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Language schools CRM solution

Language schools CRM solution

Why does any, even tiny, language school need effective appointment software for online booking?

Language centers are in constant demand. They are popular among kids and adults, business people, and homemakers. So, naturally, there are many competitors in this field.

The 21st century with its globalization, and now Covid-19, has taught us that people have to learn their whole lives. Learn to stay in demand as professionals and flourishing as individuals. That is one of the main reasons why language school is a good niche to start. However, you have to remember that many competitors create a significant number of offers, so you will need to stand out. But how?

There are many ways to look better than the nearest competitors, and one of the best is handy CRM software with the feature of 24/7 online booking.

It will be very convenient for the staff as students require attention, and CRM minimizes human error as it does everything automatically. Work with students while the software works with daily routine processes.

Have you ever felt tired of constant calls and emails, misunderstandings with staff and clients? If yes, select an online booking system to help you with your daily routine. Of course, the more teachers and students you have, the more you need CRM software. However, even for small language schools, online appointment schedulers will be helpful. As very often it isn't easy to cope with:

  • Scheduling.

  • Student attendance.

  • Calculating wages.

  • Notifying those who'd like to start attending your language school.

  • Mailing about promotions and special offers.

CRM system will automate all the daily processes of any language center or school. There are many offers in the current market, but be careful when selecting the right one as not all will work well for educational purposes.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software as the best solution for language schools

Online schedulers simplify the life of both academic staff and students. Imagine a library where people used a card catalog sometimes ago, and now there is an online one. It is much more convenient and faster.

Advantages for language center staff:

  • Administrators have fewer manual tasks.

  • No more constant calls to remind about the lesson, notify about the changes, payment, attendance, etc.

  • Dozen of reports to simplify paperwork.

  • Promotional tools to attract and retain students: a client base, QR-codes for online booking, etc.

  • Branding: stylish, customizable widget.

Advantages for language center students:

  • 24/7 online booking. Students can make an appointment even out of language center work hours. They can select a class and a teacher.

  • The software will count the students that booked a lesson and check the needed space (in the case of Covid-19 restrictions). There will be no more crowded classes or misunderstandings with students. Once the course is complete, the system will deactivate the booking feature for this particular lesson.

  • EasyWeek will notify students with email, SMS, or push notifications. It is possible to send reminders before classes, ask for feedback or send special offers to attract more clients.

Sounds impressive. Let's see what the other advantages of EasyWeek language center scheduling software are.

Benefits of EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for language center director

Managing any business is hard work. Educational processes are even more complicated as they require time, patience, and a complete understanding of the situation. The head of a language school has to keep in touch with the new technologies to help significantly.

Everyone knows that a director has to understand every detail of the work organization. But how to do it? It is challenging when you own a big language school or even a chain of them. There is no chance to control every process manually. Well, it is even technically impossible.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software will help with managing your business efficiently and even from a smartphone. You have to download the EasyWeek app or use the software via a website to control every work detail of your language school.

CRM for a learning center allows:

  • To analyze the attendance and workload of teachers.

  • To get performance reports, comparing branches of language schools if you run a chain.

  • Implementing various marketing tools: promotions, special offers, loyalty programs, etc.

  • To calculate staff commissions, rewards, or collect fines.

  • To create a stylish mini-website for free.

  • To get a booking link to place it on social networks.

  • To manage business remotely, even from a smartphone.

Online appointment is a must-have for every company. Moreover, it is beneficial concerning the pandemic and all the restrictions connected to it.

When you can make an appointment with a click, you will trust the company more. For example, a mom who was so busy with daily routine couldn't call and make an appointment within the work hours. Now she can do it 24/7 and in a few clicks. Then if needed, the lesson can be edited or canceled online. So forget all the constant calls and misunderstandings – enjoy life while EasyWeek is working for you.

You don't have to be a big language school to start using EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software. On the contrary, connecting to the system being a small team will help to grow!

The software is useful both for small and big businesses. Even personal tutors will be happy to work using the system. Plus, the price is affordable, and we offer many tariff plans to suit everyone.

EasyWeek is a young and ambitious company that more than a thousand companies already trust all around the globe. It is an easy solution with many functions and a stylish design.

Try it now to see how well it works for your language school. We offer a free 14-day trial during which you can set everything up, test it and see whether it is comfortable for you. If you have any questions concerning EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software, feel free to contact our support team. They will be glad to help with any issue!

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