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The makeup business from scratch


There are so many services related to beauty. We have already talked about starting a beauty salon, barbershop, nail salon, or SPA, and even about opening a lash&brow business. Now, let's see how to create a makeup artist business.

Professional makeup is a life-changing service for many. This procedure not only highlights your beauty but also hides even the tiniest details you don't like. In addition, makeup is the art you can make money on.

Makeup changes the appearance but not the individuality. The main goal of this service is to show clients a better side. So, makeup artists use various beauty techniques, valuable products, and accessories.

A skillful makeup artist is a person who understands the fundamental principles of human anatomy, has artistic talent, the feeling of style, and trends.

The makeup business is a mix of art and hard work. A professional makeup artist has to be:

  • Polite

  • Accurate

  • Positive

  • Punctual

  • Eager to learn.

Some people think that becoming a makeup artist is an easy task. Well, not at all. Do not be misled by the fact that there is no significant initial investment. This business is full of risks. Let's take a look at the makeup business in more detail. Today, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a makeup artist in 2022, the key features of this profession, and the way to a successful makeup business.

You are not required to obtain any licenses to work as a freelance makeup artist. The only thing that is a must-have to organize is a legal entity. Then everything depends on the way you have chosen. For a freelance specialist, it will be a bit easier. You will not need to bother about premises, organizational trifles, etc. Of course, if you work for a company, they can ask for some licenses. But still, they are not obligatory.

Yes, it is. Usually, makeup artists take about 30%-50% of the profit. Sure, if they work for a beauty salon. If you have opened your own business, there is no need to share the revenue. However, for many makeup artists, renting a place in a beauty studio is a good solution. On the one hand, there is a ready-made flow of clients. On the other hand, they don't need to care about any organizational moments.

Yes, you can. There are a lot of courses to learn. However, you will still need to practice your skills. Online is fine for theory. The practice you simply cannot get via the Internet.

Step-by-step guide for starting a makeup artist business

Have you decided to work as a professional makeup artist? That is a great idea! Sure, when you know how to start.

Starting a makeup artist business is very similar to opening any other beauty business. It is similar, but not the same. For example, a makeup artist does not need to rent premises and care about utilities. In most cases, clients call a professional to their place to get a service there.

7 steps to open a makeup artist business:

  1. Be skilful in makeup.

  2. Write a well-thought-out business plan.

  3. Select business organization (sole proprietorship, LCC).

  4. Purchase equipment and consumables.

  5. Create a portfolio.

  6. Work on your brand.

  7. Organize interaction with clients.

Is education important?

First, you have to remember that without education, you won't even know what to do. Sure, there is a tiny chance that you have an inner artistic talent, but it is not enough. So before offering your services to a broad audience, make sure you've practiced enough, know anatomy and basic principles of colour scheme.

A basic makeup course will cost you about $300-500 dollars. However, if you think that it is enough, it isn't even close to being enough, especially if you want to be a highly professional makeup artist.

The course is a good start. Then be ready to look for more scholarly sources, practice the theory, and learn new things 24/7. Both online and offline courses will work out.

Additional courses that can be useful for beginners:

  • Wedding makeup

  • Lifting makeup

  • Nude makeup and others.

Education is essential not only to get a collection of certificates but also to develop additional skills. Remember that your clients pay for the skills you have. So investing in yourself is the best way to grow a healthy business.

Business plan for a makeup artist

A detailed business plan is essential for any startup. This vital paper helps to highlight your primary aims, understand risks, and minimize expenses.

Does the makeup artist business require a lot of investment?

As we have already mentioned — no! And we love this niche for it. There is a tiny number of makeup artists who work in a beauty salon or rent a cabinet. In most cases, the work is mobile. The client books a beauty specialist, so he goes to his place to do makeup there.

This way of working is handy for those who have a car. They do not waste any time in public transport, don't pay for rent and utilities.

The initial expenses when starting a makeup artist business include:

  • Education: $300-500.

  • Consumables: $500-1000.

  • A makeup case: about $250.

  • Creation of a portfolio: $200.

  • Website creation: can be free if you use CRM.

  • Launching targeted and contextual ads: $200 — 300.

  • Organizational moments: up to $500.

Regular expenses of a makeup artist:

  • Promotion: $200-300.

  • Consumables: $250-350.

  • Transport: $150-250.

  • CRM services: starting from $20 monthly.

Your services will be in demand among people of all ages. However, your target audience is women aged 16-60.

The revenue depends on their skills and the number of customers they serve.

The final cost depends on the makeup style. Usually, wedding makeup is the most expensive because it has to last for a long time, look flawless and natural. Therefore, the wedding makeup will cost up to $500. Prom or evening makeup will cost a bit less. The products have to stay professional, but the technique will differ. It is simply more accessible than the wedding one. This type will cost up to $350. Natural makeup is the cheapest one. It is the easiest option as well.

Sure! You even have to increase it. Too low pricing can even scare off the clients. People know how much the quality of service costs. Statistics show that the November-December season is the best time to increase the pricing. Makeup services are in high demand, so there won't be any harm to your business.

There are several ways to get more money in makeup business:

  • Collaboration with a photographer. So you do makeup, and he takes photos. Clients will be glad to get a complex, fast service.

  • Offering handmade accessories or unique cosmetics. If you have any skills, why not use them?

  • Conducting makeup master classes for beginners.

  • Lash&Brow services.

  • Hair services.

Never minimize expenses, cutting the budget on cosmetics. Your products have to stay professional and of high quality.

Makeup business ROI

The ROI of the makeup artist business is pretty fast. With the effective promotion, you can return the investment in 3-6 months. However, remember that creating a constant customer flow will take much more time.

A makeup artist has to use the peak of makeup popularity. Usually, it is November-December (Christmas), May-September (Wedding season), June (Proms), November (Halloween).

A makeup artist's revenue is wholly dependent on the products and equipment he uses. Therefore, we recommend purchasing only high-quality consumables. It will save your time, nerves, and even wallet.

How to choose a catchy name for a makeup artist business?

It is pretty easy — create your brand. If you work as a freelance specialist, do not bother about the name. It is better to work on creating a solid brand. Then about a good Instagram profile. However, if you want to open a beauty salon, look at the catchy salon names we've collected for our readers.

How to run a makeup artist business legally

There are two choices of the business legal organization. You can either be an LCC or a sole proprietor. Sure, no one likes taxes, but there are several benefits of working legally.

Advantages of working officially:

  • Legal income, so you can get a credit if needed.

  • An ability to give receipts and use a bank card for receiving payments.

  • An ability to work with big corporations like the TV and film business.

Effective promotion of makeup artist services

A makeup artist business is best to work, using a personal brand. This task can be easy and challenging at the same time. On the one hand, you should upload quality content to all the platforms you want presented on. But, on the other hand, quality content takes time to be created.

Makeup artists' audience likes visual content. So, Instagram and TikTok will help to stand out.

There is no sense in combining your page and the page of a beauty salon.

Makeup artist Instagram account has to include:

  • Quality photos and videos

  • Powerful texts.

Create a strategy, then fill in the account, following it. If you are not sure about your knowledge, consider hiring an SMM specialist.

CRM is a must-have for the makeup business. It will help with online appointments, marketing, and client base maintenance.

CRM booking software is an easy-to-use solution that doesn't cost a lot but does so much.

Does a makeup artist need a website?

There is no need to get a website at the beginning. Instagram will be enough. Then, if you want to scale your business, think about creating a website. There are several options:

  • Getting a CRM to create a website for free.

  • Hiring an agency or a freelancer.

  • Creating a website by yourself with the help of Tilda or Wix.

EasyWeek offers a free website that looks very stylish and doesn't require any IT skills. Instead, it is done for you while signing up.

How to retain customers?

Attracting an audience is essential, but its retaining is even more critical. The latest research shows that you need 5-12 times more money and effort to attract a customer than keep. So, it is better to work with clients and spend less on their attraction. You can create a loyalty program, collaborate with beauty salons, or influencers, etc. There are so many options to satisfy your audience. Just do it!

Portfolio — a must-have for a makeup artist

A portfolio is a collection of the best works you have done. It has to include all the techniques you use and all the best makeup you've done. Good visual content is the only way to "catch" your audience.

How to create a makeup artist portfolio?

  1. Rent a studio with good light and mirrors.

  2. Collaborate or hire models and a photograph.

  3. Do several makeups.

  4. Take a lot of quality photos: makeup, makeup artists while working, the working process itself.

Your portfolio has to stay dynamic. Always add new photos. The best way is to get a camera and a good lamp. So you will be able to take as many pictures as you need. Then, if you choose one or two courses to learn some trifles of professional photography, it will be just perfect for your business!

Where to work: in a beauty salon & at home

Working in a beauty salon has many benefits. There is no need to worry about advertising, workplace organization, etc. However, if you have a lot of loyal clients, working for yourself will be much more profitable.

If you go to clients, be ready to face some difficulties. For example, children and pets can run all around, have uncomfortable planning, or have no free space. And, if you are planning to work with customers at home, make sure the room looks attractive.

Your workplace is the face of your business. It is your reputation, so keep it tidy.

In general, it is better to work in a beauty salon or a well-organized cabinet. Work from home will be fine for beginners but anyway, scaling business means changing the premises.

How to get whether the makeup business will work out for you

Makeup is not just a business. It is an art of transformation. Of course, professional skills are essential, but understanding clients' psychology is even more critical.

This profession will be perfect for easy-going, positive people who love communication. You may not like every client, but you still have to treat everyone with respect.

Makeup artists skills:

  • punctuality,

  • responsibility,

  • empathy,

  • politeness,

  • good oral and written language,

  • neat look,

  • attentiveness and accuracy.

A makeup artist has to be self-motivated, positive, and organized. That is the best combination to grow into a successful business.

Conclusions + handy tips for beginners

Starting a makeup artist business is not too complicated. It costs less than opening a beauty salon. However, you still have to practice a lot to stand out. Learn theory, then practice it. And don't worry, you will be a good specialist.

Then to promote your services create a good portfolio, aesthetic Instagram account, and choose a reliable booking software. EasyWeek will gladly help you to raise your brand and optimize the routines. Contact EasyWeek for any queries or feedback.

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