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SPA salon names

How to name SPA: the best salon name ideas

So, you've already finished the beauty salon business plan. The location and premises are waiting to welcome their first visitors. And it seems that everything is flawless.

Maybe! But have you already thought about the business name? It can seem that any name will work out. Just get the one you like and put it on the signage. Well, if everything was that easy.

A name is the first association of a place. So, SPA names have to be very well-made. Clients should easily remember a beauty salon. It is possible only when the name is catchy and unique. Even if your guests forget the phrase, they have to google it and find your salon as fast as possible. Then word-of-mouth will work for you, not against you.

The right SPA name has to be:

  • Short: The word you have selected has to stay in the memory of your guests for weeks or even longer.

  • Easy to pronounce. The name shouldn't include sharp sounds or 3 syllables in a row. It will hurt your visitors' ears and make a negative impression about the place.

  • Clear. You can use some foreign words that your audience knows. The words like "art," "beauty," "silver" will be understandable and catchy. However, reconsider using unclear archaic expressions. In most cases, people won't even bother to check their meaning.

There are 5 steps to take: Make a list of suitable beauty salon names. Write down every single idea that comes to your mind. Allow yourself to relax. Rest is essential to be creative. Choose the most exciting ideas from the list you've just created. Analyze the beauty market. Your salon shouldn't sound similar to the places nearby. Another way word-of-mouth can work for your competitors. Visit the EasyWeek blog to get more detailed information on creating the right beauty salon name.

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What to avoid choosing a beauty studio name

SPA salon owners want to stand out by using various naming methods. They also spend time selecting the best furniture for the SPA, choosing the perfect style and design for salon for the premises, looking for the most professional beauty specialists, and so on.

The number of things an average business owner has to cope with is crazy. It is hard to stay relaxed and creative, selecting a perfect SPA name. However, there are no more ways to do it. Brainstorming helps when you do it after a good rest – then, it is valuable. Staying original is essential, but beauty salon owners should keep balance. Being extra in naming can hurt the rising company.

The bad examples of beauty salons and SPA names?

Too creative

The 21st-century clients are demanding. They like only the best of the best. However, even for those guests, being too unique may be weird. So even if you've coped with surprising your visitors with an original name, make sure it sounds attractive.

For example, "Witches beauty salon," "A witch and her broom," "Ursula fashion art of hair," "Studio Maleficent."

These names seem to be good when you ignore their actual meaning. Do you know many women who'd like to look like a fairytale witch? Even if you have a positive image of this character, make sure there is no ambiguity. Even though you've hired professionals, clients will never know about them, as they won't even try to make an appointment.

Personal names

Personal names – is one of the most popular naming methods. It still can be used, but these kinds of names are too widespread in the beauty salon naming. They are famous all around the globe. The names differ, but the logic is the same. On the one hand, using a personal name is trustworthy. Clients will know who is "responsible" for the result (or they'll think so). But on the other hand, women will see the name as the competition. Females don't like other women's popularity.

Naming SPA after some famous singers or actresses may be a good choice. In this case, it will not be superfluous to check their reputation and appearance. For example, "Madonna Beauty Salon," "Cleopatra Beauty Studio," "Victoria Beckham Beauty."

Bad examples of personal names used in the beauty industry: "Merry Ann," "Keira Salon & Treatment," "Britney Hair Studio," "Nina Salon."

Ancient mythology names

Some time ago, mythology looked pretty attractive for the beauty industry. Many salons got their names after Greek goddesses and gods. Time flew, and the amount of Calypsos, Aphrodites, and Athenas misled. It may seem that the early 21st society was crazy in love with Greek mythology and ancient naming. The names were prevalent all around the globe. Even the goddesses were the same. The most frequent one is Aphrodite.

The demand has decreased. Clients got tired of goddesses, so it is better to choose some other name.

Ideas from the past

The beauty salon business has a long history. Sure, there are plenty of names that other salons have already used before. However, these mainstream ideas from the past will doubtfully help succeed, as the customers aren't ready to pay for old-fashioned beauty services. It even sounds weird.

The only way it may work out is if you've chosen a concept of the 90s or 2000s. Then keep the design, services, and the name in one style to suit the idea.

For instance, "Pixie Beauty Salon" is a good idea for the 2022 SPA.


Some economy-class beauty salons and SPAs tend to use the words "LUX," "Luxury," "DeLuxe" to impress. Yes, it impresses! But the audience, owners are talking to can be afraid of too high pricing. The people who can afford luxury services will also be hardly interested in this type of salon. Another idea is that clients can feel that you lie. It is the worst to happen.

Classy beauty salon names

SPA business appreciates variety. There are a lot of SPAs, so the naming has to stand out. It is the only way to get loyal customers in 2022. You can use single words or phrases in English, French, Italian, or Spanish. The rule is to be sure that your clients 100% understand the idea. Do not overuse too unique names. Remember, customers won't trust the salon if they can't even understand its name.

Be clear and minimalistic.

A good SPA name has to be associated with an attractive appearance.

The ways of choosing a SPA name

  • The name includes the word "Beauty."

    It is the popular but effective naming way. Customers will understand what you mean. Plus, there are no double senses.

    You can also translate the word "Beauty" into any language your clients know. It depends on the location. You can also add a word or a few to complete the name.

    For example, "Beauty Point," "Beauty Guru," "WoMen Beauty," "The Beauty Kingdom for ladies," "Beauty Garden," "La Belle," "Belleza."

  • The name highlights the services SPA offers.

    It is also one of the best ways to name a studio. On the one hand, clients will get what you provide. On the other hand, the name will stay minimalistic. That is one of the modern trends. Talking about SPA, you can mention the word SPA itself or any well-known service you offer. If you want to name a nail studio, a hair salon, cosmetology, a barbershop, etc., consider using the services related to your working areas.

    For example, "SPA treats", "Blond", "Lash Heaven", "Bubble Nails", "City Nails Club", "KeratinPro", "ProSKin", "Sugar Bar" "SPA wellness", etc.

  • The name includes a location.

    It can be a famous location you've been inspired by or your current location. If you use the street you are placed at, there is a danger that you'll have to change the name if you change the premises.

    For example, "Beverly Hills", "Bora-Bora", "Provence", "Paris", "Sunny Hawaii", "SANTORINI", "Bahama Mamas", "Venice".

  • The name that is associated with delicious foods.

    Females like candies and cakes. Sure, it isn't the most healthy choice, but who cares. If you aren't a huge fan of cookies and biscuits, consider using fruit names. Such names will sound attractive and juicy.

    For example, "Candy," "Mint Salon," "Coconut Hair Salon," "Orange Nail Studio," "Grapes Salon."

  • The names that include flower names.

    Flowers stand for femininity, beauty, and style. That is why using them to highlight the effect your clients will get is beneficial. The advantage is also that the name is easy-memorable. Once a visitor hears the name, she'll remember the vivid flower, so your salon.

    For example, "Lily," Rose," Chamomile Studio," "SPALOE."

We've tried to collect the best name ideas. However, there are many other options. You can name a salon after seasons, colors, birds, and even insects. Stay creative and balanced. The name has to stay both attractive and cheerful.

How to choose the right name for SPA

SPA is a perfect place to beautify the body and soul.

SPAs usually offer the following services:

  • Cleansing procedures.

  • Wraps, relaxing massages.

  • Treatment for skin and hair.

People go to salons to relax, feel better and boost their beauty. Therefore, vivid signage is a good idea for any SPA.

The wrong SPA name can cause the following:

  • Ambiguity. A client may not like SPA because they've misinterpreted the name.

  • Concept substitution. If a beauty salon offers SPA services, there is no need to name it, for example, "HairLove." Even if you also provide some hair treatment, clients can misinterpret the salon. They can think that it is a hair studio, for example.

  • Copying. Faking famous SPAs is not worth your effort. Clients will undoubtedly understand what you've tried to do. A salon can lose its reputation and client base.

The best is to create the name that stands out from the SPA competition and provides at least some information about the services you offer.

Creative SPA salons names

Before the final SPA name decision, make sure you 100% know the services you will provide. The best choice is to present SPA services in the name. For instance, use the associations with rest, relaxation, water, massage, wellness, etc. Write down the words and choose the best one.

  • The names with the word "SPA."

    So simple and so effective. The "SPA" itself provides information on the services. You can add any details to highlight the treatment. SPAs are well-known so that everyone will understand the name. Only benefits!

    For example, "SPA Day", "SPA-relax", "Barbie SPA", "SPA Doctor", "SPA Magic", "SPA Love Salon".

  • The names with the word "Body."

    In most cases, you cannot create the most original name using "Body." But, you'll show the services and the association with your salon. Another detail is that many SPAs are named like this, so check the competitors before opening.

    For example, "Silk Body", "Your Body", "Body design", "Delight Body", "Body&Soul".

  • The names that are associated with relaxation and treatment.

    The services you are going to provide will undoubtedly be related to beauty, medicine, and rest. Such a name won't copy competitors. It gives you space for freedom and creativeness.

    For example, "For You," "SPA island," "Inspiration SPA," "Holy SPA and café," "SPA Pleasure,"

  • The names inspired by Thai culture.

    If your salon offers Thai massage, mention it in the name. It is a simple way of leaving a lot of competitors far away because not many beauty studios provide this option. Stand out, starting from the name. Just add the word "Thai" to the name you are thinking about. It will make it more creative and original.

    For example, "Thai SPA Club," "Thai Paradise," "Royal Thai SPA," "SIAM Thai SPA," "Wai Thai," "Amari Thai."

  • Any other feature you'd like to present in a name.

    There are millions of ideas you can use to create a catchy name. After you've made the concept, think about whether you can use it in the naming. Maybe, you offer some SPA with stones or involve pets in the relaxing process?

    For example, "Cat SPA", "Stone SPA", "Fire SPA", "Forest SPA".

SPAs with simple but attractive names are more popular. These names are easier to place on the signage, and they are clear and memorable.

Still not sure how to create the best name for your brand-new SPA?

Dive into literature, nature, and traveling. Then, just try more, and you'll get the answer!


Don't be afraid of spending some time selecting the perfect SPA name. Remember that it is a responsible step. The future of the salon depends on its name. So never rush and always think in detail.

Be client-oriented. The SPA name has to be pleasant for clients, not only for you. That is the number 1 rule. Research your customers. Who are they? What do they like? Where do they go? Do they have kids? Maybe pets? Collect the information and then decide on the name.

Life Hack: Ask colleagues, friends, and relatives for advice. Their reaction may be similar to your future clients' feedback. This test drive will optimize your work process. In case the name is wrong, you will be able to change it.

A trustworthy SPA name is a basis for future prosperity.

After you have chosen the name, think about the business organization. Connecting SPA booking software is a great chance to scale effortlessly. Sign up for the service now and get a free trial to test the EasyWeek CRM.

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