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Beauty salon digital marketing


A Beauty salon marketing can be digital. As an offline form, digital internet marketing is about building customer relationships. However, the particular marketing shapes also differ in the platform used.

Online marketing is the promotion of products and services on the Internet. For many companies, the Internet is the primary source of customers, and some of them only do digital marketing.

The goal of online marketing is to increase sales. So a strategy in internet marketing should include several measures to increase the profitability of a business.

To work effectively with customer enquiries, you need a CRM software because it helps not to miss potential customers.

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Traditional and online marketing differences

The goal in both cases is the same – to get visitors to an ad to book the service/buy a product, thereby increasing company profits. But traditional marketing is hard to measure. You can't tell how many people have read your ad and how many have responded positively.

Three essential advantages distinguish online marketing from traditional one:

  • Interactivity

    On the Internet, you can communicate directly with your audience, stay in touch with your customers and take matters into your own hands.

  • Targeting

    It is a mechanism that allows you to select a target group and show them advertising.

  • Web analytics

    It helps to understand which actions are most effective and what have attracted more visitors to the website and then led to purchases.

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Useful Marketing Tools for Your Beauty Salon

Here are what marketing tools you can use in your beauty business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM offers both paid advertising and opportunities for significant growth on social media. Two leading platforms used for this are Facebook and Instagram. Here you can not only post but also promote the products and services of your beauty salon. In addition, customers can purchase them through Facebook using a link to your website.

How to set up a beauty salon booking via Facebook

Influencer Marketing (IM)

What does it mean? This form of online marketing involves a person with a large social media reaches engaging with your beauty salon's advertising. So this form of online marketing is based on an influencer's reach. The blogger receives the product and promotes it on popular platforms in exchange for payment or barter. It is important to note that influencer marketing is often used alongside social media marketing. The reason is that the IM campaign simultaneously contributes to developing your salon's accounts on social media. Also, an essential criterion in IM is the authenticity of the influencer.

Affiliate Marketing (AM)

A portion of the product or service revenue is passed on to third parties when the company uses this online marketing type. The partner agreement requires that the affiliate (the advertiser) promote the product and receive a portion of each sale's income. Let's give an example. Youtube videos have an Amazon sales affiliate link for the product in the description below the video. The ordinary revenue share is 5-10%. The most important criterion is the product's suitability from the affiliate's point of view. Affiliates prefer to sell products with recurring payments (subscriptions) or premium products.

Email marketing (EM)

The traditional form of online marketing is email marketing which includes newsletters with greetings, news or special offers. Sometimes a beauty salon can send out a thousand emails daily using "bulk email tools" such as Mailchimp. These can send several thousand emails at once and track how much sales the marketing campaign has brought. A newsletter contains, for example, information about a new promotion or the latest post on one of your beauty salon's social networks. The purpose of the newsletter is to bring customers back to your website and social networks and strengthen your brand.

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EasyWeek Salon Software – Your Online Marketing Assistant

All the above methods of online marketing are great for beauty salons. But there is one important note: customer interaction must not be interrupted. So, for example, neither holidays nor illness or dismissal of reception staff should affect customer communication.

Set up a CRM appointment system in your beauty salon. This service automates everyday processes and allows you to manage your customer base rationally, create an electronic schedule for your staff, invoice consumables, and analyse the marketing strategies applied.

Advantages of EasyWeek software for beauty salons

  • One of the main advantages of the CRM service is the possibility of making appointments online from any location: via a website, one of the social networks (Facebook, Instagram) or maps (Google Maps). For this purpose, EasyWeek creates a customisable widget for your website.

  • The CRM software reminds customers of their appointments: via text message, email, messenger or SMS notification.

  • If your beauty salon doesn't have its website yet, EasyWeek can create one for you.

  • Try EasyWeek now for free! Your beauty salon can test the full functionality of the software.

    In addition, EasyWeek offers a free tariff for small businesses, e.g. if you are a private beauty master. The PRO tariff is suitable for companies with several branches and users. It offers additional options. Please read our blog to find out more.

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Promoting a beauty salon through various marketing methods is a great solution to attract customers and increase customer reach. Therefore it requires high-quality post creation, good visuals and a selection of appropriate promotional partners.

When a beauty salon launches a new promotion, ensure your customers can make appointments quickly. The CRM software EasyWeek helps you with this task. Try EasyWeek now for free, so you don't miss out on any customers.

We wish you every success in implementing your online marketing campaign!

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