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Beauty trends 2023


Beauty will save the world and your wallet as well. Beauty businesses are among the top startups to launch in 2023. On the one hand, there are a lot of beauty service consumers. On the other hand, the market is a bit less crowded than before. Sure, inflation and unstable economic situation make an impact. However, you can still succeed if you plan your business well.

So, let's talk about current beauty tendencies and 2023 beauty trends. This article will be helpful for beauty business owners and those who are interested in beauty in general. Let's go!

Sure, it always is. There are many businesses in the beauty market, but still, there is a place for quality services and well-managed startups.

The final price greatly depends on location and the salon's class. You can open a business for $20 000 or $200 000. Make sure to calculate all the expenses in advance. A business plan will help to measure your success and save you from troubles.

The following year is a trendy one. There are already many rumours about the main tendencies of 2023. No one knows what will happen, but for now, there are the following expectations: draped blush from the 70th will come back, glitter and wet looks will remain fashionable, make-up will be bright and matt and a clean skin is still trendy. Read more in the article below.

Hot make-up trends

Beauty as business

If you are thinking about starting a beauty salon or any other business related to beauty, make sure you understand the niche and competition well. Then, first and foremost, research and analyze. Next, let's see how to start a beauty business.

How to open a beauty company in 2023:

  1. Research your competitors and find out who is your target audience.

  2. Brainstorm which services will be attractive to your future clients.

  3. Look for a suitable location and renovate the premises.

  4. Hire your dream team, and remember to motivate those people constantly.

  5. Create your marketing strategy and work on further promotion.

  6. Connect an appointment software and get a website.

  7. Welcome your customers.

If you are interested in opening your beauty business or find beauty exciting, look at the upcoming beauty trends.

How to open a beauty studio in 2023

10 beauty tendencies 2023

Beauty always changes. 2023 won't be the most extreme year for fashion, but it'll make some changes. Some 2022 trends will stay with us in 2023, while the beauty market expects a lot of new beauty tendencies.

Beauty trends 2023

  1. Draped blush. This trend came from the 1970-s. Many celebrities already actively use this tendency. 2023 expects to make it more mainstream.

  2. The wet look. It is trendy, popular and, for sure, it'll stay fashionable in 2023.

  3. Glitter. The following year will be fruitful for glitter looks. Starting from hair and up to glitter manicures.

  4. Bright mattes. This trend survives several seasons and will still be popular in 2023.

  5. Clean skin. Foundation and primers will step aside, and the highlight is on skincare and naturally healthy skin.

  6. More colour. 2023 seems to be a year when bright and even neon colours will stay mainstream. Make-up artists already create colourful viral looks, and we expect even more soon.

  7. Metallic. Metallic eyeshadow and make-up will blossom with a new power this year.

  8. 70-es haircuts. 2023 is a massive comeback to the 70-es as haircuts from this epoch come back together with draped blush looks.

  9. Bleached brows. This trend sounds extreme, but you don't need to shave or bleach your natural brows. Right make-up and your brows look charmingly bleached, even if they aren't.

  10. No rules! It sounds crazy, but that's beauty. 2023 requires no rules, and that's wonderful. Feel free to be yourself, and offer as many beauty services as possible.

Now that you know the latest trends let's see other tools to optimize the beauty startup performance.

Metallic eyeshadow and make-up

Appointment software for beauty

So, if you know how to open a beauty salon and the current tendencies, let's see how software can optimize business.

CRM is Customer Relationship Management software. It covers online appointments, business analytics, marketing, and more. Here are the top CRM features:

  • Online appointments. Being available for customers is easy, together with quality software.

  • Business analytics. Track your success and minimize failure together with handy business analytics.

  • Notifications. CRM offers various messages to improve your company's performance.

  • Marketing tools. Promotion is essential, and CRM can cover the central part of it.

  • Website. Many CRMs will also help with website creation.

Let's see how a good CRM should look in the EasyWeek software example.

Appointment booking software for salon

EasyWeek salon booking software

EasyWeek is innovative German software for beauty. It offers a lot more than the closest competitors charging less. For example, a small business with 1 user and 1 location can use the solution for free. More prominent companies have a flexible choice that suits them best. No hidden payments and overpaying, just useful features and results.

EasyWeek offers:

  • 24/7 online appointments

  • Business analytics & statistics

  • Notifications: SMS, push and email

  • Marketing support

  • Instant website creation

  • Widget and link for social media;

  • Integration with all the most popular services, including Facebook and Instagram.

Click here to try all these features for free, or look at our blog for more details. EasyWeek – the future is now.

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