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Barbershop name ideas


  1. Introduction

  2. How to create a unique barbershop name

  3. Barbershop name ideas

  4. Common mistakes in barbershop naming

  5. When it is impossible to change the name of a barbershop

  6. Original barbershop names that work for your reputation

  7. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

Starting a barbershop is a relevant and pretty profitable idea. But to cope with all the hidden rocks, you'll have to plan every detail. The basis of a successful barbershop is a catchy concept, professional barber equipment, good renovation, and a unique salon name.

The name must be one of the essential items. It speaks for your barbershop. Statistics show that beauty salons with creative names are more popular than those with less creative naming. It is understandable as people often judge a company without visiting, so the name is that notion that helps stand out.

There are lot's of perfect salon's names. Research the market, stay creative, cheerful, and you will choose it.

Yes, it is. Any beauty salon name is significant as it works for your reputation. Barbershop name attracts attention to the beauty salon.

Okay, we've got that a barbershop's name is essential, but how to create the one that will be best for your salon? That is the question many beginners wonder about. So let's see what the ways of creating a unique name related to the concept and catchy for your target audience are.

#2 How to create a unique barbershop name

Not everyone is creative enough to come out with a perfect barbershop name. Sure, if you feel that there is a name that suits your concept – use it! But the idea is fine, renovation is more or less finished, even barbershop equipment is selected, but the name. The barbershop name is the trifle many business people choose at the last minute. It doesn't mean that the name isn't important. On the contrary, it happens because selecting the best one can be so hard.

One of the modern ways of barbershop naming is grabbing inspiration from your foreign colleagues. Of course, you cannot copy their names, but they can give you a hint. Take a look at the brands that are popular in other countries. Maybe you'll like one of them and use it to create your own.

Never copy competitors. It can ruin your reputation at the beginning. Use their ideas as your inspiration.

Ways of creating an original barbershop name:

  • Hire a creative marketing agency. Professionals will offer the best names and advise you on matching your concept, logo, and promo campaign.

  • Use your brand. If you already have any business, open a new barbershop following the same concept. It simply means you'll get a well-known name (your name) at once. The additional bonus is that clients trust salons named by a person more. It gives them the feeling of care. On the other hand, if you call a barbershop by your name or surname and something goes wrong, it can damage your reputation.

  • Create a barbershop name using a sign, item, or feeling. If you associate your services with a particular emotion or thing, name your salon after it. It can be very creative and even extraordinary.

Opening a beauty salon for men isn't too complicated. Follow the standard rules, and you will cope with them without any problems. Talking about its work after opening, consider hiring a marketer to help you with naming, promotion, concept, etc.

It is better to get the task to create the logo, name, and promo materials to one person – the barbershop will be more successful because all the advertising components will be in one style.

#3 Barbershop name ideas

Usually, barbershop names are close to the barbershop concept. However, analyzing popular brands, we can see the following tendencies in naming:

  • Names with the words "barber" or "barbershop." Together with these words can go owner's surname or name, barbershop's location, or the item associated with the salon. For example, successful names of barbershops are New York city barbers, London barbershop, Simon, the barber.

  • Another way is to choose the names which clarify the services. They are easily memorable, catchy, and funny. For instance, the names Razor, Beard Shave are popular in many countries.

  • Unusual and even shocking names. To attract clients' attention, especially if there are many competitors, use stunning names. They will be discussed, heard, and remembered. Good examples of such barbershops are Boss, BRUTAL, Hero.

After the name is ready, think about whether it fits your concept. It is essential to match the title to the central idea. Then you'll get a stylish salon and attract your first customers using just the name. For example, if you've selected the name "Razor," use it in your logo. Many barbershop clients are visuals, so they'll remember if not name, then at least logo and then the name.

Why do foreign words have to be used carefully?

Various names written in Spanish, French, or even Russian are trending among beauty salon owners. Very often, such names are organic and stylish. But, there are some risks related to them:

  • The name is unreadable

    Not all of your clients have studied French, Spanish, and Russian at school. So selecting a name in a foreign language, understand that half of your potential clients can just misread it or won't understand it at all.

  • The name is incapable of being understood and has no translation

    Sometimes barbershop owners select a beautiful name and don't bother about its sense of translation. It is useless as clients will barely trust the place they cannot even understand. A set of random letters or abbreviations work similarly.

  • The name is full of excessive pathos

    Names with the words "Lux" or "Luxury" can scare off your audience. The main reason is that because people are always afraid to look poor or uneducated, etc. So even if the place is affordable but named, for instance, "Luxury barbershop," its potential clients can select another one that seems to be cheaper and friendly.

Being creative is good, but staying simple is even more precious. Long names, incapable of being understood solutions are the wrong choice. Stay minimalistic and laconic. As William Shakespeare once said: "Sometimes, less is more."

#4 Common mistakes in barbershop naming

A bad salon name will influence the success of any business. But, of course, the name isn't the factor that makes you win or fail. However, if you can get a lovely name to increase a profit, why not?

Remember that modern customers try a lot and have a vast beauty experience. So, the name can be that trifle that makes them like or dislike the place even before the actual visit.

There are a few ways to select the wrong salon name:

  • Select the ones that are associated with poor service. There are plenty of them. If you choose such a name, even the best promotion won't work as needed. Clients will still come to their favorite hairdressers, but attracting new ones can be problematic.

  • Add more pathos. Never choose names that are too pretentious. For example, "We shave," "Professionals," etc. Okay, if you really can, show it. But if there is at least a tiny problem, the name will work against you.

  • What about low lexemes? Respect your clients. For instance, you can meet a barbershop called "Bastard barbershop." Would you like to get a haircut there? Well, hopefully, now you see that the name plays a role.

The wrong names are also the ones related to vulgar or even intimate topics. Let your barbershop stay a place of brutal men's power. Getting a haircut or shaving is a ritual, do not mix it with anything else, even in the name.

#5 When it is impossible to change the name of a barbershop

If you start a barbershop from scratch, there is no need to think about this issue. But if you purchase an existing beauty salon, there is a risk that its previous owner was too creative. So, for example, the name can be odd or too pretentious, unreadable or incapable to understand, etc.

Then sure, think about changing the barbershop name and then rebranding. Plus, sometimes, when you buy a business, you have to work with what you've got.

  1. Buying an existing barbershop, be ready to spend time to select the right project, check its name and concept. It s not a good idea to pay all the marketing and promotion expenses and now have to rebrand the salon.

    If you know that the previous owner has created a strong salon marketing campaign, buy the barbershop. This way, you'll get a unique place with less effort and sometimes even cheaper than starting it from scratch.

  2. Purchasing a franchise. The franchise is a perfect idea for aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to start a barbershop business. Get a franchise if you doubt your knowledge about mens' haircuts or are simply afraid to open a salon by yourself. Then you'll get support from the management company about the promo campaign. However, you cannot change the name. Such business can exist only under the initial brand.

    Before buying any of the options, make sure you know all the details. Analyze everything, starting from location and finishing with the name. If the name is odd and irritates you, better choose something else.

#6 Original barbershop names that work for your reputation

Creative barbershops are famous worldwide. Mix creativity with professionalism, and your audience will love you. We've found a few catchy barbershop names to demonstrate how it works.

  • Blind Barber. The name works because there is a dash of intrigue. Sure there are no blind barbers in a barbershop, but guests still want to check. They are wondering. Make your clients intrigued and interested, and they will come to visit; offer them quality service, and you'll get a loyal audience.

  • HaarBarbaar. In this case, a few ordinary words are written with mistakes on purpose. The phrase is entirely understandable, but it makes the name memorable.

  • Barbería Royal. We are sure you've noticed that there is a word related to Luxury. But in this case, the owners created the name according to the central concept. A stylish place of the 1950s, Visiting it is a luxury you can afford at least once. This salon exists, and the prices in this barbershop are super high. They go up to $600 for a haircut. The barbershop of this type isn't for everyone, but those who visit it and like will fall in love.

#7 Conclusions

Creativity and originality are essential, but concept plays the leading role. Once you've understood your main idea, hired a dream team, the barbershop will be successful.

Even if you bought a ready-made beauty salon or a franchise, there is always a chance to make the already existing name popular and creative. Think about an original story behind the name, design a logo, print out leaflets, etc.

And remember that barbershop's name is just 30% of success. EasyWeek will gladly help manage your business automatically while dealing with the most important – your clients.

Try the software for free to understand whether it suits your barbershop. And welcome to our friendly family!

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