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Hair extension business plan


Starting a hair extension salon is a profitable idea. Women believe in the power of long and beautiful hair. Use this handy fact for your benefit. Whether you are a pro in the beauty industry or know that this niche is profitable, consider diving deeper into the topic.

Any business is challenging. The hair extension business requires preparation, investment and patience. However, there are some tricks to optimize the performance smartly. And here we are to talk about them.

Keep reading to see why the hair extension business is promising. Then, we will cover opening a hair extension salon from scratch. Make sure you are ready for the exciting journey into the world of smart software and effective business management. Let's start!

First and foremost, plan the startup. Write down a well-made business plan. It has to include both initial and regular expenses. Don't forget about ads and team management. Motivation is the key to a successful beauty salon. Please read the article about the salon business plan. It is very similar to the hair extension business. We will cover the details of starting a hair extension salon later. Keep reading this article!

This business requires investments. However, the budget shouldn't be huge. The most important things are planning, motivation and team. Usually, you'll have to invest at least $15 000 to start a hair salon. In the case of hair extensions, there are also some additional expenses for consumables. We do not recommend saving on quality. Such an economy can damage your reputation and image.

The price depends on the location, salon, and products you use. The hair lengths and quality also influence the final price. So a client will pay $180-550 to get a professional hair extension. Sure, some high-class salons take more, while budget places may ask for less.

Hair extension business plan

Thoughtful business planning is the key to success. It all starts with writing down a single piece of paper. "How should I write it" – that's the question.

You don't need to learn a lot to create your first business plan. We've prepared an ultimate checklist on launching a hair extension salon and writing down its business plan. Let's take a look at it!

A business plan is a paper that includes all the business and financial analytics about the project. For example, in the case of a hair salon, it should consist of:

  • Financial calculations. Simple, but they are the basis of the salon. If you plan the financial part well, everything will be fine. On the other hand, mistakes cost a lot.

  • Rent and Renovation. Premises have to look clean and professional. Please pay attention to their renovation. Start with quality and minimalistic design. You'll be able to add more details later.

  • Staff expenses. Employees have to be well motivated. Motivation requires expenses. Make sure to include them in your financial calculations.

  • Consumables. Cosmetics is the heart of the services you provide. Check the professional brands and their quality. Choose a few options and use them. Always select well-known brands to avoid failures. Usually, brands are responsible for their quality. Clients also trust popular names more. Contact brands to ask for a discount and/or collaboration if you want to save. It often works.

  • PR and marketing. Advertising has to be one of your main goals. Professional services are good, but they are nothing without ads. If you have no clients, there is no point in doing anything else at all. Remember that you work for people. Connect with your audiences, ask them and interact as much as you can!

Online appointments for a hair extension business

Convenient booking is the next essential thing to think about. According to statistics, online appointments attract customers. Clients enjoy comfort and clear communication. Offer them the ability to book a hair appointment wherever they are. It is the easiest way to gain trust.

How to get online appointments for a hair extension business

Well, you've got that handy booking is essential, but how to make it comfortable for your audience. EasyWeek offers an innovative IT solution for small and midsize businesses. In addition, EasyWeek software has an online appointment feature.

Online appointments from EasyWeek: benefits

  • 24/7 appointments via the free website and customizable widget;

  • A booking link to share on social media and in messengers;

  • Handy analytics to see the performance;

  • Easy interface to get every channel of booking;

  • Affordable pricing;

  • Constant updates.

  • A website for free. We do not charge any additional payments for using this function. The landing is included in every tariff.

Hair extension business software

CRM salon software is the tool to optimize your sales and business performance in general. So hair extension software is a must-have. The question is 'what to choose'. First, let's see why EasyWeek differs from the competition.

EasyWeek software has a set of handy tools to use daily. We do not charge for every appointment you get using the software. There are also no hidden payments or extra investments. Take a look at the EasyWeek tariff plans to make sure you find the best one. We have a single-user option and more, up to a 50+ users tariff. You can add even more slots by contacting our technical support.

Quality service starts with easy booking. With EasyWeek, you'll stand out from the crazy competition effortlessly.

How to advertise hair extension business

We've mentioned that ads matter. Now, let's see what the hacks to use them effectively are.

TOP-3 hacks to attract clients

  • Advertise on social media. Instagram or TikTok profiles can help to attract many clients. Sure, if you promote the accounts well. Spend some time posting quality digital content, be creative but not pushy.

  • Collaborate with reliable influencers. Their followers can become your clients. Choose a few trustworthy influencers and offer them barter or paid ads. It is an excellent chance to get relatively affordable ads.

  • Combine online and offline presence. Use both traditional and digital marketing. Advertising online will cover more audiences, while local ads can attract neighbours. Both are effective and cool to use.

CRM and marketing

Hair extension software is another handy tool to use for ads. Using EasyWeek, you'll be able to:

  • advertise with QR codes;

  • get an instant-search client base to create a loyalty program;

  • use a set of handy notifications.

Work smarter, not harder. We know how to help you.


The hair extension business is a promising niche to enter. Hair businesses are less mainstream than others. However, competition exists. 2022 is the high time to start a brand-new hair salon and make it popular.

EasyWeek salon software is an easy-to-use solution for small and midsize businesses. We help our users to optimize their performance by business automation. Please, try EasyWeek for free and contact our support in case of any queries.

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