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Amusement park management


2022 is a high time to start a brand-new entertainment business. The pandemic has calmed down, people got tired. The world is perfectly ready for the new solutions you can offer.

If you are reading this article, you may already plan about starting some entertainment business. The choice is impressive! What about pinball?

Yes, the game you've probably seen in your local cinema as a kid. It is still trendy!

There is a good deal of various equipment, games and other stuff related to pinball. Therefore, we advise you to consider this business as a promising one.

If you are going to start an amusement park, prepare to work hard. The niche is challenging. And the challenge is worth it! First and foremost is to learn the basics. Any business requires preparation. Now, let's see the main ideas of amusement park management. It's easier than you may think!

The amusement park business is a rather challenging idea to start. First, it requires a special amusement park license. Next, this business type usually requires LCC, so you have to obtain a permit on LCC. After that, look for qualified employees and market the park well.

Well, it all depends. Of course, the big business will cost you up to a few million. And at the same time, smaller solutions will cost much less. But, of course, the price greatly depends on the equipment you choose and your rental location. There is a chance to save on opening a thematic park. Finding investors is a good idea. They help to cover all the initial expenses. If you'd like to get help, prepare a good business plan.

The choice varies. There are too many solutions. Talking about small and midsize parks, the best CRMs are: EasyWeek, Clubspeed, ROLLER SOFTWARE.

Amusement park management

A successful theme park starts with thoughtful management. We know how hard it can be to control all the processes at once. Anyway, it's a must. If you've started the business, make sure you understand how to maintain it well. Customers come to theme parks to get an exciting experience, spend quality friend and family time and, simply enjoy.

Offer your visitors a chance to relax, and you've got your first loyal clients. Would you like to know how to cope with this task? We've got an answer.

First, let's look at the common mistakes many entrepreneurs face, starting an amusement park. They are essential for understanding and avoiding the same situations and losses.

TOP-7 mistakes when starting an amusement park

  1. Poor planning. The main and the most common issue. You should plan the park very well. Mention all the risks you may face. It is essential to understand how to avoid possible problems – every detail matters.

  2. Low-motivated employees. We all need motivation. Sometimes, it requires time to see your own mistakes. Treat your team well. They are the same people as you are. Make sure the staff works comfortably, and teach the team as much as possible.

  3. Bad-quality services. "It's not about me" – you may think. Well, everything happens. The quality depends on your team. Motivate, teach and encourage those you are working with!

  4. Weird pricing. There are two sides to a medal. You can either set too high pricing or too low. The best idea is to keep it average. Then, feel free to raise the price a bit. Just make sure it won't scare the first clients. Work for your reputation till it works for you.

  5. Dangerous equipment. Amusement parks require only the safest stuff because you will deal with people. They can be awkward, damage something, hurt themselves, etc. Understanding the danger and preparing everything to avoid it is the key.

  6. Online appointments absence. Yes, they matter. According to the statistics, businesses with this handy feature have more customers. The secret is in its comfort.

  7. No CRM. Software deals with online booking, staff scheduling and business analytics in general. It is a must for many amusement parks.

Amusement park appointment software

Software isn't the first thing to think about when planning a startup. But, it matters. Handy CRM will exclude numerous troubles and save your time. The best you can do right now is think about a good solution for your business.

Why do I need amusement park software?

  • Convenient scheduling. The service will plan your load. It guarantees overload absence and excludes related issues.

  • Business analytics. The more you know about the business performance of your startup, the better. CRM helps to understand what's going on. Then, you can quickly improve all the critical stuff.

  • Online appointments. CRM allows convenient booking via website and widget. It attracts clients.

  • Financial analytics. A good CRM allows paying salaries, fining and rewarding employees via the system.

  • Marketing helpers. Advertisement is the key to being seen. Once you learn how to market the theme park well, you'll boost sales. It's essential to use some help when starting the journey into the world of marketing. CRM is an easy and practical choice.

Marketing tips

Now, we'd like to show you all the main advantages of CRM marketing for theme parks and related businesses. The right choice is to learn the basics of digital marketing to promote your products online.

When you understand how ads work, you'll be able to create them. Creating your first ad is an exciting moment. But, unless you are working with professional marketers, it's a must to learn.

How to advertise an amusement park with the help of CRM

Amusement park software offers several handy features. Let us show you how it works on EasyWeek's example.

  • Online appointments via QR-codes. You can generate stickers for your clients to make appointments wherever they are. Just print them on sticky paper and stick them in crowded places. We also advise placing QR-codes in cinemas, VR clubs, and escape rooms.

  • Instant-search client base. You'll create the best loyalty program to communicate with your audiences using this tool. A client base is an excellent tool to interact with people and offer them more and more new experiences.

  • Notifications and reminders for loyal clients. Attracting new customers is a need. Remember to work with the loyal ones. Send a message to remind them about yourself, notify them about the upcoming appointment, etc.

Appointment booking for amusement parks

Online appointments are essential for many businesses. If you are working with clients, consider connecting them.

Benefits of online appointments for amusement parks:

  • Easy and fast way to book a game for clients.

  • No overload for staff.

  • Business without human errors.

  • A customer can book the service whenever and wherever he feels like doing it.

  • It minimizes expenses on additional staff to work with routine manual work.

Appointment software aims not to exchange people but to help them. It optimizes routines by its full automation.

EasyWeek amusement park software

EasyWeek is a modern solution for the most complicated business issues. We offer smart automation and handy online appointments. The software works well for small and midsize businesses. By connecting the EasyWeek CRM, you'll get a complete set of all the business and marketing helpers:

  • 24/7 online appointments. They work even when you don't.

  • Free website and widget in every EasyWeek tariff.

  • A booking link. It is handy to place the link on Instagram, FB, TikTok bio.

  • Financial calculations. You can make all the salary and related payments inside the EasyWeek system.

  • Business analytics. Reports will clear the performance.

  • Staff scheduling. It automates routines and excludes errors.

  • Notifications for staff. They are as crucial as reminders for clients. We offer a set of SMS, push and email reminders for staff and clients.


Amusement park management software is the best tool to grow a business. However, remember that business requires a lot of hard work. CRM is the easiest and the most innovative way to simplify it without quality losses.

EasyWeek is a perfect solution for small and midsize businesses. Try it right now to see why it's so good. Feel free to contact our support. EasyWeek team will gladly tell more about the product.

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