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How to choose the Best CRM Software for your Grooming Salon?

Starting a pet grooming business is a profitable idea. Pet owners are ready to spend a lot on their fur babies. That is why grooming studios open all around the world. Do you want to open it as well? Perfect! But have you ever thought about the importance of software when starting a pet grooming business? It is essential.

Well, ok, why do I need grooming software?

It is not the first thing beginner entrepreneurs think about, but it is less important. This article explains the importance of well-thought-out grooming studio online appointment scheduling software. So let's begin the journey in the world of services for animals and the software for their automation. It'll be fun!

Pet grooming salons are almost as popular as hair salons for people. Dog owners spend a tremendous amount of money on dog clothing, accessories, vitamins, food, and even cosmetics. The companies that provide services for fur friends are in high demand. They are popular among cat and dog owners.

Pet grooming is a relatively young niche. It offers mainly hair treatment and haircuts for pets. This kind of service is trendy among the owners of purebred animals who want their pets to stay clean and beautiful. Haircuts and hairstyles are performed primarily for beauty and hygiene purposes or as a preparation part for exhibitions and competitions.

What are the services to provide in a pet grooming studio?

Usually, any grooming service includes a pet being brushed, bathed, and dried. Then it can be tripped or clipped with clean, sanitized brushes and clipper blades. The service costs starting from $30 and up to $90. Plus, there are many additional services a pet grooming studio provides.

The services to provide in a pet grooming studio and their average prices:

  • Baths – $20,

  • Breed-specific haircuts – $15,

  • Face, feet, and fanny trim – $15,

  • Nail trimming – $12,

  • Teeth brushing – $12,

  • Ear cleaning – $10,

  • De-shedding – $12,

  • Dry and sensitive skincare – $15,

  • Flea cleanse – $20,

  • Shed less treatment – $15.

Once you've coped with a business plan, hired professional groomers, launched ads and a promo campaign, rented and renovated premises, and finally opened a grooming salon, there is another issue – what to do next?

Your success depends on the smooth work of a grooming salon at the beginning. To attract your first clients, you have to ensure that your services are of high quality and the groomers are professionals. One of the most accessible solutions to grow is pet grooming software.

Online booking is a crucial detail to succeed. It is handy for the owners who aren't ready to spend time in queues or call to arrange an appointment.

The 21-st century with its globalization, has taught us to live online. People tend to spend more time selecting products and services on the Internet. Just offer them an opportunity to buy the services in a click and increase your revenue and their respect for your company.

EasyWeek is an excellent solution both for big and small pet grooming studios.

Why is EasyWeek the best solution for pet grooming studios?

EasyWeek is a young and ambitious company that is already trusted all around the world. Its main advantage is an easy-to-use functional interface and pleasant pricing. If other services offer complicated designs that aren't always understandable to users, EasyWeek was created to simplify the life of a groomer. No more complicated solutions!

EasyWeek pet grooming software offers seven tariff plans to fit any company. The individual one starts from 1 user, and the biggest is up to 50 users. Even if you want more slots, the EasyWeek team will be ready to help and add as many as you need.

The main advantages of EasyWeek pet grooming booking software

  • 24/7 online booking: customers can make an appointment even out of work hours: no more constant calls, misunderstandings with time, and human errors. The system shows only available slots and free groomers, so be sure it will work very well.

  • A personal page that works like a mini-website: the landing is created once you sign up. It uses all the data you enter when signing up. After the website is ready, your clients will find all the services, information about the team, frequent questions, and prices online. The software also includes the online-booking.

  • The CRM has a stylish, customizable widget for 24/7 online booking, which you can customize and add all the colors and shades, wallpapers and icons to make it look unique. Then you get a booking link to place this widget on social networks or wherever you want to.

  • A client base: keep all the client data safe and in one place. EasyWeek allows storing all the customer information (birth date, preferences, complaints, etc.) and finding it when needed. It is beneficial for promo campaigns and special offers. All the proposals can be customized automatically for every client, making your customers feel appreciated and loved. And, we all love to feel so.

  • Financial module: calculate staff commission, reward, and collect fines.

  • Consumables stock management: the software calculates all the products and tools your grooming studio uses and then creates a report to a delivery manager.

  • Dozen of reports: administrators will be happy with this option as EasyWeek offers statistics to simplify the life of grooming studio staff. Just enter the data and get all the needed reports in a snap.

  • Handy scheduling: thoughtful planning to avoid overlaps and misunderstandings + a calendar where all the appointments appear in real-time.

  • A set of promotional tools like QR codes to stick and advertise a grooming studio, an ability to create a loyalty program, etc.

  • Notifications: email, push, and SMS. You can remind staff and clients about the appointment, ask for feedback or create a special offer to attract and retain customers.

We hope now it is understandable why online appointments for pet services are as necessary as, for example, for nail or hair services. Talking about animals is even more convenient as fur friends are afraid of strangers, loud noises, and so on. CRM helps to minimize all these factors, optimizing and automating business processes.

Statistics show that guests are more likely to visit pet grooming studios with handy scheduling than those that don't offer this feature.

There are many various CRM systems on the current market, so standing out among the nearest competitors is a must-have. Innovative booking software is an easy way to look better than them.

How to select the best solution for a pet grooming studio?

The modern world produced many offers. However, now it is even more challenging to understand what you need. We don't want to waste money checking all the existing CRM systems, so here rules on selecting the right software come to help.

Firstly, it'd be perfect to understand your needs. Write down what is a must-have for you and what would be nice to have. Then, pay attention to the following details:

  • Whether the software is cloud-based: then your data will be stored in the cloud, so all you need to access it is the Internet.

  • The payment options: don't lose any client because he couldn't pay for the service. It'd be better to offer a few variants of payment, for example, Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, deferred payment processing, cash.

  • Does it offer real-time booking: so then you'll see all the appointments in real-time. It is incredibly convenient for administrators.

  • Does it have a user-friendly interface: be sure you know how to use what you buy.

  • Does it provide fast support: if anything happens, fast, professional support is a must.

Then, check whether the software offers additional features like:

  • different reports,

  • business management functions,

  • promo code management,

  • resource management.

EasyWeek scheduling software offers all the needed features. A thousand companies all around the world trust it. There are many tariff plans and fast support. Join our EasyWeek family, and let's grow together!

Try EasyWeek to see how well it works for your company. We offer a free 14-day trial to set everything up, test it and decide whether it works as you need. If you have any questions concerning the software, feel free to contact our support team. They'll be glad to help you!


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