Healthcare and beauty businesses blossomed recently. People invest in their appearance, so beauty- and health-related businesses are perfect for launching in 2023. Acupuncture is one of them.

Acupuncturists and Chinese practitioners make a living from working with their clients. So, intelligent online appointments are essential. That is why CRM software is a great help.

If you plan to open an acupuncture practice, this article will be helpful. Today, we will discuss CRM software, its types, and handy modern software options.

Yes, a license is required. In many cases, you will also be required to get a master's degree in acupuncture. It will take up to 2 years, starting from $20 000.

This business can be very profitable if planned well. In the beginning, you will need to invest at least $30 000. It includes rent and utilities, staff salary, organizational moments, etc. Although ROI is fast, it takes up to 12 months, which is acceptable for the medical business.

The modern market has a lot to offer. Your final choice should depend on the budget and request. There is no point in overpaying for extra features if you don't use them daily. So you can try EasyWeek – convenient online appointment software for effortless business planning.

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CRM for acupuncturists

Scheduling software for acupuncture is a 21st-century must-have. More and more people google and book appointments online. If your business is easily visible, you win both clients and profit.

Sure, you can cope with a small client flow in the beginning. However, growing the business requires more time, effort and investment. Here software comes to the rescue. Let's see the best CRM features you would benefit from.

Basic CRM features:

  • Online appointments;

  • Free website;

  • Widget and booking link;

  • Client base storage;

  • Notifications;

  • Marketing tools.

These features will lead your business to success. Sure, if the software works well and you pay the appropriate amount. EasyWeek appointment software, for example, does not require additional payment for one user and one location. It is free. Bigger businesses can choose among the flexible EasyWeek tariffs. Click here for more details.

Medical centre's website in the EasyWeek system

Acupuncture software benefits

Acupuncturists will benefit from CRM. Here are the main features to start with:

  1. Install a widget, so your customers can make an appointment in a snap.

  2. Create a website. EasyWeek helps you to do it for free.

  3. Integrate with social media. Put a link for online booking on any social network you find helpful.

  4. Create notifications. It is the most effective way to remind staff and clients about upcoming appointments.

  5. Use a marketing kit. Promotion and self-presentation are essential to attract first clients. CRM helps to manage it well.

Acupuncture business

EasyWeek appointment software

EasyWeek offers a handy solution for acupuncturists who work with various clients as a team or as private specialists. We do offer much more than the nearest competitors while asking for less.

You can use the EasyWeek free plan if you work as a 1 user with 1 location. However, if you own a company or several branches, there is a list of flexible tariffs. Try EasyWeek for free for 14 days, and then choose the plan that fits you best.

We also have a handy blog to optimize your user experience even more.

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