Nail salon scheduling software

Tips on choosing a handy salon booking system for a nail studio + the best CRM.

Nowadays, almost every girl tends to keep her hands beautiful and clean. Every two weeks women visit a nail salon to get their nails done. Manicure and pedicure have become essential services for many females. Demand creates its supply. That is why more and more nail salons open all around the country. And, naturally, the number of competitors in this niche is growing.

The question arises – how to attract customers and stand out among the nearest competitors. There is no one way, however, there are still some common rules. Modern clients appreciate the time, they are not ready to lose it even for the best quality nail service. Offer this audience an opportunity for online booking and be sure, they will reward you for this comfort.

To book a service a client has only to:

  1. Go to the social networks of the beauty (nail) salon. It can be a website, Instagram profile, etc.

  2. Open an online booking form.

  3. Select specialist, time, and date.

  4. Click on the “Book” button.

It has to be easy! EasyWeek will notify both client and specialist about the appointment – there is no chance to forget! The software also offers a client base, where all the customer information is stored. It is very useful as later this data can be used for promo offers to arrange return visits.

Effective scheduling software for nail salons

A salon appointment software helps to ensure an online booking in a nail salon. There are many variants in the current market: you have a great choice! EasyWeek stands out because of its loyal prices and wide range of tariff plans.

EasyWeek scheduling appointment software offers several useful tools for business optimization:

  • A client base where all the customer information is kept: date of birth to offer discounts, preferences, booked service and more.

  • Stylish customizable widget for online appointments and a booking link that can be placed on any social network.

  • A personal page that works like a mini-website. There is no need to create one if you don't have it for now!

  • An ability to pay staff commissions, giving rewards and fees.

  • Management and warehouse accounting.

  • Several dozen different reports.

  • Business analytics of marketing campaigns, reviews.

When you sign up, EasyWeek will ask for data that will later be used for creating a personal page that works like a website. It is very easy and can be done by everyone. No need to hire an IT specialist. You will also get fast tech support, an ability to select out of many tariffs, and more. And the main rule – no hidden payments!

Test EasyWeek salon booking software for free, set it up, and check how all the processes work. Now, we offer a free two weeks service to let you understand whether the CRM works well for your business.

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Do you have any questions concerning EasyWeek? Feel free to contact our 24/7 support. We'll be glad to help you!

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