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Salon waiting room interior design


Have you decided to open a beauty salon? There are many important details, except for a good location and a catchy name. One of the essential things is the beauty salon interior. It has to stay both simple and chic, comfortable and modern. The attractive, stylish interior is a great detail that helps a beauty salon to stand out among the nearest competitors. And together with a fresh renovation, it is almost a 100% guarantee of the highest comfort for guests.

Anyway, do not feel bad if there are not enough funds to keep everything modern and renovate it as often as you'd like to. The best idea, in this case, is creating a small waiting area with quality furniture and delicious treats. Add a few magazines, a small photo zone, and happy clients will be pleased to thank you with their money.

There is no singular most popular beauty salon style as preferences vary widely among individuals and can be influenced by cultural trends, personal preferences, and current fashion ideas.

The cost of a beauty salon interior can range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on factors such as size, location, design complexity, materials used, and additional features included.

Implementing a CRM system can help attract clients to a beauty salon by enabling personalized communication, tracking customer preferences, managing appointments, and providing targeted offers and promotions. EasyWeek is one of the best solutions in the current market.

A beauty salon client

Why a waiting room is important

What is the waiting area's prominent role? Usually, guests spend a vast amount of their time waiting for a service or sometimes getting it. A waiting area is a place for relaxation, where clients can drink a cup of coffee, eat some treats, or just rest. This article explains the main details you have to remember when planning or renovating a comfortable waiting area for a beauty salon.

How should the beauty salon waiting area look

The waiting room is always located next to the reception area. For some people, they are even synonyms. It is very logical as the administrator has to take care of visitors' well-being, solve any conflicts that can appear while waiting for a service or after it, etc.

As the administrator is among the essential people in a beauty salon, she (or he) has a complete list of important tasks. For instance, she (he) has to:

  • Be aware of all the services your beauty salon provides: can explain the details if needed.

  • Know current prices and tell them to the clients if they ask for this information.

  • Mention the main promotions that the beauty salon runs.

  • Make meaningful small talks with visitors.

If there is any time collapse: a client coming earlier, or the specialist is late, the administrator can offer some drinks and treats to a guest.

A waiting room

Waiting room furniture

The reception furniture has to provide comfortable communication between staff and clients:

  • The ideal size of a reception desk is below the chest. If it is higher, it will work as a psychological barrier.

  • It will be good to think about the visitors' comfort and get small shelves for the guests' side. It will be much more convenient to talk as customers will place their bags there and communicate without any trouble. Plus, sure, it is better to pay for services when you do not think about putting your belongings.

Additionally, the waiting area should be equipped with a coffee table, a soft sofa, or several ottomans. You can also place a TV on the wall. If your beauty salon sells beauty products, it will be logical to put them near the waiting area. Get mirrored wardrobes, stylish shelves, and place the cosmetic products you sell there. It will be a great idea to entertain clients and double their checks as we all like to treat ourselves with something nice.

When waiting, a guest will take a look at the beauty products, and then if he is interested, the administrator has to be ready to answer questions and present the product to the customer. So, now you see how vital the manager is and how many tasks he does. That is why even the best employee still needs some training as he is the heart of a beauty parlor, the means of your business.

Proper equipment in the waiting area in a beauty salon is the best way to keep clients calm and their belongings safe A guest cannot achieve a comfortable visit to a beauty salon without reliable storage. Selecting a convenient location, good furniture, and a security system is very important. It is best to place the beauty salon cupboards in a place where the manager can see them. Placing them near exits or far from reception is a bad idea. There is a high risk of theft. The optimal solution is installing cabinets visible to the guest and the manager, away from the entrance.

An administrator

How to select a beauty salon interior design

The Interior has to show the specialization of a beauty salon. You have to think about the main style you want to lead and then select colors and furniture. Analyze the services you will provide and the idea of a place. For instance, barbershops should choose dark, brutal colors and shades because they are stereotypically masculine, so men like them more. On the other hand, bright and colorful designs are cool for women's beauty salons: nail studios, SPAs, solariums, hair salons, etc. However, it doesn't mean that you need to stop your creativity.

Think well and decide which style you would like to follow, your target audience, and your specialization. Then, look at the shades you want and select the best for your beauty shop. It is best to consult a designer as the color scheme is one of the most critical interior details.

The size of a beauty salon matters as well. Plus, never forget about your target audience. You work with and for people, so making them happy is the main task. When planning a renovation, decide on the type of beauty salon. It can be:

  • economy class,

  • business class,

  • luxury & premium class.

Modern salon interior design

Interior for a beauty salon waiting area


Before talking about various types of possible interiors of a beauty studio waiting area, let's look at the basic principles of composition in a beauty salon. There are specific rules. What is the most important? Colors, furniture, design. Yes and no. Well, they are considerable, but the first detail that clients notice is lighting. Stylish lighting isn't just an elegant solution but also an essential detail for work.

Think about getting the best lighting as later your staff will work with it. Also, customers will take photos in the beauty salon, then post them. Plus, you will also need to show some Before/After photos, etc. So, professional lighting is a must-have.


As you remember, colors are crucial. However, there are many rules and exceptions when talking about color schemes for a beauty salon. Some people advise staying calm and minimalistic. Others claim that you have to be memorable and use vivid, colorful designs, but the main rule is not to combine too much.

Decorating with just one color may look dull while combining too much (three and more) will also look weird. To succeed in this field, you should think about the central concept. What do you want to receive at the end? A calm relaxing place or a modern solution with vivid colors and unusual designs, maybe both?

If you aren't sure what to do, select a few similar color decisions and mix them. So simple and so stylish! Designers recommend using the primary color (75%) and similar additional shades (25%).

A satisfied customer

Beauty salon waiting area style ideas


The main feature of this style is that it manifests itself in a highly restrained manner. It is somehow similar to minimalism: no need to add any extra details. Stay practical and chic. The interior prefers metal, glass, and plastic furniture. There is no pomp and luxury or frills in the setting. This style often uses modern handleless wardrobes, spotlighting, and bright colors. It suits best for small beauty salons or those who want to start a business-style beauty studio.


This style is primarily recognizable because of its bright colors and natural designs. A beauty salon built using Provence style is an ideal place for relaxation, calmness, and tranquility. Decorative elements create an atmosphere of unity with nature. For decoration in the style of Provence, it is best to use rattan furniture, linen blankets, vases with fruits, plants, etc.


This style is suitable for open spaces where zoning is done using contrasting designs without any partitions. Anyway, even here, there are several exceptions. Sometimes, it is possible to use transparent curtains that work as dividers, illuminating the room. The loft is best for barbershops and keeping masculine designs. You can paint walls, hang some paintings and it will be enough. It is also okay to skip the decorative finishing of the ceiling and walls. You can even leave the chimneys or part of the brickwork open.


Old is gold. This style is best for luxury places or beauty salons that want to look reliable at first glance. And, we all want it. The classic interior uses natural materials - wood, stone, etc. It has to look luxurious but not pretentious.


Small beauty salons, styled this way, will look just adorable. You can use any colors and shades. However, anyway, it is best to select bright warm colors. Minimalism doesn't like extra details. Stay simply charming. This style is often used together with High-tech. Together they create a unique atmosphere of technological cleanliness. So, naturally, this combination of minimalist has often been used in the styling of cosmetology clinics and even medical centers.


The luxurious style is often used for big chain beauty salons for people who can afford just everything. There is an extensive list of the things that have to be present in a Baroque beauty shop: antique furniture, crystal chandeliers, volumetric mirrors, gilding, stucco, and much more. Plus, as you could guess, there are few competitors as this style is original and relatively expensive. It is important not to overdo Baroque design with decorations. Otherwise, the interior can quickly turn from glamorous to tasteless.

A waiting area


A beauty salon interior is that essential detail that the owner has to think out pretty well. When selecting the style of a beauty salon, answer the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience, and how much can they pay me?

  • Which services am I going to provide in the beauty shop?

  • Which style will correspond with my ideal beauty salon image?

  • What is the size of my beauty studio?

  • How much can I invest in renovation, furniture, and decor?

A comfortable waiting area is a good idea and a must-have for any beauty salon. If customers feel convenient and safe in your beauty parlor, it is almost a 100% guarantee of a return visit. Plus, if you want to bring your beauty parlor to a new level of quality, think about selecting a handy CRM system. EasyWeek offers many useful functions and an easy-to-use interface. Be sure you will attract new clients as 24/7 online booking via a widget or website and a booking link as well as many integrations will cope with this task. Try EasyWeek salon booking software for free to see how well it works for your company. It is a handy IT solution that will please your clients and your wallet.

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