be a free massage or hair treatment, some tiny SPA service, or a hygienic manicure. The best would be offering your guests the freedom to choose from the list you've created before the event.

Would you like to treat your clients even better? Or maybe you want to optimize your salon's performance before Mother's Day? Then, think about some handy CRM to automate appointments, marketing, and reports. Let us tell you how it works on the EasyWeek appointments system example.

EasyWeek as a handy tool for Mother's Day marketing

CRMs may simplify the performance of any business. For example, they are handy for beauty salons. This type of business is exceptionally client-oriented. So, it requires additional comfort while making an appointment, looking for the service to choose from, etc.

Can I do well without CRM?

Well, you can try, why not? You can generally work without special software when you have several clients. If their number grows, it is better to automate daily routines with intelligent technologies. Plus, it doesn't cost much anyway.

EasyWeek salon software even provides its clients with a free tariff plan. You can use our service for free if you are working alone. For example, it is an excellent chance to try the software for hairdressers, makeup artists, etc. All those who do not need a team to perform can use the software for free.

Okay, I work in a team, what to do? Then, we offer PRO tariff plans and affordable pricing that won't shock your budget.

You may use these features all year round. Mother's Day is just a friendly fest to offer more comfort and surprise your clients with many excellent options. Another perk is that EasyWeek salon software has a pack of marketing tools for your salon. For instance, email mailings and QR codes with booking details.


Mother's Day is a global marketing event you may use to scale a beauty salon. So use our tips, add some different ideas, and enjoy this spring fest at its full power.

EasyWeek appointments system will automate your manual routines if you are tired of messy paperwork and problematic scheduling. Please, contact us, and we will connect the software for your beauty salon. Make sure you try the EasyWeek solution for free before the final decision. No hidden payments or card details are required to test the software.

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