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It's time to launch your Black Friday


Black Friday originally comes from the USA and is celebrated there on the fourth Friday of November – just after Thanksgiving. In 2022, Black Friday falls on November 25.

It is traditionally the best day for retailers and, therefore, the day with the highest sales for many companies. That's because many sellers wait until this day, especially with bargain prices and big purchases, so their customers can secure the top deals and do their first Christmas shopping.

In this post, we've put together several tips to help you better prepare for the big shopping event!

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To quickly establish communication and resolve a problematic situation with a customer, you must first actively listen and show understanding. First, admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness without being provoked. Then, try to end your conversation with the customer on a positive note.

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You can offer different types of promotions and discounts to your customers. However, for each advertisement, you need a program that will allow you to calculate values, create special coupons, and make your promotions as attractive as possible based on customer data and segmentation. EasyWeek business software can help you do just that.

Black Friday offers

Black Friday in Europe

Let's see how European countries celebrate BF. Germany is an example.

Black Friday, or Schwarzen Freitag, will take place in Germany for the 16th time in 2022. The tradition of the one-day shopping event was brought here by Apple in 2006: With radically lowered prices and discounts, Apple cranked up demand for certain products again.

Today, retailers are trying to expand their discount promotions and celebrate an entire "Black Week." While some extend their special offers over the weekend, others start their promotions in advance and offer first deals before Black Friday – it all comes down to corporate planning.

And of course, the closer it gets to "Shopping Day," the better the discounts become, so there is a lot of competition on this day, and different companies try to outbid each other on their offers.

Of course, it is just as profitable for entrepreneurs because shoppers spend about 4.5 billion euros these days, and sales will continue to increase in the coming years. The German Retail Association (HDE) forecasts show that the growth will continue, and retailers will achieve even greater sales this Black Friday.

Black Friday in nail studio

Tips for more sales on Black Friday

So, Black Friday is the best day of the year to stand out and profit with the various deals available. However, while large online retailers have good promotional opportunities, it can be more difficult for smaller businesses that sell their products or offer services to attract customers' attention.

Make a plan in advance and generate attention

Businesses should take discount week planning seriously, especially financially and in marketing efforts. The plan provides an overview of when you will launch specific promotions and which channels you will promote them.

You have to plan a realistic budget for promotional activities because ads on all social media are pretty expensive on Black Friday. In addition, the offers on different platforms need to hit your target audience and be coordinated simultaneously.

Be prepared

Service businesses, such as beauty salons or gyms, need to ensure that their services are manageable with the rush of customers. If your advertising reaches a large audience, many potential customers will want to make an appointment with your staff.

Set up appointment software in advance to ensure you get all the customers. It will help you avoid appointment clashes and other mistakes and make booking appointments as convenient as possible for all prospects. Also, automatic notifications will help your staff keep track of new clients.

Make the most of your time

Many companies that want to take advantage of these shopping events try to start advertising as early as mid-November, thus extending the offer period. You also reduce the one-time customer rush and improve customers' shopping experience.

For future customer loyalty, flawless performance, appointment booking, and payment are essential – it keeps your company in good memory.

Online marketing strategy for Black Friday

Of course, your website and social media are your primary communication channel with customers and a promotion tool. In a competitive environment, you need to be able to get the right of your profile to attract a large audience.

Here are some tips on how you can do this:

  1. First, create your customer journey map.

  2. Then, design the look and feel of your offer page.

  3. Revamp your mobile website: people make half of all purchases on mobile devices.

  4. Install CRM software.

  5. Make sure your customers and prospects get the most important messages at the right time

Since your promotions are time-limited, you need to process your customer inquiries faster:

  • Prioritize your requests.

  • Answer them as quickly as possible – reduce your response time

  • Use different communication channels: social media, email, messenger

  • Create a FAQ

  • Prepare your staff and server capacities for peak times to avoid slow loading.

Black Friday sale tips


Black Friday is growing yearly, and the number of customers and participating companies is increasing. Therefore, it is worth following the example of many large companies and organizing an extended shopping marathon until the following week for the so-called Cyber Monday.

And EasyWeek appointment software can help you manage the rush of customers. You can use the data collected in the software to set up your advertising, create email newsletters with your offers, calculate all discounts, schedule availabilities and analyze the success of your campaign.

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