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Birthday greetings to customers


Everyone loves a good birthday party! While some friends and acquaintances occasionally overlook your birthday by mistake (cut them some slack!), businesses should not miss such a special occasion. It is a chance to connect with your customers when they are willing to be rewarded with special offers and gifts.

Birthday marketing is a rewarding and exceptional opportunity for you! In this article, you will learn how to congratulate your customers appropriately!

One way to show your existing customers that you care is to honor them on their birthdays. A congratulatory note is the icing on the cake. Instead of using sticky notes to remember your customers' birthdays, try using CRM software.

Send a Happy Birthday mail, give a gift or send a coupon with a special discount.

EasyWeek software allows you to set up the automatic sending of birthday greetings to a customer. Simple and time-saving!

Why is birthday marketing so important?

There are several reasons for this:

  • Thoughtful birthday marketing increases a brand's revenue in the long term. It gradually transforms subscribers into loyal customers with whom it is easier to communicate and to whom you can offer added value.

  • For customer care, birthday marketing is a valuable tool. A quality birthday campaign leads to loyalty toward the brand as it shows customers that the brand cares.

  • Creating a birthday mail campaign is done once and works automatically: edit settings at any time if necessary. You can launch a birthday campaign with EasyWeek software.

  • Birthday marketing prompts people to share their positive experiences with others, either verbally or through social media. As a result, it increases the brand's reputation and builds a trusting relationship with the audience.

In addition, you can start selling gift cards. Customers who want to care about their friends and relatives can buy gift cards to present for birthdays and holidays. EasyWeek software can help your business with creating and gift card accounting.

Ideas for your perfect birthday campaign

Using the birthday marketing strategies presented in this post, you can figure out what works best for your audience. Personalize your birthday emails with the available data (first name, favorite products, nearby location, etc.), keep your mountain greeting short and sweet with a clear call to action, and make sure your birthday giveaways match the brand.

Regardless of your birthday campaign concept, always track your results and conduct a marketing campaign analysis, so you have complex data to prove what works and what doesn't.

  • Make the welcome personal

    De facto, most brands think of birthday emails as offering a discount. But you may also send a short personal message with wishes to make your customers feel unique.

  • Put the customer first

    Among the biggest complaints about birthday emails are that they're self-serving. After all, customers are hardly impressed if they think you sent a message to get them to spend more money on your products. So find ways to show the recipient just the opposite.

  • Make sure messages are relevant

    You probably have enough data about your customers to know what they like. This is probably pretty easy if you have only a small customer base. However, if you have a diverse customer base, you may need multiple versions of your birthday email to ensure you hit the right note with each recipient.

  • Give the gift value

    You might say that it's the thought that counts, but that thought counts a lot more when it's coupled with a fabulous gift. A coupon for a 20% discount or a unique offer code for a gift is easy to attach.

  • Free shipping

    Occasionally, something as simple as shipping causes someone to abandon a shopping cart. Free shipping for birthday clients can help convert a desire into a purchase.

How you could benefit from EasyWeek software

You can use the software to automate your greetings and send them by mail or SMS. Just think of some congratulations, and enter them into the program!

First, log in to your account and click on Business Settings. Select SMS messages – for customers. You will see examples of messages you usually send. Go to the bottom of the list, where the field for new message templates is located, and prepare your greeting letters. Select the recipient. Click Save and set the activation time. Done!

Other features EasyWeek offers:

EasyWeek helps you to manage your beauty, medical, entertainment, or sports companies. The software also has practical tools for other small and medium-sized businesses.

Free EasyWeek plan offers you:

  • Online appointments

  • Website and widget

  • Various integrations

The best news is that these features are free for any business owner! So yes, we offer a free rate plan while others raise prices!

EasyWeek PRO version

However, we have something even more sophisticated if you want to open a large business. EasyWeek has a range of professional rate plans. What does the EasyWeek PRO rate plan include?

  • Online appointments

  • Business Analytics

  • Website and widget

  • Reports and financial calculations

  • Various integrations

  • Notifications for employees and customers

  • Marketing tools for daily use


As you can see, creating a template in birthday greeting software for customers is very easy. This marketing activity also comes with a lot of benefits. Take advantage of these opportunities and take your company's marketing to the next level. And our EasyWeek software will be right by your side. Try all the features of our software right now and see for yourself!

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