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Massage studio names


People are more and more concerned about their health. Therefore, a massage parlor with proper planning can be a good source of income. The investment can pay off with exemplary service and trained staff within a year.

For the business to bring good profits, you need to manage the work process and think carefully about all the details – for example, a way to choose the proper name for your massage parlor.

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An online appointment is a feature that allows your customers to sign up for a massage through the website or social media without having to make a phone call and visit the salon. Instead, the client selects the time and date themselves, and the system marks the selection on the calendar and sends notifications to the customer and the massage therapist.

What role does the name of your massage parlor play?

The name of your massage salon must be unique. This is because people will have a particular impression of the quality of service when they learn about your studio. Therefore, it is essential to keep the following principles in mind when choosing a name:

  • Simplicity. The name should be simple and memorable so people can find you on the Internet.

  • Uniqueness. People may accidentally go there if there is a salon with the same name.

  • Informational content. Potential customers should know what services you offer.

  • Ethics. Nothing vulgar or mean. The name should evoke positive feelings.

  • Relevance. Get with the times, and you can even use slang words for the name of your massage studio as long as they fit the business concept.

To name your massage practice correctly, you need to describe in general terms the concept of your business – its specificity: how the structure of the studio is, who your target audience is, and what values your team represents.

It's disappointing if the owner hires great masseurs but skimps on the image. The salon doesn't then get the public attention it deserves. Instead, the company name forms the first impression, which is difficult to influence later.

Naming mistakes

You've probably heard of salons that scare off potential customers with their names alone. But, unfortunately, the owners have probably made one of the following mistakes:

Imaginary prominence

Honesty with customers is the name of the game in business. If your company belongs to the economy or middle class, words with the additions of "luxury" and "elite" will not increase your company's prestige. Instead, negative feelings will be triggered by false associations. On the other hand, expensive furniture, high-quality service, and a cozy atmosphere will help your massage parlor gain prestige.

Excessive creativity

Creativity sometimes exceeds the limits of what is reasonable. Every owner tries to surprise clients and attract them to the studio. Indeed, for example, a hair salon "head off" will attract the customer's attention, but it is unlikely that people will want to go there. Such notoriety can hurt a company's image.


Myths have become an encyclopedia for choosing names. The number of goddesses has decreased recently, but "Aphrodite," "Artemis," and "Athena" can still be found in many cities. However, suppose you decide to associate your studio with ancient Greece and Rome. In that case, you should carefully research the origin of the names so as not to be ridiculed by lovers of ancient legends.


Naming a massage room after a well-known name has long been unorthodox. So if you can't think of anything else, turn to name generators. About that in a moment below.

Foreign words

English, French, and Italian words sound mysterious and noble. But will the customer be able to pronounce and remember the name? If you decide to use a foreign word in your studio's name, make sure that the word's meaning is clear and easy to pronounce for your target audience.

Connection to the location

It is an exciting decision if you have considered your options several years in advance and do not intend to leave your chosen address. However, people will have difficulty finding their way around if they move to another location. So, most likely, you will have to change the name.

Steps in choosing a name

it is not a one-day decision. You can make it easy and hire a specialist to do the work for you. Another option is more exciting and energy-consuming: your loved ones participate in finding a name for the company. Consider several steps:

  • Research the competitors and analyze the name impact on the massage studio's success.

  • Write down the words that are appropriate for the massage studio.

  • Add to the list for several days. Then, write down your ideas anytime, anywhere.

  • Gather your loved ones and let them choose their variants. List the options and choose the one that most people like.

  • Check to see if another person or company has patented the name. If not, register the trademark.

Important: The other company's owner has the right to sue and claim damages, even if your names are partially similar.

Automated name generators

A name generator is a handy tool for finding a name for any business. Its task is to generate words based on your input; if you don't have time to gather your friends and brainstorm, opt for a name generator that produces a name with free domain validation.

Popular name generators:

  • Logaster

    A service that offers a variety of name options adds a tagline and visualizes a logo. You need to enter two words related to your business's direction on the website.

  • BrandBucket

    If you have the funds, you should use a paid naming service. After choosing a domain, your studio will develop a logo. If you are unsatisfied with the result, you can request a revision.

  • Panabee

    With the help of this service, you will choose a name, find free domains and check their availability on PlayMarket, and AppStore. The generator combines syllables, phonemes, and abbreviations and provides unexpected results.

Name ideas for a massage studio

In connection with the business direction

Potential customers see the name and immediately know what services you offer: "Body Sculptor," "Body-Line," "Relax Activity," and "Body Aesthetics."

Gastronomic theme

Food evokes pleasant associations. Terms like "Caramel" or "Blackberry" would be good.


Plants are associated with beauty and prosperity, e.g., "Middlemist" (the rarest flower in the world) and "Narcissus."

Original names

Anything not related to the other categories: "S-tet", "In the Clouds", "Benchmark", "Mantra (Mantra Massage Studio)", "Connect (Body Connect Massage)", "Lotus (Lotus Wellness)", "Aloe (Aloe Therapy)", "Oasis (Your Oasis)", "Siam Massage", "Vital & Healthy", "Fräulein Fröhlich", "Body & Soul", "Nap", "Healing Hands".

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When choosing a salon name, it is crucial to maintain your personality. If a studio with a similar name has a bad reputation, it can affect your business.

The correct name inspires confidence and attracts customers. However, the only thing more important than the salon's name is the quality of the treatments performed. Therefore, you need to use all your resources to automate work processes, grow your business, and give your visitors the attention they need.

After opening your massage salon, you will need CRM software for the following:

  • Setting up online appointments

  • Storing customer data

  • Communicating with guests

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