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Go-kart business plan


Entertaining businesses are famous all around the world. However, if you are wondering about starting your go-kart right now, here are some simple hacks to simplify this process.

Karting and related businesses are at the top, as they are incredibly profitable. According to the latest research, the industry has dramatically scaled during the last five years. The go-kart businesses have increased by 5%. Such changes brought crucial profit to the US economy: the income has increased to $120 million within the last 5 years.

There are numerous trifles beginners should consider starting a brand-new go-kart club. This article will explain all the latest changes, tips and tricks, and other vital advice on opening karting in 2022. We will also cover such an important topic as the proper software selection. CRM is as essential as the business organization itself. So let's see what the best ways to start a go-kart business in 2022 are.

The space depends on the project you are going to launch. In general, you'll need 2500 sq.m to start. The ideal karting space varies between 2500sq.m and 5000sq.m. There is a chance to open a go-kart business with less space. Then, consider complex tracks construction.

Same as spacing, time depends on the project, its features, and your budget. Usually, it takes up to 5 months. However, there is a chance to cope with all the preparation within 3 months.

In most of the cases, no. Karting doesn't require any deep knowledge in the field. But, sure, same as everywhere, the more you know, the better will be the result. That's why various articles, courses, and other sources will help open a go-kart club effortlessly. Together with handy CRM, there are many possibilities to grow.

What's a go-kart

Karting is a modern trend. This activity relates to racing in the specially equipped premises. Karting also offers additional services related to racing. Every year, more and more people use this trending activity to relax with family and friends. They choose go-karts close to home, in the center or just popular karting. That's the way the opportunities are exciting.

How does karting work?

Vehicles are equipped with a complex engine, pistons, pedals, wheels, seats, and tires. There are, actually, way more elements that make the go-karts work. However, this short explanation allows understanding of the main processes that make the car move. So, when the user drives the vehicle, it moves slightly without any difficulties.

Remember that go-karts are made to drive on special racetracks. Therefore, driving this type of vehicle on public roads is not allowed.

Karting as a promising business idea

It seems that go-karts aren't too valuable as you cannot drive them like standard cars. On the one hand, yes. They have some peculiarities which can frighten users. On the other hand, karting isn't the way to get from point A to B. These vehicles entertain their users. Many famous racing drivers started their journey from karting. It is the perfect opportunity to check your skills in driving and have fun.

There are even more possibilities to grow for those who consider karting as a business idea. You can either start a business from scratch. Then the initial investment may go up to $300 000. If you'd like to start a go-kart under franchise, be ready to invest up to $500 000.

A go-kart club can exist as a separate business or a part of a complex entertainment park.

The easiest way to start a go-kart business is to launch a small company and offer karting only. First, it is beneficial as you won't need numerous licenses. The next benefit is saving your budget and starting with one activity to develop it into a complex attraction.

What else can I offer to make money on karting?

There are several things to include in the go-kart activity list. Mostly, visitors come to such places to get a single race or spend some family time. We want our visitors to come back, so the best idea is to offer attractive memberships. It is a 100% guarantee of your income. They are also preferable for clients as such vouchers often offer pleasant discounts.

NB! When creating a membership, offer your guests a discount. It shouldn't be too big. 5-10% is a good deal for both sides. You get a loyal client and guaranteed revenue. Visitors get an acceptable price.

Offering snacks and drinks is another option to increase the average check. Use this trifle to satisfy your audience, and grow loyal clients.

How to start with karting business

Understanding the first steps for a go-kart business opening is the key to its future success. So we've collected the 10 simple steps to take before launching the karting startup.

  1. Business plan. Always start with detailed business planning. There are many things to write down when planning a new go-kart club. First of all, understand your targeted audience, how much they can pay, and how often they visit the club. After, make sure you have some budget to invest in marketing. These trifles help to find your niche and avoid useless expenses.

  2. Memberships & Passes. Then, think about the model you'd like to work with. There are two basic options: memberships and single pass. The first variant is beneficial for those who invest in organic audience attraction. The second one is fine for businesses that work in crowded places and rely on random guests. In any case, memberships win this battle as they guarantee your income.

  3. Taxes. Now, we proceed to the legal requirements. You cannot skip taxes. Decide on the type of business organization. It is better to open a go-kart under LCC.

  4. Professional team. Good karting starts with flawless management. Look for staff to work in advance. Qualified experts are best for any business. Usually, they include track operators, car repair technicians, instructors, and gas station workers.

  5. Bank account. The financial part of the business has to be kept separately from any other accounts you own.

  6. Business accounting. Keeping your finances systematized and your papers clean is a must. Depending on the budget, you can hire a freelance accountant or work for your company only.

  7. Permits and licenses. These documents will help to prevent various fees and even business closure.

  8. Insurance. Business insurance is a life-saving thing in case of any accidents.

  9. Branding. Powerful branding helps to stand out from the crowd.

  10. Online presence. It is the only way to present yourself to numerous audiences online.

Marketing for a go-kart business

Advertising any startup is among the best ideas to catch clients' attention. Go-karts are popular, so you shouldn't have problems finding your first visitors. In any case, there are perfect ways to optimize client flow by marketing your go-kart.

Where can I promote a brand-new go-kart?

First and foremost, promote it online. Digital marketing is among the most robust channels of client interaction. Presenting karting online, you'll be able to cover many audiences, save budget, and get beautiful results.

Should I neglect traditional marketing?

Colorful signage and creative leaflets will help to attract visitors. Offline marketing remains strong. However, it may be useless without being connected to a digital one.

We advise combining both online and offline marketing to reach more people.

Another way of business promotion is collaboration. Reliable influencers will bring you loyal audiences. The main thing is to connect with bloggers who have a positive reputation. Their image will automatically influence yours.

Go-kart software

CRMs help to optimize karting by establishing better connections with your clients. CRM means Customer Relationship Management. This software stores all the data you need to work with when maintaining a go-kart. It is pretty convenient as managers will spend less time finding client information. Same as customers will be able to make appointments within a few clicks.

Among the main CRM perks are:

  • Optimized client interaction;

  • Automated work processes;

  • Improved marketing strategy;

  • Deep business analytics;

  • Convenient data storage.

Look at statistics if you have a website but still doubt whether you have to get a CRM. For example, nucleus research claims that every dollar a company invests in CRM transforms into $9 revenue. So a go-kart software's ROI is exceptionally high. Business gets more and more complicated. Many entrepreneurs cannot cope with the gap between sales and marketing.

The latest years have shown that software can save businesses from various fails. CRMs are life-changing instruments for many marketers.

Go-kart software guarantees

  • Clients' satisfaction growth

    The more you know about your clients' purchasing behavior, the higher your chances of selling them your services. A client base CRM offers will help to cope with this challenging task.

  • Revenue growth

    The software decreases no-shows. It optimizes business performance and boosts sales.

  • Flow optimization

    It means that CRM will improve the first client's interaction process up to the purchasing. By connecting a go-kart software, companies can forecast their profit, improve performance and attract more clients.

EasyWeek CRM and its benefits

EasyWeek is an easy scheduler for karting businesses. We offer many helpful features:

  • Online calendar;

  • Booking widget;

  • Landing page.

EasyWeek's benefits include:

  • Statistics and reports. Analyze the performance: TOP employees, popular services, the best clients, and other factors.

  • Online appointments 24/7. Use this easy tool to boost your sales. Together with professional SMM, it is almost a guarantee of future prosperity.

  • Client base with instant search. This feature helps track clients' performance to optimize sales and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Notifications. Remind your visitors about the upcoming visit. You can also notify staff about their weekly/monthly plan.

  • A booking link. Please share this link in messengers or place it in bio to cover all the people who'd like to make an appointment.

  • Staff commission. Use EasyWeek's financial module to calculate salaries and other payments effortlessly. The feature includes fixed-rate and staff commission.

Visit our website for more detailed information.

EasyWeek will be helpful both for beginners and skillful entrepreneurs. The features are handy and flexible: no hidden payments – only convenient "boxed" solutions. So try it for free right now!

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