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Smart tips on attracting and retaining customers of a medical diagnostic center.

A medical diagnostic center is a place for complex healthcare treatment. Nowadays, such medical clinics are top-rated as they offer many useful tests and consultations concerning Covid-19 and other, unfortunately, common diseases. The range of medical centers of this type is wide. However, there are common markers. Usually, such clinics offer:

  • Consultation on treatment for the current health conditions.

  • Laboratory tests (blood, urine, or any other tissue or substances taken from the human body) to diagnose diseases or other health conditions.

  • Instrumental examinations to ensure the prescription of proper treatment (ultrasound, CT, MRI).

The image and the reputation of medical diagnostic centers greatly depend on their staff. Therefore, the team is significant as it is the face and the heart of your business. Also, the working process organization is essential.

CRM systems for medical businesses are great helpers when developing a prosperous medical center. They optimize all the medical daily routines, form and maintain a high-quality client base, and, sure, increase the company's income. Let's take a look at all the advantages of online appointment schedulers in the example of EasyWeek software.

EasyWeek diagnostic center software

EasyWeek is a young and ambitious multifunctional software company with more than a thousand satisfied customers all around the globe. It is a convenient online appointment scheduler for healthcare businesses which optimizes and automates daily medical routines.

We offer a variety of tariff plans. It is starting with the individual one and finishing with the program up to 50 users. Even if your business needs more, we will be pleased to customize the tariff for you. An additional bonus is a great price.

We are sure you have seen many CRMs which offer various functions and cost like a new car. However, it is not about EasyWeek scheduling software – the program has many different functional options and integrations, but it doesn't mean that you have to pay a lot after registration.

EasyWeek offers a user-friendly design, customizable widget, and many other valuable options. So, be sure you will use every feature we provide. No more useless upgrades to collect your money: only quality service = only EasyWeek.

Handy EasyWeek tools that any healthcare team will enjoy:

  • Helpful online scheduling and user registration.

  • Medical diagnostic center visit statistics.

  • Personal patient card with all the details on treatment: procedures, medicine, complaints, etc.

  • The work schedule for doctors and medical staff.

  • Finance module: calculate and pay salary, reward or collect fines.

  • A widget for 24/7 online booking together with a booking link to place it on social networks for effective promotion.

  • Customizable reminders for patients and staff: Email, SMS, push.

  • Detailed medical diagnostic center analytics with a dozen of reports.

  • Consumable stock management: accounting for the number of goods/medicine a medical center consumes and replenishment.

Advantages of online booking for a medical diagnostic center

The 21-st century has presented us with a new reality. Today, more and more patients tend to spend less time on things that can be easily done in a snap. Smart, isn't it? That is why medical diagnostic centers with online appointments automatically win over those who are still thinking about getting handy booking software.

Healthcare companies who think about their reputation and patients' comfort select CRM systems with online booking. It is convenient both for medical staff and patients. Both save their time and nerves as the client can make online appointments at any time and in a few clicks. Human error is also minimized. And, of course, online booking looks way more professional than just calling and arranging everything in an old-school manner.

The software calculates the price, helps with selecting time and specialists. Plus, it leaves almost no chance to miss the appointment. It sends both patient and doctor reminders about the visit, and then it is also possible to ask for feedback to see whether everything went well.

Advantages for staff

Online booking helps with automating and optimizing all the daily routine processes where human help is not essential. For example, before, an administrator had to spend his precious time dealing with constant calls, papers, and reports. Now, he can spend more time caring about patients and staff convenience as the software will work.

Once the client made the appointment, the selected doctor will receive a notification with all the details and the patient's data. It is handy as this way he will be ready to refresh his memory on the situation and client's complaints. This way, you will also avoid repeat questions that can be irritating both for doctor and patient.

Advantages for patients

No more calls and rush! Has a patient decided to visit the clinic while drinking a cup of coffee? Perfect, a few clicks, and he made an appointment. The selected doctor will get a notification, and the client will also receive a confirmation on the booking with all the essential details.

It is also very convenient as patients can easily find all the information about the team, services, and prices. Comfort is in trend! So, offer it to your clients and be sure they'll gladly pay you back.

We created EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software to optimize the work of any healthcare center. It is possible to connect one or more branches, select a tariff that suits your company best and relax while the system is working for you.

So easy – so cool!

To check how well it works for your medical diagnostic center, try EasyWeek for free! We offer a free 14-day trial during which you will be able to set everything up, test it and decide whether it works well for your business. From our side, we guarantee full fast support and constant updates. If you have any questions concerning EasyWeek online scheduler, feel free to contact our support team, they will be glad to help you.

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