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Bowling alley software


Entertainment business began to be one of the most popular during the pandemic. Clients enjoy visiting bowling to get a casual game, connect with friends or spend quality family time.

Are you planning to start a bowling alley? That's a perfect idea to succeed in the modern market. More and more customers enjoy entertainment and related activities. Anyway, starting this business is half of the way. But, then, you have to invest time and money in its development. Would you like to save on bowling club management? We can help you!

Keep reading this article. We will show you why the bowling alley business is so prosperous nowadays and many tips to maintain it well.

Opening a bowling alley is a challenging task. But it's worth it! First and foremost is to plan the project. Make sure you are ready for any risks and possible expenses. Then, choose premises and hire a team. Marketing and related expenses are the last but not least stuff to think of. Choose the bowling alley software for easy management.

Yes, you have to obtain a special bowling license. You can learn more about this process by asking your local authorities. Then, the process is the same as for any other business. You have to register the company for taxes and form a legal entity, for instance, LCC.

The bowling alley business is an expensive one. A beginner has to invest at least $50 000 to start a bowling club. The initial expenses can go up to $100 000. They depend on the location and premises you choose. Remember that you can always minimize the initial investment. Consider finding investors. They pay attention to handy business planning and the idea itself. That's the best way to start such an expensive startup.

Bowling alley management

Bowling business management is hard work to do 24/7. It all starts with the opening and never finishes. Sure, if the business goes up. We want it to prosper, so let's look at the best software to automate the bowling business routines.

Bowling has expensive equipment. The lines have to be booked carefully to exclude overbooking and related issues. Misunderstanding with clients is the last you need, so plan this moment well.

Usually, a bowling business with CRM has fewer client complaints and overload problems.

Common mistakes when starting a bowling alley

  • Low-quality equipment. Avoid cheap or second-hand equipment. In the case of bowling alley, it can ruin your reputation.

  • Lack of staff motivation. Being interested in what you do is a must. A motivated team is the best to happen with any bowling club.

  • Ignoring rules of communication with clients. The staff has to understand that customers can be changeable and even irritable. Self-control is essential.

  • Overestimation and underestimation of price. Some businessmen ask for too much. In contrast, others can't even set the average price. Make sure to research the market before creating a price list. It will help to avoid financial losses.

  • Business without software. Manual management is exemplary, but it's not enough. Bowling alley software is the first thing to connect after opening this kind of business. Never neglect this handy helper.

Now, when you see how to avoid the common bowling business issues, let's proceed to the software survey. It'll be fun!

Software solutions for bowling

Bowling alley software is the smart IT solution for business management. It deals with business and financial analytics, reports, and staff scheduling.

The right CRM won't cost you much. It'll save the startup from all the mentioned issues, optimizing routines.

Bowling alley software benefits:

  • Staff timetable;

  • Business and financial analytics;

  • A dozen of reports;

  • Reminders for staff and clients;

  • Marketing tools: QR codes, notifications, instant-search client base.

There are a lot of additional perks of flawless bowling software. The first and foremost is to choose the right CRM.

How to choose the bowling software and won't regret the choice:

  1. Research the market. Make sure you understand the selection and the average price.

  2. Think about the features you'll use daily. There is no point in investing in software with too many complicated functions. Anyway, you'll rarely use them. There were even situations when companies gave up on the software because of its complex interface and weird feature choice.

  3. Ask for advice. The CRM market is enormous. Many companies use the software daily. There is a chance that some of your friends or colleagues can offer you an optimal solution.

  4. Choose software with a free trial. First of all, it allows you to see how the system works. The second advantage is that it's one of the signs of a reliable company. EasyWeek offers a free trial to test the system and set it up to start.

  5. Study reviews. Yes, it's that easy. Real users share their experience, so read about the CRM you choose. There is a great chance to avoid financial losses.

Online appointments for a bowling alley

Handy booking is the half of success. It is especially essential for services like bowling and other entertainment businesses.

Clients trust bowling businesses that offer online appointments more than those that book via phone. The easier your client can make an appointment, the higher your chances to get more visitors.

Let's see how it works on the EasyWeek example. Once your client visits your website, social media, or any other channel, s(he)'ll be able to book a game. EasyWeek offers free landing creation. It means you won't need to look for additional IT help when dealing with website creation. The other advantage of the EasyWeek CRM is a free widget. The system automatically creates the customizable widget.

And, the last helpful feature, for now, – a booking link. It is the link to place on your Instagram and Facebook (or any other social networks). Once you put it in your bio, guests will click on it and see all the services your bowling offers. The link is a handy tool to share with messengers.

Online appointment solution for bowling alleys is the easiest and the most effective idea to boost sales. Try it to see the power of fast booking!

Bowling software for marketing

Bowling software is a great tool to use for marketing issues. It helps to minimize the expenses on bowling alley marketing. 40% of CRM clients claim that they've managed to stand out by using the software. Among the main advantages, they mention are:

  • Customer flow growth;

  • Revenue growth;

  • Keeping clients' attention.

  • The most attractive marketing benefit of the CRM connection is improved customer relationships. A client base allows fast interaction with loyal audiences via reminders and special offers. You can even create a loyalty program based on the EasyWeek client base.

TOP-3 marketing advantages of the CRM connection

  1. QR-codes. The software generates the codes. They are the free source of new bookings. Just print them on sticky paper. Then put on the places that your clients visit. In the case of the bowling business, we advise you to stick them in VR-clubs, escape rooms, go-kart businesses.

  2. Instant-search client base. The base is an excellent chance to connect with your loyal clients. You can remind them about their appointments, prepare special offers, and much more!

  3. Notifications. Together with the client base, CRM offers a reminders feature. EasyWeek is packed with email, SMS, and push reminders for staff and clients. There is no chance to forget about the bowling now!

EasyWeek bowling alley software

EasyWeek offers optimal IT solutions for bowling and other entertainment businesses.

Benefits of EasyWeek bowling software:

  1. Free landing creation. Make sure your audience knows about the services you offer. Present them on your website!

  2. Free widget and a booking link creation. This duo works well to engage more clients to your bowling alley.

  3. Handy staff scheduling. Offer your employees the freedom to work organized. EasyWeek software helps to avoid time collapses and excludes human error.

  4. Business & Financial analytics. Forgot about daily paperwork. Let the service do everything for you!

  5. Marketing tools. We know how to promote your bowling effectively. Contact the software to get a set of marketing helpers we have mentioned.


A bowling alley is a perfect niche to enter in 2022. Yes, it is expensive. But this business offers a set of undeniable privileges:

  • Crazy demand = constant customer flow.

  • A lot of new clients = pleasant revenue.

  • Income boost = More chances to scale.

Starting bowling is challenging. Maintaining the business is even more complicated. Try EasyWeek CRM for free to see how quality software can optimize your business routines.

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