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How to create a SPA salon website and start making money


SPA salons are becoming increasingly popular as they are one of the few ways to relax well and restore harmony. However, entrepreneurs should prepare a detailed business plan and a website with an online appointment booking feature when opening a SPA. This article explains why a website is essential for spa salons and how to get out if you don't have a budget for it.

It's easier than you think. There are many free and paid website building kits available. Of course, you need some knowledge to create the website of your dreams, but it is possible. Our personal choice is Wix, WordPress and Tilda. These simple website constructors offer additional paid features besides basic website creation. In addition, you can get a website for free from the EasyWeek salon software.

If you use the EasyWeek salon software, you get a website for free! The added benefit is that you get many handy features that you can use daily: online appointments, business analytics and marketing tools.

The market offers many options. However, you must carefully choose the most suitable solution for your spa salon. The 4 most popular salon CRM software are: EasyWeek, Bookly, Shore, 10to8.

SPA & beauty salon manager

Website for Spa Salons: templates using

Templates are one way to make a beauty salon website. There are a lot of templates for different designs on the internet. Some of them are free, for others, you have to pay extra. In any case, you can choose or at least look at the details of this offer.

What are website templates?

A template is a design kit you must fill in to create your website image. They are a handy way to get to know your website's exterior design after completing all the preparations.

For example, you have probably already seen some templates in Microsoft Word or Canva. The templates for the Spa Salons website work quite similarly. So let's look at how you can create a website with just a few clicks.

  • Choose a template provider. Look at a few until you find the best one for you.

  • Sign up and start filling out the template. Follow the simple steps the service asks you to follow. A little patience, and you will get your flawless website completed.

  • Enjoy the result!

Templates are practical, but they also have some disadvantages. The biggest one is that it is still a template. It isn't easy to customise the details and set up the template to suit your website's needs if that's what you need. On the other hand, this is not a problem if you have chosen the template wisely.

In any case, a template is only one of many options. For example, you can sign up EasyWeek salon booking program and get your website free.

Beauty salon website template from EasyWeek

Perfect Salon Website & Tips for Setting It Up

Setting up a good spa salon website is not difficult. However, the more you want, the more you have to work. Therefore, templates will hardly be enough to be successful. But they can be a good start for small businesses.

In all other cases, it is better to consider some alternatives. The ideal solution would be to find an expert who could help you or software that would do the basic tasks. For example, you can search for an IT specialist at UpWork or use your social network to hire someone. The last option is almost always helpful. And if you are thinking about a more complex solution, get a CRM for spa salons. This software covers practically all the essential needs of spa salons, including the website.

How can you make the right decision when choosing web designers? Read on for some tips on this.

  • Always look for more. Don't limit yourself to just one option. Instead, look at several IT specialists, web designers, and CRMs and choose the best one. The market is enormous. Just take advantage of it!

  • Even if you are happy with the basics, check what you can get for about the same money. It is not uncommon for the prices of different suppliers to differ significantly. So it can be your chance to get more for less money.

  • People usually share their positive and negative experiences. Read reviews in different sources. Do a little research before you make your final decision.

What should your salon website look like?

  • User-friendly

    The website is not only for businesses but also for customers. A user-friendly design will help you stand out.

    Don't forget to set up an online salon booking!

  • Optimised

    The content you publish needs to be SEO optimised. It's best to hire an expert or learn and practise until you can write sales-boosting articles yourself. The second option is only acceptable if you invest time and money.

  • Individual

    Put a logo or slogan on your website, for example. Also, pay attention to the text format, font, photos, videos, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment! Make your website as unique as possible.

Sign up EasyWeek salon booking program right now and get your website free.

Beauty salon website creating

EasyWeek software helps with effortless website creation

An informative and user-friendly website is an essential tool for increasing sales.

A standard website for a spa salon should answer several questions:

If you answer these questions comprehensively, you will not lose a client unwilling to make a phone call to get details. In addition, all the essential information should be within a few clicks – this is convenient for the customer and reduces the workload on your staff.

The EasyWeek online appointment software is one of the best ways for beauty businesses to create a functional website with an appointment widget.

Advantages of EasyWeek software for a spa salon:

  • Convenient online appointment booking;

  • Widget, website and a booking link to integrate it anywhere;

  • Salary and Inventory modules;

  • Business & financial analytics;

  • A range of necessary marketing tools;

  • Notifications.

Sign up EasyWeek software right now and get your website free.

SPA salon business


More than 15 thousand businesses rely on EasyWeek. What do we offer for a spa salon:

  • All the basic CRM features,

  • Optimised and customised website,

  • Function to build a loyalty programme for the customer base,

  • Integrated online booking function.

An added advantage is the wide choice of tariff plans. We have a free plan for those who work independently. For example, you can use the system for free if your spa studio has one location and one user. If your business is more significant, choose our PRO tariffs.

Please get in touch with us if you need additional information. We work for you to simplify the work processes in your business!

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