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Law firm appointment scheduling software


Legal issues may face a person at any time. We all deal with them sooner or later. So the profession of attorney is in high demand. Quality law help may save your business and private life from various troubles. Therefore, the right choice of an attorney is essential.

Both small and big businesses require some legal help. That's why attorneys are famous. So, if you are considering opening a law business, look at this material. Today, we will see how law firms work, the best way to open one and why software is so essential.

Are you ready to dive into the world of attorney scheduling software? If your answer is positive, let's do this right now!

An attorney is a person who has a law degree and practices it in court.

In many cases, yes. People usually refer to attorneys and lawyers in the same position. In everyday speech, it's okay. However, business language distinguishes an attorney from someone who completed a law school and passed an exam. Then he has to practice in court. On the other hand, a lawyer doesn't need to practice in court. An examination is enough to be called a lawyer.

In most cases, an attorney needs something basic. There is no point in overpaying for too complex options. EasyWeek software is a perfectly balanced and offers an online appointment booking system with a free tariff plan and flexible PRO tariffs. You can try EasyWeek scheduling software for free.

A law firm in the US

How to start a law firm

Attorney business starts with education, network and a well-made business plan. So let us show you how to create an attorney firm in America. The recommendations may vary depending on the state, but generally, they are familiar.

Simple steps to open a law firm

  1. Come out with the field you would like to work in. In our case, it's an attorney. Some lawyers provide general practice, but it's pretty hard and not too popular.

  2. Dwell on business planning. Now, you know the field. So write down a basic business plan. Then you can improve it step-by-step.

  3. Select your business name & register the company. Official registration is the essential step to take first. Be ready to spend up to $1000 and about a month to cope with that.

  4. Choose a place. Location is essential. It has to be selected wisely. We advise starting law businesses in crowded places, near transport hubs or malls.

  5. Hire staff (if needed). Later, there is always a chance to scale and hire more lawyers & attorneys.

  6. Marketing & networking. Work on promotion and your network. CRM software may help as it offers some marketing tools. Sure, it's not the same as a marketing agency, but it is still worth trying.

  7. Create a website and set up a widget for online appointments to look more professional. EasyWeek CRM offers these tools for free.

Online appointments for attorneys

Online appointment scheduling software for attorneys

Attorneys are usually pretty busy with various cases and many clients. That is why innovative software is a must to have for this business.

Why does every attorney need online appointment software:

  • Easy-scheduling. Just a few clicks for making an appointment.

  • Notifications. Staff and clients will receive all the details after booking the appointment.

  • Reminders. You can always remind customers about upcoming events.

  • Business analytics. It's hard to improve business when you can't see what's happening. CRM allows easy performance tracking.

  • Marketing for your business. CRMs offer handy marketing hacks to attract more clients to your business. It's a good start for beginners.

  • According to statistics, a law business with appointment software is more successful than the one without it. This is because clients are ready to pay for comfort.

How to manage your law firm

EasyWeek attorney scheduling software

We offer a free solution for small businesses. If you work alone and have only 1 location, you can use the EasyWeek software 100% free.

The free tariff plan includes:

The free EasyWeek plan is a perfect chance to effortlessly stand out from the competition.

Professional EasyWeek tariffs:

  • Include all the free tariff features;

  • Offer an unlimited number of slots and locations: just choose your number;

  • Include marketing tools and complex analytics.

Use the free tariff if you want to start your business alone and the PRO ones – if you work as a team.


Attorney business is an excellent niche to enter. The proper software makes a start even more accessible thanks to online appointments & smart analytics. EasyWeek is one of the leading and affordable solutions in the current market. Don't hesitate to try EasyWeek for free!

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