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A barbershop is a pretty popular place for men. It isn't just a place to get a haircut anymore. Nowadays, men go to barbershops to talk, inspire each other, etc. A barbershop is a place of male power. Use this feature to succeed in the barber business. It is worth doing.

It is easier than you may think. There are plenty of free and paid website constructors. Sure, they require some skills to create the website of your dreams, but it is definitely, possible. Our personal choice is Wix, WordPress and Tilda. These simple website builders allow basic website creation and additional paid perks.

If you use EasyWeek software, it does. You will get a barbershop page that works like a landing. The additional benefit is getting a set of handy features to use daily: online appointments, business analytics and marketing tools.

Barbershop website templates

Templates are another simple way to create a barbershop website. A lot of different-styled templates are available online. Some of them are free, and you have to pay additionally for others. In any case, you can choose or, at least, take a look at the opportunities.

What are templates?

Templates are an application form you have to fill in to create your website appearance. It is a handy way to see how your website will look after you finish all the preparations.

You may have experienced some templates in Word or Canva, etc. Barbershop website templates work similarly. So let's see how you can create a website template in a few clicks.

  • Choose the service. Offer creates its supply, so there are many template providers. Take a look at some till you find the best one for you.

  • Sign up and start filling out the template. Just follow the simple steps that the service asks you. Some patience, and you'll get your flawless website done.

  • Enjoy the result! Yes, it is that easy!

Templates are handy, but they also have some cons. The main is that it is still a template. Unexpected, right? You cannot choose any details of the existing offer. On the other hand, it is not a problem if you have selected the template smartly.

In any case, a template is just 1 out of many options. You can still use website constructors and CRMs.

Best barbershop websites & tips to create them

There is nothing hard in a good barbershop website creation. Sure, the more you want, the more you have to work. That's why templates will be barely enough to succeed. But, they may be a good start for small businesses. So, in case you work alone, why not?

In all the other cases, it is better to consider some alternatives. The ideal solution would be an expert who can help you or software that deals with the basic tasks you need. If you need a professional IT specialist, consider looking for one at UpWork or using your network. The last option almost always helps. And, if you think about a more complex solution, get salon CRM. This software covers virtually all the essential barbershop needs, including the website.

Now, we know how to create a good website. So, it is high time to look at site creation's main tips & tricks.

Handy tricks for website creation

  • Do not frame yourself with one option. Take a look at several website constructors and choose the best one. The market is vast. Just use it.

  • Always look for more. Even if you think you are okay with the basis, check what you can get for similar money. Pretty often, different providers vary in pricing greatly. It is your chance to get more for less.

  • Read reviews. It is a must. Usually, people share their positive & negative experiences. It helps others so that it can help you. Research a bit before the final decision.

How should the best barbershop website look then?

  1. User-friendly. It is the most important. The website is made not only for business but also for people. The friendly design will help to stand out.

  2. Optimized. The content that you share has to be SEO-optimized. The best would be to hire an expert or learn and practise until you can write selling texts yourself. The second option is acceptable only when you are ready to invest a lot of time and money.

  3. Customized. Make your website as unique as possible. It is better to choose website constructors that allow customization.

Get your barbershop website by EasyWeek software

EasyWeek for effortless website creation

One of the best ways to create a friendly barbershop website is EasyWeek CRM for beauty salons. This software will help build both website and widget, connect online appointments, etc.

Advantages of CRM for a barbershop

  • Online appointments;

  • Widget, website and a booking link;

  • Business analytics, including financial part;

  • A set of essential marketing tools;

  • Notifications & Reminders.

EasyWeek barbershop software

More than 15 thousand companies trust the EasyWeek service all around the globe.

EasyWeek offers for a barbershop

  • All the basis CRM features.

  • Customer database to build a loyalty program.

  • Integrated online booking.

  • Optimized and customized website.

The additional benefit is the wide tariff plan range. We have a free plan for those who work by themselves. For example, if your barbershop includes 1 location and 1 employee, you can use the system for free. If you are more extensive, choose our professional tariffs.

Please, contact us in case you need any additional information. We are working for you to rest. Try EasyWeek software for free.

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