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Handy Google tools for your business

Let's start with a comprehensive overview

Google tools play a critical role in supporting and optimizing business activities. With various robust services, Google provides businesses opportunities to enhance their online presence, maximize success and drive growth. From analyzing website traffic to running effective advertising campaigns, Google tools greatly benefit companies of all sizes. Learn how Google and booking software integration can help companies achieve their goals and increase success.

Try Google Analytics to receive detailed insights into site metrics and user behavior. Other tools, such as Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights, can help you improve your website's technical performance and be more visible in search results.

Yes, Google provides customer support and offers extensive training resources, including online documentation, training videos, and community forums to help businesses use Google tools.

Yes, Google allows integration with several services, including scheduling software such as EasyWeek. You can connect Google Calendar with EasyWeek to seamlessly sync bookings and schedule management using APIs or integration options.

Appointment scheduling software & Google Calendar integration

Appointments & Google Calendar

A planner helps you organize your everyday business and personal life: you can easily schedule, share, and track your appointments and events. And combined with appointment software, you can do your best.

You can create different calendars to separate your personal and business appointments or organize various business aspects. So, keep track of your schedule and prepare for upcoming tasks more efficiently.

A booking software integrated with Calendar also offers reminders and notifications. You can specify how you want to know about upcoming appointments: email, pop-up, or SMS. EasyWeek booking software also helps to automate and simplify scheduling. For example, you can set up recurring appointments or automatically send attendees invitations when creating a new booking. So with Google Calendar, you will easily streamline your workflow.

Connecting Reserve with Google to your booking software is a perfect opportunity to attract new customers.

Reserve with Google feature

The booking function directly through Google Maps and Google Search offers numerous advantages for companies. First, it allows customers to conveniently make appointments without leaving the website – this simplifies the booking process and increases the likelihood that they will make an appointment.

Integrating Reserve with Google with existing booking systems creates a seamless connection. Customers can access the booking feature directly through Google and make appointments or reservations without leaving the Google platform. Availabilities and bookings are synchronized in real-time, ensuring a smooth booking experience.

Reserve with Google offers broad industry coverage and can be used in various sectors, including wellness, beauty, and restaurants. Thus, customers can access these services and make bookings directly through Google.

Google Reviews

These are reviews that users can submit on the Google platform to share their experiences with others. You can see reviews on the Google search results page and the customer name, contact details, and other data.

Google Reviews are significant because they can give potential customers insight into the quality and reputation of your business. Positive reviews can boost customers' confidence and help them choose the company and its services. Negative ones can put off potential clients and negatively affect the image.

It's essential to pay attention to reviews and respond to them to improve customer loyalty and show that you care about client feedback and satisfaction. Positive reviews can be responded to with a thank you or a brief note of appreciation, while it is proper to address negative reviews with empathy and a solution.

In addition, companies can strengthen their reputation through active review management. By encouraging their customers to leave reviews and share positive experiences, they can improve their image and encourage potential customers to try their products or services.

Add a Google Meet link for your booking!

Google Meet for video conferences and calls

This tool allows companies and teams to communicate with each other and meet virtually, regardless of their location.

With Google Meet, you can hold high-quality video conferences in which participants can interact with each other through video and audio. It offers a friendly interface and lets you create and invite meetings with just a few clicks. You can also invite attendees via a simple link, making it easy to set up and participate.

The service also provides the ability to integrate with scheduling software to facilitate planning appointments. For example, you can be a recruiting agency where applicants can sign up for an interview. Scheduling software allows you to schedule a consultation, and integration with Google Meet lets you instantly send applicants a link to Google Meet, where the interview will occur when they sign up online. This integration simplifies booking and allows applicants to join the video conference directly from the link.

Another advantage of Google Meet is its high reliability and security. It uses secure end-to-end encryption to ensure the confidentiality of conversations and data. It also offers advanced event control features, such as muting or removing participants.

It is a powerful advertising platform that helps businesses run targeted ads and achieve their online marketing goals. You can place your ads on Google search results pages, websites in the Google Display Network, and even YouTube.

The key advantage is the ability to target specific audiences. You can target your ads based on demographics, interests, locations, and other criteria to optimize your ad spend and present offers to those who most likely appreciate your products or services.

Google Ads also provides various ad formats, including text, display, video, and shopping ads. Companies can choose the format that suits them and communicate their message effectively. You can increase their visibility and attract potential customers using relevant keywords and engaging copy.

Another strength of Google Ads is its extensive measurement and tracking functionality. You can get detailed information about the success of your ads, such as the number of clicks, impressions, conversions, and ROI. This data enables beauty salons and other businesses to optimize campaigns, identify weak points, and continuously improve marketing strategies.

GA4 and GTM for your appointment based business

Google Analytics and its innovations

The Analytics service allows website owners and marketers to gather detailed information about website traffic, analyze user behavior, and gain valuable insights for optimizing their online presence.

The tool tracks various metrics such as page views, unique visitors, session duration, bounce rate, and conversions. You can get information about visitors' geographic origin, devices and browsers, traffic from various sources such as search engines or social media, and much more.

The service offers extensive data segmentation capabilities to analyze specific audiences or behavior patterns. It allows setting up goals and conversion tracking to measure and optimize the success of marketing campaigns. It also provides reporting capabilities to prepare data and create custom dashboards visually.

GA4 offers several new features and improvements over the old version. Here are the most important new features:

  • The new Business Objectives Collection provides customized reports based on the data you provided when you first set up Google Analytics for your business. These reports help you find relevant information for your business objectives.

  • You can now create custom funnel reports to see how users complete a task and evaluate how many users drop out between each step.

  • Google Ads now imports fractional cross-channel web conversion credits from Google Analytics 4 properties, resulting in more accurate measurement and better optimization.

  • Five new dimensions have been added to the Audience Builder in Google Analytics 4: Country, Manual Term (UTM Term), Mobile Device Information, Minute, and New vs. Recurring. Additionally, there is a new metric: session duration.

  • Google Analytics now offers an item-scoped and event-scoped version of each e-commerce metric to analyze information about your products or services and examine key e-commerce interactions separately.

GTM – what is it?

Google Tag Manager is a powerful service that lets you efficiently manage website tags without changing the website's source code. It provides a handy interface to create, edit and publish tags.

The advantage lies in its ease of implementation. Tags can be added through the web-based interface without requiring any technical knowledge. This enables efficient management of all tags in one central location.

Another advantage is faster tag deployment. Changes to tags can be made in real-time, allowing companies to update their marketing campaigns and tracking features faster.

Flexibility is another benefit. Google Tag Manager supports different tags, including tracking tags for analytics, conversion tags for marketing campaigns, and remarketing tags for targeted ads. Organizations can create and manage different versions of tags to track changes and revert to the previous version when needed.

You can study user behavior on your website by integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics into your appointment software. This allows you to adjust your advertising and choose the optimal interaction scenarios effectively.

EasyWeek booking software for your business

Integration of Google tools to EasyWeek booking software

EasyWeek is an appointment scheduling software used in various industries. It provides practical tools for organizing and automating appointment scheduling for beauty and SPA studios, VR arcades, gyms, and other industries.

EasyWeek simplifies the booking process for customers, sets up online bookings, and offers customers convenient ways to choose suitable appointments and times. This software saves companies and customers time and avoids inconveniences when scheduling appointments.

Integrating tools like Calendar, Google Maps, Reserve with Google, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager with EasyWeek enables comprehensive and seamless online booking management.

  • Integration with Google Calendar allows you to manage your events quickly and efficiently. Customers can book appointments through the software, and they will be automatically updated in your Calendar.

  • Thanks to Reserve with Google, your clients can book appointments directly through Google Search and Google Maps.

  • You can integrate GA4 and GTM into your website to improve data tracking and analysis. You will get essential insights to optimize your marketing strategies and increase the success of your online bookings.

  • The Google Maps and EasyWeek connection allows your customers to easily find your business on the map and book appointments directly through the map platform.


Using Google tools is an effective way to support your business. By integrating these services, you'll be able to facilitate online bookings, increase your company's visibility and improve the efficiency of booking management.

To maximize their benefits, you can consider EasyWeek – a modern booking system that integrates seamlessly with all the above services. This software lets your customers have a smooth booking experience and manage your appointments efficiently. Get started today and use Google tools with EasyWeek to optimize your business and provide your customers with a top-notch booking experience.

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