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Appointment booking software for physicians


Booking software for healthcare is an automated platform for doctors to manage their workflow and schedule client appointments. Many of these systems have a mobile app or a web-based service through which patients can make appointments. Private specialists and clinics actively invest in software because it offers enormous potential to improve productivity and revenue. This article shows software advantages and explains why physicians find online booking convenient.

Appointment scheduling software is a system doctors use to automate booking. It provides tools and services to coordinate availability and appointment requests and confirm available time slots.

Thanks to such software, your employees are more efficient as they know how full their day will be: it is easy to plan their availability and serve all patients. In addition, online scheduling software reduces the chance of staff errors.

Real-time scheduling requires minimal intervention from schedulers and can thus help reduce wait time caused by human factors. In addition, available time slots are visible to your patients through the online user interface.

Why do doctors need online appointment booking software?

  1. Many people choose doctors who offer online appointment booking

    Convenience is a top priority for today's patients. Therefore, online appointment booking is a key differentiator that can help attract new patients and drive long-term growth for your practice. Besides insurance coverage, convenience is the most critical factor for most patients when choosing their medical care. Insurance coverage aside, making an appointment is often a patient's first contact with a medical practice, so it's essential to provide a seamless, convenient process that leaves a positive first impression.

  2. Free choice of appointments

    With the increasing consumer focus in the health and care sector, traditional 'office hours' have become a long outdated concept. The use of chatbots and 24/7 customer service is standard in most industries. Online appointments are a practical relief, especially if your practice is closed or the phone line is overloaded. Plus, most patients benefit from the flexibility and ease of booking appointments online, regardless of the time of day.

  3. Online appointment scheduling helps to fill appointment gaps

    Experienced doctors ensure a full schedule by maximising their appointment volume. Unfortunately, patient no-shows and last-minute cancellations render these appointments useless, resulting in lost revenue and hindering growth. If you offer online appointment booking, most patients can instantly check your practice's availability and book the time.

  4. Less tedious admin work for staff with online appointment scheduling

    Across the country, health and care industries are struggling to cope with record numbers of staff suffering from emotional burnout syndrome. They often have to do many tasks at once, including patient admissions. This causes them to lose the energy and concentration they need for their job. By using online scheduling, your staff can focus on more critical tasks in practice and manage to get more done in a working day without having to work overtime.

  5. Better care

    Most patients are satisfied with online appointment scheduling even before their first visit. However, a study shows that 59% of patients are frustrated by waiting on hold and during inconvenient office hours for phone appointments. If you give your patients the option to make an appointment directly from your website, they don't have to sit in a queue while your reception staff deal with other calls or tasks.

Try the EasyWeek appointment software for free

Features of EasyWeek Appointment Booking Software

The current market is full of different appointment booking software. So you need to understand the needs of your practice and choose software that covers them all. EasyWeek is one of the best solutions as it offers excellent features and a comfortable price. No more complicated software with too many options that are all impossible to use. EasyWeek online scheduling software is ready to simplify your everyday life, but not because it has fewer features.

We offer even more valuable options, and all of them are user-friendly:

A website is created automatically. You only have to enter the data when registering, and the system does everything else for you.

It usually takes up to a week to get used to new software, set it up and test it. So EasyWeek decided to simplify the process and create a system you can set up in 30 minutes with all the features you need and at a great price.

  • Here you will find helpful EasyWeek tools available to any health and care sector:

  • Practical online scheduling.

  • Statistics of visits.

  • The Finance module: calculate and pay out salaries, rewards or fines.

  • Hassles 24/7 online appointment booking via a widget with a booking link that you can place on social networks to advertise effectively.

  • Customised reminder features for most patients and staff: email, SMS, push.

  • Detailed work analysis and set of necessary reports.

  • Inventory management for consumables: accounting of the number of goods/medicines consumed by the medical centre and replenishment.


The primary purpose of any online appointment scheduling software is to automate and streamline routine processes and increase revenue. Using EasyWeek, you can manage your healthcare business online, work with your customer database and much more.

Our goal is happy and satisfied customers. EasyWeek offers many different plans, including a free one suitable for doctors, a convenient loyalty program and a 14-day trial period where you can set up and test everything. For more information, please get in touch with our support team.

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