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CRM for hair clinic


More and more people lose hair. It happens because of genetic reasons, stress, diets, etc. Fortunately, modern technologies allow for solving this issue effortlessly.

Hair transplant clinics help clients to get the desired hair length in a snap. Usually, it takes up to 5 procedures to create a fully renewed hairstyle. Both for women and men. If you are considering starting a brand-new hair clinic, you are in the right place. Today, we will see how to open a hair transplant clinic and what is the best software to run it. So let's start!

First of all, you need to write down a detailed business plan. Then, measure your budget and look for additional sources of investment if required. After that, you can go ahead and make the business plan reality. More about it later in this article.

The initial investment will include equipment, rent, utilities, staff salary and a marketing budget. Depending on location, you will have to invest at least $50 000. The expected ROI is about 10 – 12 months.

There are many handy options. The final choice will depend on your request and budget. For a start, you can try EasyWeek software which offers easy and effective business planning and more.

Hair growth treatments

Hair clinic business plan

Any modern business requires a business plan. If you are considering starting a hair transplantation clinic, look at the basic steps for its launch.

Opening a hair clinic

  1. Choose the services you will offer. By the way, there are only two hair transplant methods. But you can also offer some hair growth treatments without surgery and also beauty treatments.

  2. Research the market. After you understand what you want, take a look at the market. Is the niche free? Then go on!

  3. Look for premises. A good location can help to stand out. Many customers prefer clinics that are easily accessible.

  4. Hire staff. The hair transplant business is strongly regulated. You will have to hire a skilful surgeon and other medical personnel.

  5. Promote your business. In the end, clients must come to you, so marketing is essential. It is preferable to hire a marketing agency so they boost you from the start.

Useful tip: The hair transplant business requires a medical license. To obtain it, you must be a surgeon or hire a professional.

Online appointments to the hair clinic

Hair clinic software

Once you've prepared your business for opening, think about CRM and appointment software. This step could be more precise, but it boosts business very well.

CRM for hair clinics offers:

  • Online appointments. Being present online means that customers can make an appointment 24/7.

  • Customer database. All the clients' information will be carefully stored for you.

  • Notifications. CRM will notify guests about their appointment details and staff about the new and planned bookings.

  • Payroll module. Paying salary will also be covered. CRMs offer handy options to calculate and pay wages.

  • Marketing tools. Promotion is essential, so CRMs offer handy marketing tools to attract your first audience.

The main thing is to select the right software. But first, let us show you how a decent CRM should work on the EasyWeek example.

Hair clinic business

EasyWeek – appointment software for your hair clinic

EasyWeek serves medical businesses with plenty of valuable features. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Free website. We create a personal page for your business so you save on website creation.

  • Online appointments. Booking online is easier than ever before. We know it, so we offer 24/7 instant appointments.

  • Business analytics is easier to control and develop a business when you understand it well.

  • Reminders. We will remind customers and staff about the upcoming appointment.

  • Integrations. EasyWeek can synchronize your website with all the popular social networks and other platforms in a snap. For instance, you can connect Google Maps and Google Calendar.

  • Marketing. We offer a set of marketing tools to use daily.

  • Fast technical support. Our interface works intuitively, but if you have any issues, the EasyWeek team will solve them in a snap.

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Free website for medical center


The hair transplant business is a profitable business niche. It is expensive to start but very well rewarding. A good business plan will solve more than 50% of all possible troubles. We recommend starting with writing down a goal and then its step-by-step implementation.

Appointment scheduling software is the next level of quality. EasyWeek offers handy online booking for hair clinics and much more. Do not hesitate to test the software.

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