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EasyWeek appointment software for diagnostic and imaging centers


Healthcare is a profitable niche that requires modern software to perform well. There are many diagnostic centers, clinics, labs, and so on: the industry is crowded but still in crazy demand.

In the case of medical screening, your target audience is everyone because whether we want it or not, people need medical help sooner or later. In addition, diagnostic imaging is a handy tool to check how well the body is working. That is why this kind of service is so popular. So continue reading to know how to make your diagnostic and imaging center more convenient for clients.

There are four main types of medical imaging: ultrasound, MRI, medical X-ray, and pediatric X-ray.

It will depend on the type of screening you are going to offer. Usually, you will have to get special medical tools for the screening itself, medical software, and an appointment scheduling system.

The final choice will depend on your budget and desired features. EasyWeek is a perfect fit if you are looking for easy, convenient appointment scheduling. Also, you can easily integrate the EasyWeek system with any professional medical software.

Medical diagnostic center and lab

Medical diagnostic appointment software

There are two types of software your business will require to work well. Medical software that allows storing all the results of screenings together with other handy data about patients' health conditions and a classic appointment booking program to manage online appointments, reports, analytics, and marketing.

The initial aim of appointment program is to optimize customer flow. It means you will improve client relationships and boost profit via convenient online appointments, precise analytics, improved staff motivation, optimized marketing, and other perks of CRM.

Benefits of diagnostic imaging appointment software for your business

  • Online appointments. Control a customer flow more effortlessly and more effectively.

  • Notifications. Reminding your staff and customers about an upcoming appointment is an excellent way to minimize no-shows and conflicts in a diagnostic center.

  • Business analytics. Understand what works and what should be optimized.

  • Free widget & website. Online presence is essential, so these tools are.

  • Client base. EasyWeek appointment software carefully saves all the essential data for later interactions.

Free website for medical office by EasyWeek software

Why does a medical diagnostic center need appointment software?

A diagnostic clinic may benefit from using the appointment scheduling software for several reasons:

  • Efficient scheduling: Appointment software can help the center schedule appointments more efficiently, saving time for both the center and the patients. With appointment software, patients can easily book an appointment online, eliminating the need for phone calls and paper-based scheduling.

  • Reduced no-shows: Software can help reduce the number of no-shows by sending appointment reminders to patients via email or SMS. This way, your patients remember their appointment and show up on time, improving the center's efficiency.

  • Patient experience is smoother and calmer: By using appointment software, patients can schedule and avoid long waiting at their convenience. Patient satisfaction improves.

  • Increased productivity: The center manages its resources more effectively by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks such as scheduling and appointment reminders. This feature increases the clinic's productivity, leading to more efficient operations and better patient care.

To summarize, appointment software can help medical diagnostic centers streamline their operations and improve patient experience, leading to better patient and center outcomes.

Diagnostic appointment

How to choose medical imaging appointment software

There are no rules – you can choose any solution that suits your project well. The most important is to understand what fits exactly your healthcare establishment. There are many CRMs, both good and bad. However, choosing the right one takes time and effort. Therefore, we have prepared a shortlist for smart CRM selection. Here it is:

  • Research the market. There are a lot of choices. You can visit software marketplaces to read information about various options.

  • Read reviews from different users.

  • Write down what your business needs from software – write down several handy features you would like to use daily.

  • Choosing up to 5 medical appointment scheduling programs as finalists will help you to solve your task in choosing the proper one.

  • Ask for advice. Why not ask for advice from your friends or colleagues? Appointment software is trendy, so the chance someone from your circle knows a good program is high.

  • If software offers a trial, it's an excellent chance to test the solution and see how it works. A 14-day test period will let you see whether the system is exemplary precisely for you.

EasyWeek appointment scheduling

EasyWeek is a German solution that serves beauty, medical, and other client-oriented businesses. The last couple of years brought EasyWeek +300% of new users. Companies trust EasyWeek as it offers more than competitors for client-friendly prices.

EasyWeek offers:

  • Online appointments: key CRM feature to make your business more convenient for clients;

  • Free website: a 100% free landing that is a handy tool to promote your medical diagnostic center;

  • You can customize EasyWeek online appointment widget following your business branding. It is also free of charge;

  • Various types of notifications & reminders will help to notify customers about all the appointment details;

  • Patient database – a handy tool to optimize client management in a snap;

  • Detailed analytics: you can track your business performance by following clear reports and business analytics;

  • More than 4K of integrations: including Google products and social media;

  • Marketing tools: QR codes, loyalty program creation, and other useful tools for online promotion;

  • Free trial: you can try the software for the first 14 days.

Sounds interesting? Then take a closer look at all the handy EasyWeek features. Try EasyWeek for free.

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