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 Checklist on opening a beauty salon in 2021


So, you've decided to open a beauty shop? It's a good decision as the niche of beauty is in the trend nowadays. People tend to spend a lot, wishing to stay healthy and look well. However, none can guarantee that your business will work out. Most problems happen because of a poorly made business plan. To open a successful beauty salon, you have to remember that planning is extra important! We've prepared a handy checklist on opening your beauty parlor in 2021.

Starting a beauty business is a relatively complicated idea. The main risk is failing with business planning. Once you have come out with a good business plan, everything will be fine.

There are 15 steps we have mentioned above. They include all the things you have to cope with when starting a beauty salon.

Everything depends on the type of salon, services and promotion. But opening a salon is definitely a profitable business.

Steps that won't let you fail while opening your beauty business

  1. You have to be an expert to be successful. It's perfect if you've worked as a beauty master or have other experience in this sphere. If not, make sure you have such an expert in your team.

  2. Be sure that you know which services you'll provide.

  3. You work with and for people: understand your target audience.

  4. Research competitors.

  5. Decide on your budget and make a business plan.

  6. Find sources of funding.

  7. Register your business according to the local rules.

  8. Get all the needed licenses and permissions.

  9. Create an unusual name for the beauty salon, a catchy slogan together with a logo, and don't forget to register a domain name for the website.

  10. Decide on the visual representation of your beauty shop: style, color, etc.

  11. Decide on the location.

  12. Prepare the location: style, furniture, etc.

  13. Choose the right CRM system. With EasyWeek, for example, you can get one of the strongest CRM systems on the current market + for a pleasant price. Get a personal website, widget for online booking, fast client search together with many tools for managing your business.

  14. Create a website (EasyWeek does it for you) and think about your SMM strategy.

  15. And, the most important - your team! To build a successful beauty business in 2021, you need the best of the best.

ProTip: It's better to check how your business plan works and then correct it if needed.

This checklist is useful both for big and small companies. Let's see how much it costs to open a beauty shop today.

Is it possible to open a beauty salon without any money?

Disclaimer: it's impossible to open something without any money; however, you can minimize the expenses. The best way for a small business is to find an investor who will help with the main costs. However, you still have to remember that a new company requires a lot of time and work, so be ready to work hard at the beginning.

Let's take a look at 2 strategies:

  • Minimize expenses using the resources you have.

  • Find investors, make a deal and get finance.

Anyway, you have to start with a business plan.

What is a business plan for a beauty salon?

It's a short exposition on how your business will work. Here you have to mention all the business strategies that you are going to use. It's a schema, where are written all the goals you want to achieve.

Why do I need it?

Planning your business is essential. This way you'll see all the pros and cons. If you want to find an investor, a business plan will help to show why your company needs funds. It's like a laconic scheme, where all the possible situations are mentioned. Investors appreciate companies with detailed business plans. Usually, any business gets financing only after an investor analyzes a business plan in detail.

#3 What should I mention in a business plan?

Presentation – Mission, values, goals of your business.

Description of the sources of income – Mention all the services you'll provide + all the possible ways you'll make money.

Expenses – Mention all the expenses connected to opening a beauty shop + don't forget about the regular ones.

Target audience – Decide on who'll mostly visit your beauty salon.

Competitors – Research competitors: pros/cons, names, services, etc.

Marketing – Plan how to attract new clients, get their attention, keep them loyal, etc.

Employees, partners – Think about your team and partners. Decide who will be doing the main processes, etc.

Control points – Aims you set for your company.

Is opening a beauty shop expensive?

It depends. You have to choose the location, style, size, type of your beauty shop, etc.  Each of these criteria significantly affects investments. Let's look at the average amount needed to open a beauty parlor in the USA.

There are a few ways of starting your beauty business:

  • Buy a beauty shop: it'll cost $40,000 – 250,000, depending on the type, location, etc.

  • Build your beauty salon: you'll need approximately $60,000 – 500,000. 

The main costs for launching a beauty salon:

  • Rent

  • Decorations

  • Equipment, including ordering and installation of outdoor advertising

  • Materials 

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Marketing expenses, including website 

  • Software

Effective software helps a lot while doing any business. It is extra vital in the sphere of beauty. Its functions vary, starting from online booking and up to financial accounting. The software can be affordable and work the same good as the expensive ones. Further, we'll talk about choosing the best software.

  • Registration of a legal entity

  • Licenses, permits

You better check which permits are needed in your state; they vary. Usually, to open a beauty salon, you'll need a cosmetology license, general business license, retail seller permit, EIN, and certificate of occupancy. The most challenging is a cosmetology license as it covers all the services your beauty shop will provide (nail specialist, hairdresser, massage therapist license, etc.). 

Checklist on how to start your beauty salon

  1. Check which licenses you need in your state.

    The best way is to consult a specialist + you can check it on the federal website.

  2. Make sure you know all the rules and laws of your area.

    Be sure you didn't miss any detail as later it can cause problems. For this, it's better to consult a lawyer.

  3. Start the application.

    Once you checked everything, start the application process as it can have many details and take much longer than planned.

  4. Schedule inspections.

    For sure, you'll need inspections during the application, schedule them and be ready for the check-up.

  5. Wait till your licenses and permits are granted.

    Usually, getting a license/permit takes time. Be sure you have time to wait before the opening.

List of monthly beauty salon expenses:

How to save, opening a beauty salon?

  • Make sure you fully understand your current position, no need to wait for a miracle.

  • Plan opening in advance.

  • Try to negotiate a rental vacation for the starting period with Landlord. They often agree to help a new business as later it'll give them a good income.

  • Consider buying used furniture and equipment.

  • If you don't have an investor or savings, consider taking credit from the trusted banks.

  • Create a website on a free platform (e.g., Wix, Tilda). Then make profiles on social networks, distribute their maintenance among the existing employees (e.g., Instagram, TikTok, Facebook).

  • Create your logo, business cards, flyers using free software (e.g., Canva).

  • Try EasyWeek salon software for free! Once you are ready, choose your tariff and get a great discount. EasyWeek CRM fits both small and big businesses. We are sure we'll help you to start and save money!

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