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 Nutritionist software


Healthcare is a profitable niche. Many positions and clients would like to pay for a variety of services related to beauty and medicine. No doubt, more and more specialists select this profession as their way of living. On the one hand, you only need a little to start. On the other hand, there are a lot of service consumers. Sounds just perfect. Let's see how to manage it well.

Today, we will talk about handy software for dietitians. This article will be helpful for small and big businesses that want to scale.

It depends on your current level of education, location, and aim. You can open a business on a budget. For example, investing in premises and related stuff is fine if you consult people online. Sure, there is an option to start a luxury dietitian business. It may cost up to $50 000. The main expenses will include rent or premises purchase, utilities, and staff salaries.

Yes, this business is licensed. Dietitians and nutritionists must obtain a special license to start working in the US. Although usually, you should get a nutritionist certificate, which will include the dietitian part.

There are many options. Some of them are very handy, while others offer little. The best you can do is to write down your requirements and compare them to the current software. This way, you will only pay for valuable options and brandy solutions.

The nutrition business

How to scale the nutrition business

Once you've got an idea about starting a new position as a dietitian or nutritionist, it's wise to consider your promotion. Without marketing and additional promo-helpers, it cannot be effortless to stand out.

Ignoring digital marketing is like representing your business without any audience.

Jason Matthew — entrepreneur

There are very many options for business promotion. Here are some of them:

  • Marketing agency. You can ask for help from a marketing agency. There are a lot of remote agencies that can market to you on a budget.

  • Freelancer. Hiring freelance staff is another option. For example, you can hire SMM for your social media as a freelance position. It saves budget and gets terrific results.

  • CRM. The software can also help to differentiate from the active competition. It offers a set of marketing tools for fast and convenient online promotion.

Let's see how to choose the best CRM software in your case. It's easy when you know how to manage it well. No worries, here we are to help you in this exciting way.

Nutrition software

Modern nutrition software deals with a lot of routines your business faces daily. For example, before, CRM was just an app for online appointments. Now it is a tool for salary payments and integrated business analytics.

In other words, you need CRM. No matter the business size and location. For example, EasyWeek supports small businesses and offers free tariffs for startups with one site and one user. Click here to get your forever-free tariff plan if you find it useful.

So, why does everyone want a CRM? Here is the shortlist of the main reasons:

  • Online appointments. Handy instant booking helps to cover as many clients as possible. It works 24/7, even outside of your working hours.

  • Clear business analytics. Software tracks all the appointments and shows which channel brings the best profit. It also offers financial analytics, which can be handy for every business.

  • Handy notifications. CRM enables you to send different types of reminders to staff and customers.

  • Social media integration. You can easily accept appointments via any social media. It is practical and so easy!

  • Marketing tools. CRM offers various tools to make your business life easier. It is also a great way to improve your online presence.

So, how does the software of your dreams look? First, look at a suitable software solution in the EasyWeek example.

Online appointment to a nutritionist

EasyWeek nutrition & dietitian software

EasyWeek is a German software packed with various handy features that does not require significant investments. Moreover, we understand the situation, so EasyWeek tariffs are on a budget while we still offer more than our competitors.

"How is it possible?" – you may ask. The EasyWeek family is enormous, as we work in Europe and America. It automatically allows updating the software without extra payment from loyal and new audiences. We work for you, so your business can work on more essential tasks.

EasyWeek CRM offers:

  • Online appointments

  • Social media integration

  • Free website

  • Widget and a booking link for social media

  • Business analytics

  • Financial module

  • Reminders & notifications: SMS, push, and email

  • Easy loyalty program creation

  • Instant technical support and much more!

We do speak your language and understand the niche. In addition, the EasyWeek team works remotely, so we cover the majority of European languages.

EasyWeek may become your beam in the CRM storm. Would you like to optimize your project right now? Then click here or read more about our services in the EasyWeek blog.


CRM may quickly improve your business performance. It offers a set of handy features many businesses need. The main thing is to find the best solution in your case. We will be thrilled if our service matches your request. Check out our free tariff plan and handy features right now.

The future is already here. Step into the game and increase your revenue together with EasyWeek.

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