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Booking software for dermatologists


Dermatology has always been a fascinating and exciting field of medical practice. So much so, in fact, that everyone wants to be involved in it. Dermatology is unique because it includes patients of all genders and ages who require medical, surgical, and aesthetic services. Opening a dermatology practice is a great idea that requires modern solutions, namely installing an online appointment scheduling service. In this article, you will learn more about it.

No other medical specialty has such diversity in terms of scope and income. These observations have attracted the attention of major companies who saw this as an opportunity to make good money. That makes the dermatology business very profitable.

The duration of medical studies is about 6 years (12 semesters), totaling 5,500 hours of study. This number qualifies you to practice medicine in the EU and America.

Online appointment software makes it easier for clients to schedule an appointment for services. The online booking function increases the likelihood of a repeat visit to a dermatology clinic and positively impacts customer loyalty.

Online appointments for dermatologists

Online appointments for dermatology business

Online appointment booking is an e-service tool. It allows customers to book a service themselves through a website or social media. Bookings can be made without having to speak to administrative staff. The service is available at any time. Customers can see all available appointments and choose according to their needs. For businesses, developing an online appointment scheduling system offers the following benefits:

  • Increased sales;

  • Improved communication with clients and stronger loyalty to the company;

  • All information about the dermatology practice is accessible to the customers; they can study the data in real-time and see the prices;

  • The work of doctors is simplified, the manager is relieved, and other employees are given up-to-date tasks;

  • Actual sales statistics and monitoring the efficiency of services, the quality of staff work, and other data are easier.

The booking system allows you to increase sales, improve business processes and lead to scalability and development. It is a digital tool suitable for any modern company.


Handy CRM features for dermatologists

Automation has become commonplace in today's healthcare facilities: online appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, and accounting. With CRM, you can keep a database of patients, track all stages of their interaction with the health center, and leave reminders for receptionists.

With a management system, the health center can:

  • Keep electronic medical records. They contain a history of visits and doctor's appointments. This data allows the doctor to make more profound diagnoses and build a trusting relationship with his patient.

  • Personalize service. All data is stored in one database you can offer the procedures you want, introduce a loyalty program, divide patients into corporate and private patients, etc.

  • Automate communication. CRM provides a mailing list and automatic reminders. Notifications can be set up for multiple communication channels SMS, messenger, and email. Thanks to notifications, there is less downtime, and clients do not forget to make a new appointment.

  • Enable scheduling an appointment via the website. Clients can make their appointments at any time of the day or night and ask questions through a form on the website. Online reception is especially important for those who dislike calling or have irregular work hours.

  • Relieving managers. Taking requests and scheduling appointments manually is time-consuming, and errors are not eliminated. CRM minimizes grunt work and allows employees to focus on other tasks.

  • Schedule adherence. You can set up a physician's workload and always have it handy. Employees can check the availability of specialists and treatment rooms themselves.

  • Analyze requests and services. The software collects statistics on all work steps, calculates the profit, determines the most popular and the least popular services, and allows understanding at what stage the customer left and why they refused the appointment.


How to choose a booking software for dermatology practice

Analyze the algorithm of your dermatology clinic: the stages of patient management and the specifics of communication with patients. Find out at what point customers refuse service. Then identify problems and growth points. Base your choice of software for your dermatology practice on the following criteria:

Main functions

The most important are medical record-keeping, linking to personal accounts, customer base segmentation, and loyalty programs.

Types of communication

Choose a CRM that allows you to send notifications through multiple communication channels and allow your clients to schedule an appointment online.


Use statistics, seasonal analysis, customer referral sources, and your most popular services to determine the efficiency of a facility.


Make sure your CRM is compatible with office software and specialized applications.

Convenience and customizability

Choose a CRM with an intuitive user interface. Choose software that allows you to customize the look and feel, modules, and templates as your clinic plans new developments.

To meet the above requirements, we recommend you try EasyWeek CRM. It is a German software that works worldwide, offering handy features for healthcare.

CRM for healthcare

EasyWeek software for dermatology practices

EasyWeek is a German solution for beauty, medical, and other customer-oriented companies. In recent years, EasyWeek has gained over 300% new users. Businesses trust EasyWeek because it offers more than the competition at client-friendly prices.

EasyWeek offers:

  • Online appointment scheduling: an important feature to make your business more convenient for customers;

  • Free website: a free landing, which is a convenient tool to promote your dermatology practice;

  • Online appointment widget: you can customize this to match your business' branding. It is also free of charge;

  • Notifications and reminders: They help you to inform your clients about all the details of the appointments;

  • Patient database: a handy tool to optimize customer management in no time;

  • Detailed analytics: you can track your business performance with clear reports and business analysis;

  • Integrations: including Google products and social media;

  • Marketing tools: QR codes, loyalty program creation, and other helpful tools for online advertising;

  • Free trial: you can try the software for free in the first 14 days.

Sounds interesting? Then take a closer look at all the handy features of the software and try EasyWeek for free.

A dermatology clinic


The dermatology business has proven to be profitable due to its diverse scope and income potential. To further enhance the success of dermatology practice, implementing an online appointment scheduling system is highly beneficial. Online appointments provide convenience to clients, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. This modern solution simplifies the work for doctors and employees and collects valuable data for business analysis.

CRM software is crucial for managing customer interactions and streamlining operations. The software allows for electronic medical records, personalized service, automated communication, appointment scheduling via the website, workload management, and detailed analytics. A dermatology practice can optimize customer management and improve overall efficiency by choosing the right system, such as EasyWeek.

EasyWeek offers a range of features, including online appointment scheduling, a free website, customizable appointment widgets, notifications and reminders, a patient database, detailed analytics, integrations, marketing tools, and a free trial period. Using EasyWeek, dermatologists can enhance their customer-oriented services and promote the practice effectively. Incorporating EasyWeek can significantly boost the success and profitability of dermatology practice, making it a valuable investment for the future.

EasyWeek also offers a free trial to test the solution and set it up for your dermatology business. Why not try it right now?

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