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How to choose your brow salon name


Brow bars are pretty famous all around the US and Europe. The beauty industry produces a vast number of salons, including brow bars. It is a great chance to stand out by quality brow services and excellent customer interaction.

A brow business is a perfect idea for beginners in beauty. So if you are interested in the beauty industry, try it! Brow bars do not require significant investments. They are very profitable and relatively easy to manage, especially with the help of online appointment salon software.

Today, we will help you select the best name for your brow bar.

Brow bars are beauty salons that offer brow and lash services.

It depends on your concept, location, and fantasy. Brow bar names are better to be unique, original, and related to your services.

There are too many acceptable solutions. The best idea would be to look at your requests and compare them to CRM's features. EasyWeek Salon software is an optimal solution for small and midsize brow bars. It deals with convenient appointments and staff scheduling.

Brow salon tools

How to open a brow bar in 2022

A brow bar starts with the idea. First and foremost, look for your source of inspiration to come out with a unique concept. After that, proceed to some essential business planning.

Basic steps to open a brow bar:

  • Find suitable premises;

  • Look for equipment and consumables;

  • Hire professional brow artists;

  • Register business officially;

  • Invest in marketing & salon software.

We have already written detailed material about the brow bar opening. Feel free to check it to refresh your knowledge and get some fresh ideas. These five steps will generally be enough to open a brow bar. But then, it is high time to work hard to make the business prosper.

Brow salon business

Brow bar name ideas

A good name is one your customers will remember after the visit. So selecting the correct name is extremely important. A brow bar is a place to relax, rest and get a refreshed look. Its customers are ready to pay more for some extra services or a luxury atmosphere. So offer them these features and make a fortune from it.

Brow bar name ideas you want to use right now

Brow bar names related to the services you provide:

  • Brow treatment;

  • Lash & Brows care;

  • I brow care;

  • B & L lamination.

Brow bar names with the words brow & lashes:

  • So brow;

  • Brow good!

  • Lovely brows;

  • Lashes & Brows to go;

  • BrowLash Paradise.

Brow bar names based on female names:

  • Anna;

  • Antonia Brows;

  • Maria salon;

  • Valentina Brow & Lashes;

  • Brow from Arianna.

Trendy brow bar names:

  • Brow Brow to go;

  • Magic brows & lashes;

  • So browy!

  • Brow house;

  • Too brow for school.

Be creative and never copy. It is okay to get some inspiration from your competitors but not to copy their ideas.

How to start your a brow salon from scratch

Social media: brow bar Instagram name ideas

Instagram is a super popular social media. If your brow bar still has no profile, you are missing out! But no worries, it is always cool to get one. Just think about its name in advance. In an ideal situation, the beauty salon, in our case, the brow bar name, has to look good both online and offline. So please start thinking about it before opening, because after it can be expensive or even impossible to change the name.

How to choose a successful Instagram name for a brow bar

  • Research competitors. Look for some handy ideas, but, again, do not copy!

  • Write down all the names you find cool. The more you note, the higher are chances of finding the best brow bar name.

  • Ask for advice. Asking for advice can help you come up with a cool insta name faster. Ask colleagues and clients. Do it online and offline. Don't be afraid to be too open. Clients appreciate that significantly when they can influence the result.

  • Use name generators. Why not? It is a handy tool to save time while browsing bar name selection.

  • Ask kids! Children are very creative. You can show them your options and offer to create their own. Usually, such names are very original and even more creative than "adult" ones.

NB! Take your time. Naming is as crucial in starting a business. It requires patience and effort. Just be ready for that.


Brow bar is a profitable niche to enter in 2022. Its name must be well-selected as it will attract clients to your salon. We collected some valuable ideas on brow bar name selection. Feel free to try them, and share your feedback!

After you choose the brow bar name, select a proper salon appointment software. You can read more about it on our blog. Please do not hesitate to try the EasyWeek software for free. We also offer a free tariff plan for private salon masters.

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