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CRM for a service center


The modern market offers various solutions for almost every customer. Beauty services, entertainment, education, repair businesses, etc. Every niche has its unique client. Service centers, however, stand out as they are almost every person's basic need. Sooner or later, we all need to check our computers, phones, or other equipment. That's why service centers start to open on almost every corner. They are profitable, relatively easy to open, and do not require big investments. Let's see how to open a successful repair shop from scratch.

The cost of starting a service center can vary significantly depending on various factors such as location, size, services, and equipment. However, a rough estimate for the initial investment required to start a service center can range anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 or even more. Conducting a detailed business plan and financial analysis to determine the specific costs involved based on your unique circumstances is essential.

One of the most effective ways is to connect EasyWeek online appointment management software and get a free website for your company. The site will be equipped with an online booking widget, and it is fully customizable.

The service center can offer repairs for various appliances and electronics. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, TVs, monitors, photo&video equipment, and appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and microwaves. CRM helps to organize any service center's work more efficiently. EasyWeek, for instance, helps with online appointments, a free website, and marketing tools.

Fixing a laptop

Service center as a profitable business idea

Have you decided to open a service center? It is a good idea as the niche is in high demand. However, there are specific rules to succeed. Once you've got an idea of opening a service center, think about its performance and organization. They are essential as later they can lead you to success or epic failure.

What are the key aspects of opening a service center:

  • Choose specialization

    Think about what exactly you will repair in the new service center, for example, phones, bicycles, household appliances, cars, etc.

  • Find location

    You have to choose the location first as it influences the flow of customers your new service center will gain. So even premises aren't that important. Sure, they are better to be big and modern, but even a tiny room will work. Just remember to keep it clean and add some decorations, etc. There is a direct dependency between the location and attracting customers. There are several options to choose a good one:

    • opening a service center in a residential area to attract local customers,


    • starting a service center near transport interchanges to attract passers-by.

    Once you've decided on the location, sign an agreement as fast as possible. Good premises for a service center are always in demand.

  • Decide on automation & marketing

    Clients are getting lazy. They often choose convenience over price. A CRM system is a good solution to attract and satisfy a modern audience.

    Schedulers are in trend not only when talking about service centers. Almost any client-oriented niche uses them. All you have to know is how to select the right CRM solution for your company. CRM doesn't require any extra preparation; you can implement it even after launching a project. If the specialization and location with premises are better to choose in advance, a booking system can be selected even after opening. Another advantage of CRMs is that you can always try a different solution if something goes wrong, which means selecting another scheduler is super easy.

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CRM for repair service centers

There are many advantages of CRM. Among the most important are the following ones:

  • A CRM system works with minimal human help. You enter the data, and that is all. After that, the software will automatically create a website, add a widget for 24/7 booking, generate QR codes for promotion, and much more. Thanks to this, service center software minimizes human error. Specialists do not need to spend time calling and arranging appointments. CRM does it automatically and without any mistakes.

  • Once you get an appointment, a system adds the client to its client base. It is automatically processed, so you will not miss any customers. Later, you can analyze this information to fix possible mistakes and increase revenue.

CRM helps to:

  1. Analyze business processes and performance in general.

  2. Set up different types of ads.

  3. Prepare individual offers to attract and retain clients.

  4. CRM allows for calculating staff commissions, rewarding employees, and collecting fines.

  5. With the help of CRM systems, it is much easier to maintain consumables, stock management, and order equipment.

  6. Managing mailings. EasyWeek, for example, offers a few types of mailings: email, SMS, and push. Just select the one you need, then choose when it is sent (before or after the visit).

  7. If you have a website, just add CRM to it. If not – CRM will create it automatically, using the data you enter while signing up. Add a profile on Instagram and Facebook, and some more promotional tools are also here for you.

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EasyWeek CRM for service centers

The 21st century offered us many choices in CRM systems. There are various schedulers, but unfortunately, almost all of them look pretty complicated and work difficult because the main task of such systems is offering an endless number of occasionally useless functions and, sure, profit for developers. It is understandable for developers, but why would you pay more for a complicated solution if you can get an easy-to-use service center booking software that costs even less than the nearest competitors? EasyWeek is an innovative and ambitious company created to automate and optimize work processes for any client-oriented business.

EasyWeek offers:

  • Clear user-friendly interface. It is crucial to understand how the software works. EasyWeek created an easy-to-use solution offering even more functions than competitors.

  • 24/7 online appointments. People cannot work non-stop – EasyWeek can. The software offers a widget for 24/7 online appointments and a booking link to place it on any social network. Together it allows you to attract customers easily and effectively.

  • A free website. EasyWeek creates a website automatically right after you enter data. It is a stylish landing that works the same good as an expensive website. Plus, it is free, with no additional fees or hidden payments.

  • Digital marketing. EasyWeek offers several marketing options to promote users' businesses as fast as possible. It is all customizable.

  • Flexible tariff system. The individual tariff starts from 1 user, which is a good solution for specialists who work as sole entrepreneurs. It is free for 1 user and 1 location. If you have a more extensive service center, select one of the professional tariffs that allow any number of users. It is super flexible, and no overpaying!

EasyWeek is an innovative solution that is trusted all around the globe. It offers many functions, a user-friendly interface, and a pleasant price. Try EasyWeek for free to see how well it can work for your service center. If you have any questions about the software, contact the EasyWeek support team. The EasyWeek managers are always pleased to answer your questions.

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