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Online scheduling for private tutors


Tutoring is always a popular profession: private teachers are in demand for kids and adults, students and business people. Almost every person had experience with tutoring. It makes this profession extremely profitable. Sure, if nearly everyone needs a tutor.

Are you thinking about being a private tutor as the primary profit? Or, maybe, you'd like to get some side income? In any case, it all starts with planning. First with business planning and later with online scheduling. No worries, we can cover you with both!

Today, we will discuss handy online scheduling for private tutors and some useful hacks to start your teaching business.

Generally, there is no significant difference. You can call your teacher a tutor and vice versa. However, the name 'tutor' has a slight shade of meaning. A tutor offers private lessons. At the same time, a teacher is a classic school profession. In modern language, both tutor and teacher can be used for the same or similar meaning.

Yes, it is. Private lessons often cost more than traditional education. The next benefit is that a tutor can have as many students as he physically can teach. In the end, a well-made tutoring system can make a lot of money for any private teacher.

Tutoring software is also called CRM. There are many handy solutions in the current market, one of them is EasyWeek – an effective appointment scheduling for tutoring business with flexible tariffs and a free plan for private tutors.

How to be a tutor

Private tutoring as a business

Being a private tutor sounds like a dream for many. But, in theory, you can live a decent life, working when you want and with whom you enjoy. Indeed, a private tutor can choose his students, standards or other requirements do not limit him. Sounds perfect, agree?

It is so, but only if you make the business work flawless from the beginning. Conversely, tutoring can cause more trouble than any standard job. First, you need to schedule all the appointments by yourself. Second, being your boss in the case of organization and the financial part is challenging.

Many tutors failed just because of poor planning. "Is there any solution?" – you may ask. Sure, there is! Private tutors can use smart IT software to cope with the flow of students.

Online appointments for lessons

Software for private tutors

Private tutoring software is a satisfactory solution for teachers who must schedule many lessons. First, you can cope with the student flow, no doubt about that. Then, later, you will have to do something to handle all the students as your business grows. That's why software for private tutors is in demand.

Benefits of private tutoring software:

  • Easy lesson scheduling;

  • Notifications and reminders for your students;

  • Website and widget to attract more clients;

  • Less paperwork as the software offers templates;

  • Handy business analytics to track progress;

  • Affordable marketing tools embedded in the CRM.

Generally, a CRM connection is an excellent investment in any business. Especially in the client-oriented one. The most important is to choose the software wisely.

How to start tutoring

EasyWeek online appointments for private tutors

EasyWeek is an innovative tutoring solution. We offer flexible tariffs and a free plan for 1 location & 1 user. However, the main benefit of the EasyWeek software is its features. Let us show you why we stand out from the competition.

EasyWeek tutoring software advantages:

  • 24/7 online scheduling. Your students can book a lesson even out of your work hours.

  • Instant notifications. The system will show any changes in the appointment to you and the student in a snap.

  • Reminders. With the EasyWeek system, you can remind students about each lesson. You can customize the reminder as you wish it.

  • Handy analytics. Track and see what to correct together with our service.

  • Calculate expenses & consumables. It is always handy to calculate a business budget smartly. EasyWeek allows easy and effective business calculations.

EasyWeek has more than 10 000 happy clients all around the world. The software will help to grow your tutoring business effortlessly. We offer free software for tutors – if you have 1 location and work alone, use the software for free. No hidden payments or commissions.

Educational business


Tutoring is a popular business; however, being a quality tutor is hard work that requires a lot of effort. Then comes business planning. A proper scheduling software can optimize private tutoring routines by handy business automation.

EasyWeek offers more than its competitors and costs even less. The solution will be a perfect fit both for beginners and experienced tutors. The other benefit is that private teachers can use the solution without any payments. We want to help small businesses to grow, so we do not charge users with 1 location & 1 user.

Do not doubt to use the EasyWeek software for free, or choose one of the professional plans to get more features and slots. Try EasyWeek scheduling software for free.

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