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Beneficial partnerships for beauty salons


Beauty co-operations are an effective way of promoting the beauty industry, where several companies join forces and carry out many joint activities.

Any form of collaboration benefits all parties. Those who partner to organise joint events share the advertising budget, which can result in significant savings. There is agreement that everyone contributes to the common cause. It is vital in partnerships that the target audience is the same, as the main reason for the event is to connect several companies. Access to each other's customer base makes it much easier to implement marketing strategies. The beauty salon is recognised, promoted and receives new visitors through these joint events.

Thoughtful collaborations can enrich a brand story, provide new content for social media, reach new consumers and generally expand a brand's reach.

If you need clarification on what makes your salon stand out from the crowd, these are just some things that make for a memorable salon experience. So try to use trend-setting services and become an Instagrammable salon. Also be Eco-friendly and offer organic products.

Salon partnership

Why businesses need partnerships and the benefits they bring

Collaboration has always existed in the beauty industry. Still, in recent years seemingly unrelated businesses, individuals and organisations have teamed up to expand their reach, find new clients and penetrate areas they couldn't get on their own.

Collaboration with similar or dissimilar businesses can hugely benefit salon owners, increasing visibility and introducing your salon to a broader audience. Partnerships come in many forms, including:

  • Referral systems

  • Events

  • Sponsorships

  • Open days

  • Advertising

  • Online media

  • Podcasts

  • Videos

By working with partners, you can advertise effectively without spending much money. You leverage the advertising budget with your partner and get loyal customers. Beauty salons have the opportunity to promote their brand, increase awareness and expand their customer base.

Benefits of the partnership:

  • Quick results

  • Savings on advertising

  • High efficiency

  • Expansion of the client base

  • Creation of a positive image of the salon.

All this works if you organise the co-operation with your partners properly.

Co-operation with business partners

Who can become a partner of a beauty salon?

  • Fitness clubs, wellness centres, clinics, and health food shops. Together you can organise an event to promote a healthy lifestyle. All participants should consult each other about their clients. You can offer an individual subscription that entitles you to discounts at all partner facilities and give gifts. It is necessary to create an information event and report it in the press to attract more customers.

  • Institutions that offer services to the female audience. In addition, customers must hand in a voucher for a discount on purchasing goods and services. To ensure that this event is predictable, ensure that the deal is equal to the amount spent.

  • Conduct beauty events together with suppliers. You can attract new customers if you organise the promotion well. For example, you can use social networks and other media.

  • Clothes shop nearby. When customers buy several items for a certain amount, they receive flyers from the beauty salon offering the possibility to use a service for free. As a result, the shop can increase the average receipt, and the salon can expand its customer base.

When choosing a partner to advertise your business, you must determine the partnership's objectives and see if they match. It would help if you also were clear about the nature of the planned joint activities, their duration and the responsibilities of all parties involved.

A partnership with SPA salon

What EasyWeek software has to offer for partnerships

EasyWeek is an easy-to-use business automation and online appointment software for the service industry. We make it easy to manage your business processes. For example, customers can book a service anytime and select a master with just a few clicks.

EasyWeek has recently introduced an 'Appointment Sources' feature that allows you to determine how many clients your partnership has brought. For business analysis, it is helpful to break down clients by the resources through which they came to you. Then, when you link to a booking that matches the resource type, this data will automatically appear in your analytics.

So how can you tell how many new customers a partnership has brought you?

Go to Business Settings – Data – List of Sources. Press the + Add button in the top right corner.

Enter an ad name, a short name for use in the system. Set the Online available switch to make this source available online and via the calendar. The software then automatically creates an individual appointment reference for this source. This way, the EasyWeek system will track customers from social networks, websites or partner sources. You can add a maximum of 100 sources to the system.

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To create the right partnership, we must communicate our needs, wants and desires – often a complicated, energy-consuming process. But, despite the challenges, it pays off and attracts new clients to our salon. Try running a partner event, and EasyWeek will help you with online booking, statistics and much more! Try the booking software for free!

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