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Appointment software for podiatry practice


The modern market offers various IT solutions. Many of them can easily optimize your business. At the same time, choosing the right CRM is a challenge. No worries, we will research how to choose the best software in 2022 for your podiatry practice and look at the current choice to select the suitable option for your company. So, let's start!

Sure, it is! People are ready to pay for quality medical services, and podiatry is one of them. Please read our blog article to learn how to become a podiatrist.

Yes, it does. In the beginning, you may cope with all routines manually. But later, it will become a trouble. Proper CRM software will quickly help to deal with online appointments and gain more profit. You can try EasyWeek appointment software to test all valuable features.

If your business needs online appointments and a free website, look for software that offers all these features. There is no point in overpaying for the options you will barely use. Sign up for EasyWeek software, and you will get functional CRM and a free website with an appointment widget.

How to become a podiatrist

Scheduling software for healthcare business

First of all, why do we need CRM? Customer Relationship Management software is a handy tool as it offers the following:

  • Online appointments

  • Staff, assets & resources management

  • Website, widget, and link for booking

  • Notifications for staff and customers

  • Marketing tools

  • Clear business analytics

  • Financial control

Pedicure by podiatrist

Software for a podiatrist

The task of a foot care practice is, first of all, to attract customers and get their attention. However, it is much more challenging to gain and maintain their trust. CRM software can be helpful at each of these stages.

For most medical practices, making appointments online is a real competitive advantage. Suitable premises and quality equipment are essential to the success of your podiatry practice, but advertising and management are also crucial to the profitability of the medical business. So, in addition to hiring marketing professionals and managers, a CRM for a podiatry practice can help the budding entrepreneur with these issues:

  • The owner can handle many nuances more quickly.

  • Prosperity will depend less on the administrative activities of employees – everything will be taken care of by the software.

  • Most of the tasks will be solved automatically.

How to choose good podiatry software?

  • Make sure that you understand what you expect from the service. Clarify the number of employees and branches you will manage – the price could depend on it.

  • Ideally, you better write down all the desirable features.

  • Research the CRM market. Choose a few services that comply with your request. At this step, you can ask your friends and colleague for advice: CRMs are everywhere so they can give you a valuable solution.

  • Come out with a perfect CRM for your podiatry practice.

Let's see what quality podiatry software can offer based on the EasyWeek example.

EasyWeek appointment software

EasyWeek is a fine mix of flawless quality and budget price. We offer more than our closest competitors and still ask less than them. So, what do we offer then:

  • Instant online appointments for your clients.

  • Free website creation, widget, and link to share on social media

  • Notifications: push, SMS, and email.

  • Integrations with the most popular services and social media.

  • A set of handy marketing tools: QR codes, loyalty program creation, mailings, etc.

  • Fast technical support. We work remotely from each point on earth, so there's always someone to answer your question in a snap.

  • Pleasant pricing. It's good to know that you pay less for more. Together with us, you can.

Feel free to check EasyWeek tariff plans. We are sure you will find a nice one for your business. The good news is that small businesses can use the service for free. We do not ask for any payment from companies with one user and one location. More prominent companies can easily choose the best tariff plan in their case. So easy and so cool. We hope to see you in the EasyWeek family.

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