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Website for a beauty salon: the importance

The beauty niche has suffered a lot during the pandemic. Modern beauty salons try to recover from the latest events, working even harder than before. However, more challenging doesn't mean smarter. Instead of working more intensively and stressful, you can do it even easier, increasing the profit. Any ideas on how it's possible?

Right, the website offers a whole new world for the beauty industry. Beauty salons will benefit from getting a site mostly because customers appreciate comfort. The better your service is, the more money you get for it. And nowadays, good service starts with flawless online booking, client interaction and intelligent marketing.

Beauty salons with a website can double their profit simply because clients will choose them among many without a website. So, would you like to get a website for your beauty salon? If the answer is 'yes', please keep reading this article. We have collected a pack of valuable hacks for small and big businesses that want to scale.

It isn't hard at all. You can use accessible website constructors like Wix, Tilda or WordPress or hire a specialist to cope with this task. In the first case, you will most likely get a well-optimized landing, while in the second, you can ask for much more options. Would you like to get some extra pro features cheaper or even free? We know how to do it. Check the next chapter of this article.

The choice impresses. First, you should decide what website you'd like to get. Simple solutions do not require much expense. We've just mentioned that you can create them yourself using the free website constructors. If you want to get a professional website, consider a CRM connection. Salon software will help create a website that looks attractive to clients effortlessly. It'll cost you less than hiring an expert to do it for you in most cases.

EasyWeek software offers a free website with an online appointment feature for private masters and beauty salons. You can try it for free!

Free beauty salon website: how to get one

The easiest way to get a free beauty salon website is to connect it via CRM. Customer Relationship Management software deals with many tasks, including website creation. Let's see how to get your first website using the EasyWeek software.

How to get a free EasyWeek beauty salon website?

  1. Sign up for the service.

  2. Enter your company's data.

  3. Go to the website page and check its appearance.

  4. Edit the data to correct the website.

Yes, it is as simple as that!

Who can get the free EasyWeek solution?

We offer 100% free website creation and other perks to experts who work alone. If you work by yourself, feel free to check the solution. We are sure it will be helpful! If you need a website for a big beauty salon, check our professional tariff plans. They are pretty affordable as they depend on the number of connected users.

free beauty salon website

EasyWeek professional tariff plans for beauty

Our professional tariff plans include handy features that any beauty salon would find helpful. So let's see what are the best of them, according to our users.

Advantages of the EasyWeek professional tariff plans for beauty:

  • Free beauty salon website. You can create it by yourself and almost instantly. Too good to be true, but it is.

  • A widget for online appointments and a booking link are in every EasyWeek tariff. You may share the widget on social media to attract even more clients. It is pretty easy and very effective.

  • Business analytics & Financial calculations. Now, you can manage your beauty salon remotely. Track its progress and correct the performance if needed.

EasyWeek & Integrations

EasyWeek offers a set of handy integrations with almost any popular social network. If you would like to use the CRM with another service, you can! Just check whether the service you'd like to connect to is among the numerous EasyWeek integrations, and then go for it!

CRM software benefits

  • Reminders & Notifications. If you already have a booking channel, you can integrate it into the EasyWeek system. We offer instant integration and help you in the process. Just check whether the service you use is integrated with our system, then check our blog to see how you can sync with it immediately. The result of the integration is double-sided notifications, so there are zero chances to skip an important event.

  • United system of client management. You can manage the appointments in 1 system, so it'll be faster and easier than checking 2, 3 or more services.

  • Perfect social image. Integrated software works for your social image by presenting your salon as an attractive one. Clients enjoy visual representation and comfort, so CRM matters.

Beauty salon website & marketing

The last but not the least essential part of beauty salon success is quality marketing. It usually takes some time to see how a good marketing strategy works. It does even more to create one. The good news is that digital marketing has become a part of modern CRM software.

EasyWeek offers not only a beauty salon website and related benefits but also handy marketing tools to use daily. Let's take a look at the main of them.

EasyWeek marketing tools

  • Client base. This feature builds all other opportunities, including loyalty program creation and instant reminders.

  • QR codes for fast booking. They allow your clients to book services via scanning a QR code. It gives customers even more freedom and comfort, so more revenue.

  • Good-looking website and widget. These features are among the best marketing tools to use. Stand out among the crowd by being yourself. Sure, if you know how to present yourself well. We can help you with the last point, for sure.

Please, contact our support in case of any queries. We are working for your success! You can also look for some daily business tips in our blog. Try EasyWeek for free, get your salon website and let's scale together!

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