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Escape room CRM system

Escape room CRM system

EasyWeek appointment scheduling software is one of the best solutions for escape rooms promotion.

Event services are among the fast-developing ones. VR clubs, bowling, pinball, paintball – all of them are in trend. Plus, nowadays, we've got a tendency for escape rooms to be popular.

Escape rooms are rooms packed with various traps made for entertaining visitors. They can be of a different type, style, genre. The fact is that escape rooms are popular. Entrepreneurs open them with the help of investors, by a franchise, or without any help. This type of start-up is very profitable.

To start an escape room, you will need to think in advance about its equipment, staff, premises, and handy CRM system! There is no chance to stand out without implementing innovations. The choice is just huge. On the one hand, it is cool, but it is so challenging to select the right system on the other hand. Hard but possible!

EasyWeek is a young and ambitious service created to automate and optimize daily escape room processes. It is a good solution both for small and big companies. The service offers seven tariff plans, so be sure you will have a choice. It also has a stylish design with many functions and a user-friendly interface.

EasyWeek escape room online appointment software

The clients have to book the escape room services in advance. The best idea is if an escape room has a few booking options. For example, via the website, widget, or booking link to place it on any social network.

The most effective way of attracting and retaining customers is allowing them to make an appointment without any calls, real-life contacts, and lengthy explanations. Instead, select a handy CRM system and enjoy how well it works for your business.

EasyWeek allows your clients to select time, day, room. It also asks for contacts and the number of guests. Very convenient! After all the data the client entered, he receives a notification with appointment details. All the information is stored in the EasyWeek client base.

Among the main advantages of the EasyWeek escape room online appointment software are:

  • The ability to book a service 24/7 via widget, website, or a booking link.

  • Complete business control from any laptop, even from a smartphone.

  • Saving efforts when dealing with clients and client base.

  • Convenient scheduling for staff.

  • Finance module: calculate and pay salary, reward, or collect fines.

  • Escape room process optimization.

  • A dozen reports are helping the administrator.

EasyWeek is one of the best solutions for small, just opened escape rooms and big companies with a few branches. The software is user-friendly, offers many tariff plans and fast support. Plus, setting up is free. Usually, it takes up to an hour to set everything up and start working. But, everyone can cope with it!

Signing up, you will get a free 14-day trial to check how the system works for your escape room, whether you like it or not. We are sure you will love EasyWeek appointment scheduling software. Just try it!

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